Sunday, October 28, 2018

In my neighborhood - Macy's furniture and the OX

I was passing through Macy's and saw this scene, and had to snap a pic.

So, is that framed picture an OK or an OX? I'm going to say, it's not OK, and I also mean, not okay! Goddess throne of stone creation - right there in the furniture department. It's the model living room of the goddess! The red star brand has always been exalting the goddess of magic.

I have to say, if the decorator for Panera Bread sees that picture, they'll probably love it, because the XO is their secret motif!

Yes, Macy's - that's the department store with the absurd and evil looking black star for an apostrophe in its logo that is now part of our reality.

By the way, the black star in the logo (that has appeared as if by magick - or, literally, by magick) probably casts some kind of affirmation or affinity spell because it connects the y and the s.

y + pentegram + s = y + e + s = yes.

Where does the "e" come from in my proposed substitution? The star has 5 points. E is the 5th letter. It's an Occult substitution transformation.

While the celebration of Halloween is a big thing in my neighborhood, I'm going to spare you the scenes. But in this season where witches celebrate their biggest sabbath and many victims are ritually sacrificed, there's this - - Self proclaimed Christian Witches. Witches, certainly. Christians, in label only. How absurd. How foolish. How wicked. Blatant lies contradicting the plain declaration of the scriptures.

Here's an item. Big Mouth. A show with 2 seasons already, on Netflix. A pedo promotion. Demonic Netflix Cartoon Pushes Pedophilia, Sexualizes Kids (The New American website) The title is secretly about the "b IG" or GI mouth that is the hidden one, of course.


  1. Funny how I've never noticed that apostrophe being replaced with the black star and I'm not sure many others have noticed it either, we better mark it down now before they're all replaced and it becomes another meme of the Mandela Effect lol. Geez Bob, Aaron, you two really have me thinking I can't even make the lol shortening without noticing that it too is probably sodomite programming (two legs and a butthole).

    Well, I have been purged from Twitter and I have been jogging around in my head about my latest venture because I desperately need something to do to keep this mind from overflowing. I very much enjoy your style of commentary and look forward to how you break down advertisement, Tv and film but I've noticed there is more work than either of you two could ever handle and I dare say that each and every second of film that comes out of Hollywood could be analyzed the same way. I might not have as good as an insight as you two for spotting these things but I would like to contribute in some way.

    My entire focus in daily life is exposing how our Frankfurt model Rockefeller/Carnegie funded culling and sorting public school system and our electronic babysitter, Tv and Film, are the entire method of control that has made Golum out of men to the point that they are nothing but polarized and volatile animals.It truly is on par with magickal workings of a spell that turns man into beasts. I believe it is the number one malady afflicting the populace that has caused all of this confusion in every aspect of American life. We are a mass of polarized contradictions that have no reconciliation in our minds which result in utter chaos. People talk of one-on-one mk-utra programming but the cult has honed that research into a shock therapy program that has been in effect since after (and even before) WWII blatantly through our TV's and movie screens.

  2. I was inspired to write you when I saw that Big Mouth comment. I watched one episode and was just blown away at the audacity of Nick Kroll and the producers at Netflix. This show is undoubtedly at the apex of Mk-ultra hollywood desensitization and Nick Kroll has been getting and given quite a bit of room to spread his version of experiences growing up in the Big Apple. With Louis C.K. getting exposed and remarks from comedians like Sarah Silverman and many others we are being shown what a sick lot the travelling circus of licentious desensitizers are by spreading their extremely liberal poison.

    I know that you must get ALOT of requests or inquiries into certain films as impetus for revelations on your research because there is SO much embedded in absolutely everything from sigil magick to direct and peripheral ques, but one movie I wanted to point out to you that I believe would shock you is the 2016 Disney/Johnny Depp movie on Louis Carroll's Through The Looking Glass, another one of the series of the once again very ubiquitous mk-ultra conditioning movie Alice In Wonderland.

    Of course we all know Depp is wrapped up in his own legal troubles and mess involving his addiction, but there is much more to the story and his involvement with monarch sex slaves considering he owns a carribean getaway island where they are indoctrinated and programmed (very close to programmer David Copperfileds Islands), so his involvement with Disney, skull and bones pirates and sex trafficking is not a big surprise. Sacha Baron Cohen plays Time in the movie and is a very malevolent character very close to what we could attribute to Kronos or Satan. But my point being is that this film is a PUBLIC ADMISSION FOR THE TEMPLATE TO THE PROCESS OF MK-ULTRA CONDITIONING. WE ARE BEING SHOWN, STEP BY STEP, HOW A CHILDS MIND IS SHATTERED BY CHAOS, DRUGS AND HORRIBLE TRAUMA AND IMMERSED INTO A FANCIFUL WORLD WHERE NO PAIN CAN TOUCH THEM. It truly is amazing work of admission, guilt, and the process. It's odd as well, Disney has tried, just like with every one of their products, to keep a DVD copy of the movie off of the streaming sites for a VERY LONG time which means they REALLY want people to PAY for their own programming.

    God Bless and God Speed Bob and Aaron.

    1. Yes, we've seen that version of Through the Looking Glass. It's like you say, and we've discussed it and made notes. Did you notice how the "critical to time and this dimensional realm" time-traveling chronosphere is a throne of God "merkabah" vehicle with wheels within wheels, a la Ezekiel 1 and 10? And that it is operated in a way that identifies it with a toilet? You regularly hear a subtle flushing sound when Alice pulls the handle. Compare the chronosphere ( with the "pull chain toilet." Time travel toilet vehicle? Seen our videos on FAQ About Time Travel? The fluxing flux capacitor of Doc Defecation's Delorean in Back to the Future? The equivalent device in Buckeroo Bansai - Time travel sodomy... Lots of Illuminati mind control signs...

      If you would like to discuss helping with some video projects, reach me at gmail "theopenscroll"


  3. Thank you Bob and Aaron, I will email you.

    In my brief efforts yesterday at trying to formulate some type of approach on melding your research on Back To The Future with Joe Alexander's assessment of the hidden symbology in BTTF, it led me to his inspiration for piecing together what he did on BTTF - work by a man named Jake Kotze and a phenomenon they have labeled "Synchomysticism". He covers a broad range of 9/11 implanted devices in a number of different films also bringing in the element of an ACTOR as an ANCHOR for these memes, as an example Snake Pliskin, Kurt Russell stars in Escape From NY AND Stargate in some correlative parallels with 9/11. They INSIST that all the symbology in film matches up with the SPACES between the freemasonic pillars of joachim and boaz which are also congruent with twin tower symbology that equals TIME TRAVEL in some way. I believe they are pointing to a direction that only lends credence to your time travel theory, however obscure it is at this point. I believe Zemeckis was quite adept at this New World Order mysticism and all of these coincidences are of course NOT by accident or serendipity but intentional mnemonic device and human being is intended as it's ultimate vehicle in the proper function of their time travel efforts. There seems to be a hidden clue in Zemeckis' follow up movie with a twin tower theme the 2015 film "The Walk".

    The production value of Joe Alexanders "Did Back To The Future Predict 9/11" and their subsequent lack of follow up and commentary tends to make me question their motive because there is no doubt that the symbology and magick employed in this film was by no means an accident and it holds vital clues to the mysticism that has enveloped our planet.

    I think the parallels between your work and his should be examined more closely regardless of however undecided I am about how much of this type of material is governmental psyop in nature, it might yield valuable clues as to the nature of this alleged time travel or time reset theory that would possibly help us unravel it's efficacy.

  4. Also, were those notes on Looking Glass published material or are they still in formulation?