Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Occult Symbolism Exposed: Whole Foods and 365 Brand Witchcraft

The Local Whole Foods market is my go-to place for healthier food. There's a co-op I frequent too, but WF is the obvious choice for most of what I buy. This brand has been in the news recently for its dealings with Monsanto. (Whole Foods Confirms it Knowingly Sells Monsanto’s Genetically Modified Corn) It has been misrepresenting its products and profiting off those who have not cared enough to research diligently for themselves. I have nothing to add to any reporting on that scandal but here's some imagery that bears witness to the brand's dedication to witchcraft. The magick circle is presented along with layers of Eye of Horus, mark of the Beast and sodomite gateway signals.

Their logo features a plumed serpent Ouroboros. Random veggie? Okay, but that's not all it is.

The collection you see here is a sampling of their more popular brand imagery. The 365 brand is their house brand. The colorful four seasons imagery attending the number representing a solar year seems innocent enough but it would be easily recognized by practicing witches as the four elements invoked when casting a magic circle!

The colors and positions and even the pictures identify it readily to those familiar with the ritual invoking and dismissing of the four elementals. The label at lower left, when rotated 45 degrees clockwise, puts the four elements into perfect alignment. The tilted version reveals that stylized leaf to be flames of fire.

The following is presented to inform you in the words of a pagan Wiccan what is done, so you can consider and correctly identify just what it is that the Whole Foods 365 brand is representing on their store brand labels.

“For this circle you will need four large flat stones. If you have none, candles can be used to mark the four cardinal points of the circle. White or purple candles can be used, as can colors related to each direction - green for North, yellow for East, red for South, and blue for West. Place the first stone (or candle) to the North, to represent the Spirit of the North stone. When in ritual you invoke the Spirits of the Stones, you’re actually invoking all that resides in that particular direction, including the elemental energies. After setting the first stone (or candle) to the North, place the Ease, South and West stones. They should mark out a rough square, nearly encompassing the working area. This square represents the physical plane on which we exist; the Earth. Now take a long purple or white cord and lay it out in a circle, using the four stones or candles to guide you. It takes a bit of practice to do this smoothly. The cord should be placed so that the stones remain INSIDE the circle. Now you have a square and a circle, the circle representing the spiritual reality. As such, this is a squared circle - the place of interpenetration of the physical and spiritual realms.” (The Circle of Stones)

The outer form of the lower 365 brand label is a square instead of a circle, which serves to obfuscate the magic circle slightly while actually reinforcing the identification, because the magic circle is commonly referred to as a squared circle. This is also what should be recognized as a sodomy signal. Purple cord sphincter? _hole Foods?

The partial snowflake in one version of the 365 brand label resembles the familiar Monas Hieroglyphica of Dr John Dee. The sun-ray headed Horus is pictured sodomizing three victims at once. This scene can also be interpreted as three views of anus head Horus being sodomized with a crucifix, a traumatizing act that is reported to be done to SRA DID multiples during programming.

That snowflake, like every snowflake, is essentially a six pointed star and therefore a hexagram, which is commonly used in ritual magick for casting a hex, a spell. The five petal flower conceals a pentagram. The yellow swirl is a swirl eye of Horus, which is the reason for the appearance of the registered trademark symbol that creates an instance of Harmerty. That eye is a reptilian slit eye in the color of star light - star / angel serpent. The oak is sacred to Zeus, and the oak leaf should be a familiar signal element to readers of this blog.

The 365 brand's sharply delineated season graphics call attention to the transition points, the days pagans do their rituals at the Solstices and Equinoxes.

Even the way the numbers are organized conceals and reveals a message. Because 6 is the number of man, raising the 6 signals the elevation of man, the ascension of man to a god. Notice how the registered trademark symbol is positioned right over the 5, dominating it to reduce and minimize its power. This leaves the 3 and a raised 6. This is a subtle hint of 3 sixes, signaling the mark of the Beast. The math must also be considered: 3*6=18 which is 6+6+6. 1+8 = 9 and 3+6=9, the M-O-B transformation number.

Some will insist it's a stretch to link that with 666 but the signaling in the store's wordmark validates this subtle layer. The leafy stem produce apparently pictured by the letter “O” is an obfuscated 6. If we say the O is a 6, the three of them in the store name becomes 6 and 6 and 6.

That produce also resembles the wedjat, the eye of Horus. Because that Horus eye is in the words “whole” and “hole,” having the eye inside is a sodomy signal. The leaves also resemble the wing on the side of Hermes' / Mercury's helmet. Horus and Hermes, the sodomizers who star in Dee's alchemical stick figure glyph.

When I go in the Pittsburgh store, I feel like I'm being served by a coven. Not that this is rare today, but many of the employees are tattooed and pierced with witchcraft symbols. Shoppers seem to find this all quite acceptable, but there's just something that's creepy about the place, despite the relatively upscale look of it.

The last time I was in Whole Foods I took some pictures. One of the prominent end caps looked to me like they were tying to counter the Monsanto scandal that exposed their dishonest practice with a subliminal offensive witnessing to honesty. Honest Tea = honesty. While it didn't work on me, this probably works on most folks with an influential spell. The Honest Tea labels feature a simple signal the Lord has been calling out to me recently. The T is for Triangle. It's the anal triangle and sodomite portal. Consider the imagery of the labels of the two featured flavors. Uh huh. Lord willing, I'll expand on this class of imagery in a future post.

So, there's the occult Whole Foods WITCHCRAFT brand.

I wonder if they borrowed the idea from Microsoft Windows. Bill Gates (gates!) gets away with a slightly more obfuscated swastika-embedded + 4 seasons + squared circle branding on a far grander scale. Look at your keyboard's Start button. Compare the meaning to that of the power symbol you hit to turn stuff on. Start, right? And, they put their sneaky ritual magick symbol right on it. Windows. Portals into another dimension, through which comes light, and if you open them, air / spirit. Paned windows or grids of windows are often used to signal the SRA multiples programmed structures, compartmentalized and with demonized alters. Right. And now you know the rest of the story.

My Dreams of the Coming Flood

By Aaron Hermann ( Revelation of Babylon blog )

****** This was originally posted on the "Revelation of Bablyon" blog on June 14, 2012 ******

Over the span of the last year I have had two intensely vivid dreams of a great flood. I have been seeking The Lord for quite some time pertaining to whether or not to make these dreams public, and I believe that now is the time to put forth that which was shown to me. Lord willing, I will be able to accurately convey the rather overwhelming supernatural occurrence of "connecting the dots" that has been taking place over the course of the last few weeks.

The first such dream I had was in May of 2011. I was not lead to share the dream, or what occurred upon waking until a little more than a month later when I wrote the following in an email to Bob on June 29, 2011:

Do you remember a while ago when I told you about a dream I had that was then followed by the Lord directing me to a book of the Bible? I never got a chance to tell you more about it, but I feel now is the time for me to do that. The dream I had was one that dealt with an intense flood. I was in a cabin of sorts....in the mountains by a river.....I do not recall who I was with.....but I believe it was my folks. At any rate, I walk out of the cabin and I see a MASSIVE flood coming through the valley....with water that is far above the tops of the towering hills and mountain tops......so as I see the water coming down the valley towards us.....I call out and begin to run up the mountain.......but the water is coming down the mountain as well......almost as if it is coming out of the sky and falling from the top down. It was at this point that I woke up...

I sought the Lord about it and He directed me to take up my Bible. I closed my eyes and opened my Bible to the book of Nahum, which is a book of the Bible (to my shame) I had never heard of. The Book of Nahum deals with God taking out vengeance upon Nineveh for their failure to repent after they received the message from Jonah.

The LORD is slow to anger and great in power, And the LORD will by no means leave the guilty unpunished. In whirlwind and storm is His way, And clouds are the dust beneath His feet. 4 He rebukes the sea and makes it dry ; He dries up all the rivers. Bashan and Carmel wither ; The blossoms of Lebanon wither. 5 Mountains quake because of Him And the hills dissolve ; Indeed the earth is upheaved by His presence, The world and all the inhabitants in it. 6 Who can stand before His indignation? Who can endure the burning of His anger? His wrath is poured out like fire And the rocks are broken up by Him. 7 The LORD is good, A stronghold in the day of trouble, And He knows those who take refuge in Him. 8 But with an overflowing flood He will make a complete end of its site, And will pursue His enemies into darkness. 9 Whatever you devise against the LORD, He will make a complete end of it. Distress will not rise up twice. 10 Like tangled thorns, And like those who are drunken with their drink, They are consumed As stubble completely withered. 11 From you has gone forth One who plotted evil against the LORD, A wicked counselor. 12 Thus says the LORD, "Though they are at full strength and likewise many, Even so, they will be cut off and pass away. Though I have afflicted you, I will afflict you no longer. 13 "So now, I will break his yoke bar from upon you, And I will tear off your shackles. ~ Nahum 1:3-13

I had a vague idea of what the dream meant, but I did not as yet have any revelation insight from The Lord as to what to make of it and as such I simply put it on the shelf and continued on my way. To be perfectly honest, I had not thought about that dream in almost a year and then on May 23, 2012 I had the following dream:

I vividly remember seeing the entire world from a viewpoint that was as if I were seeing the world from high above, as if in space. The entire world began to shake violently and began to break apart. It was at this point that my field of vision focused on the United States and as I witnessed the world wobbling to and fro the water started to pour over the land and the coastlines were changed. I saw the water engulf the entire east coast and the west coast, and all of the coastlines were drastically altered in a violent fashion.

I did not know what to make of this dream either, and no answer was forthcoming until I listened to one of Steve Quayle's latest internet radio appearances in which he mentioned the prophecy of J. Leland Earls entitled "My Ways In The Seas". I had never heard of Mr. Earls before, and was not familiar with any of his prophecies. Needless to say, this one certainly got my attention; however, the dots were not yet fully connecting and I was still uncertain as to the meaning of it all.

A couple of days ago on June 11th I was talking to Bob and he mentioned that he was listening to the Steve Quayle show featuring the prophecy of J. Leland Earls, and that he also put a link to it in his "notable stuff" section on his blog. As we were talking on Skype I re-read the Leland prophecy and suddenly The Lord began connecting the dots in supernatural fashion as only He can.

It was at this time that The Lord brought to mind the first dream I had over a year ago and as I was reading the email I included earlier in the post I was reminded that on March 11th of this year I had written a post entitled,"When the Flood Comes Get in the Boat". I was reeling at this point as The Lord began to make it clear that the flood, while also perhaps literal, was to be viewed metaphorically with the prophecy set forth by J. Leland Earls in 1964 serving as confirmation!

During the course of the last year I have listened to many broadcasts by Russ Dizdar in which he has spoken of the "Coming Global Supernatural Super storm" and the "Tidal Wave of Darkness" that is rapidly approaching. Those of us paying attention can see the storm rapidly approaching as this nation, and the entire world, is rushing towards judgment. At this point, I believe there can be no doubt that life as we have come to know it is coming to a rapid end.

In light of what The Lord has brought forth with these dreams and the manner in which they are to be viewed and interpreted, my advice remains the same as it was on March 11th...when the flood comes, get in the boat! The Lord has made, is making, and shall continue to make provision for His people in the difficult season ahead. Now is the time to be seeking The Lord with all that you have, drawing near to Him as He draws near to you. Let The Lord be your comfort, your peace, and your shelter in the stormy days ahead.

The Lord showed me the following nearly a year ago:

7 The LORD is good, A stronghold in the day of trouble, And He knows those who take refuge in Him. 8 But with an overflowing flood He will make a complete end of its site, And will pursue His enemies into darkness. ~ Nahum 1:7-8

In closing, I would like to include the prophetic word offered by J. Leland Earls as it is one of the most excellent and timely words I have ever encountered.


"Cause my people to know this says the Lord, that my ways are in the seas. I will make the sea to roll and the waves shall ascend, and the cities shall be inundated by the mighty rolling of the sea in that day when I arise mightily to shake all things. For the sea shall make bare the coastlands and the inhabitants shall perish. For my ways are in the seas says God. Even so shall I make known to my people in that day when and where they are to flee. Be prepared to move wher­ever I tell you, for if you will not hear my voice surely you will perish says the Lord. I will cause you to know the day and the hour in which you are to flee for safety, for I will pro­tect those who look to me and depend on me in that day says the Lord. But I say to you, you shall remain where you are and fear not. You shall not move until I tell you. For I am a faithful God and surely I will speak to you in that day. Now you shall be quiet before me and wait upon me, seeking my face daily that you may know me and hear my voice in the day of trouble. For I will have my people flee from the places that shall be destroyed even as Lot fled from the city of Sodom in the day of its destruction. My angels shall be on duty and my glorified ones shall be set in battle array to do service to those who are trusting in me and look­ing to me for their deliverance, for I will deliver says the Lord.

Now my people, listen to this word from the Lord your God. As my ways are in the seas so shall I use the seas to bring great destruction on the inhabitants of the earth. For the seas shall be lifted in the form of vapor, and the vapor shall be congealed in the heights above, even in the frosty and cold heights above, and then I shall rain hail on the in­habitants of the earth. For great hailstones shall fall from the skies and bring great destruction on man and beast and every living thing, for nothing shall escape in that day. Did I not say that my ways are in the seas? Yes I say, as I brought great destruction on the earth in Noah's day by opening the windows of heaven and pouring out my floods, even so were these floods gathered together to become the great oceans and seas of this day. So shall I use the great waters that fell from the heavens, and I shall raise the waters and congeal them on high and rain great hailstones upon this earth says God Almighty who made the earth and all that therein is. Is it not written that such watery vapors congealed on high shall be mixed with fire and blood? (Acts 2:19.) Even so shall I rain fire on the earth as I rain hail, and blood and vapor shall be mixed therein as I rain destruction on this earth. The fire shall be mixed with the hail and the fire shall melt the ice as it falls, for great explosions shall rock the earth and fire shall descend from heaven from that which man shall put aloft and that which man shall shoot into the air. For is it not written that the beast shall cause fire to come down in the sight of all men. (Rev. 13:13.) Even so shall fire mixed with hail fall on the earth, and so shall judgment fall as the fiery blasts of man are mixed with the blast of the breath of Almighty God when He congeals the water and causes it to descend on the earth amidst the fiery blasts. So shall great vapors ascend from the earth as fire and hail and blood are mixed together says the Lord.

Are not my ways in the seas says God? For in that day the seas shall reveal their hidden mysteries and that which has been hidden shall be uncovered, for great shall be the erup­tions of the earth as the earth convulses under the mighty hand of God and as she reels to and fro under the weight and full­ness of man's iniquity. Great shall be the convulsing in that day and great shall be the cry of anguish as the sea and waves roll to great destruction on the land and in the seas. The land and the seas shall give up their dead, and the seas shall spew out their dead on the land and vomit the excretion from the midst thereof says the Lord. The seas shall reveal their mysteries, for great land masses shall be uncovered and cities once buried shall be unveiled, and that which the bosom of the seas hath held silent and mute for many ages shall come forth as the earth gives birth in that day. Many things which heretofore have not been known shall be made known says the Lord.

Yes my people, my ways are in the seas. I say further to you, the way I would have you go is in the sea of advers­ity and testing. For I am causing my seas to become very tem­pestuous about you that you might be tried and tested in this day. My people are like those in a ship in the midst of the sea, and I will cause the sea to roll about them. But is it not written that on one occasion the Son of Man rested His head on a pillow asleep, as the boat containing the disciples rocked and relied in the midst of the waters? And did not that one calm the seas and rebuke the waves? (Mark 4:36-41). Even so have I given you power to rebuke the tempestuous waves about you and speak the word of faith that whatever is caus­ing the turmoil may flee from your presence, and you be calm in your soul. I say to you, study well the incidents in My Word which tell of the waters and seas, and regard the patterns I have laid down concerning those times when the disciples were on the waters, for they will teach you that which I would have you know concerning the events of this end time says the Lord; for therein are my mysteries revealed for my people. I am commanding all those who will hear my word to get into my boat or ark of safety for only therein shall you be safe in the end-time storm which shall envelop the whole earth. And where is my ark of safety? It is even in the One who died for you and rose again, ascending on high for you. In Him and in His will for your life is there safety in these last days. So my people, get into the boat and there I shall pro­tect you says the Lord.

Yes, my ways are in the seas. I say further to you, have you ever considered that the sea is composed of certain elements? What is water? Is it not two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen? Even so have I combined hydrogen which is a water gas with oxygen which is a fire gas, and the two have been joined together to form what is called water. Like­wise shall I join together in this last day the water of your soul and the fire of my Spirit, and the two shall bring forth that which I have planned for you says God. For out of water (soul) and fire (Spirit) I will perfect to me a people who will yield themselves to me and become that which I would make them, even by the chemistry of my working in their midst. I will take that which is unmanageable, even your soul, and I will join it with the fire of my Spirit, and I will cause it to flow at my behest and in the direction that I determine. For all waters do flow to me, says the Lord. And I will cause the water of your soul to flow in the channel of my will and bring you into my purposes in this day. Through the chemistry that I will perform in your innermost being you shall be brought into that which is according to my perfect will says the Lord your God.

Who am I says the Lord? I am He that does master­mind all of the elements that they may speak to you of spiritual things. All things have been patterned to portray my eternal workings. For is it not written that the earthly is according to the pattern of the heavenly? (Hebrews8:5). Even so are all the elements of the earth the shadow of heavenly and eter­nal truths. That which passes away has its counterpart in that which does not pass away. So in this day I would teach you my ways through the elements that I have made. I will cause you to understand the mysteries of the seas, even that which is hidden. And I shall cause you to understand that which is hidden in your innermost being, even the mystery of your soul as the mystery of the water. For much shall be revealed in this day, and you are now just beginning to behold the glory of your God."

By Aaron Hermann ( Revelation of Babylon blog )

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Another Alexander the Great?

As I write, Hurricane Sandy is battering the east coast. I'm inland, in Pittsburgh, PA, but the media reports say even this area is threatened. We are now well into the long awaited Shemittah, which began last month on Yom Teruah. I don't know of any major events on the Lord's calendar until 2015, at least not that I can associate with dates. There are a few things I know will happen on a more general time frame. Given how late in the season it is, I'm doubtful there will come a very full recovery from whatever damage is done by this storm. What seems likely is that this storm will be seen as just one front of an assault on this country as judgment is brought forth against it. I have no revelation insight on this situation at present but I have a sense that, given the season, what is being called by some reporters a “storm of biblical proportions” may well be referenced.

Here's a passage that comes to mind.

24 “Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them, may be compared to a wise man who built his house on the rock. 25 And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and slammed against that house; and yet it did not fall, for it had been founded on the rock. 26 Everyone who hears these words of Mine and does not act on them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. 27 The rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and slammed against that house; and it fell—and great was its fall.” ~ Matthew 7:24-27

If your house is built on the sand, according to that figure of speech, a storm is absolutely coming that will bring a fall, which will have an impact beyond what any stormy weather can bring.

This storm comes at a notable time, historically. Making landfall on October 29, it comes 21 years after the one (October 30, 1991) that was the basis for the movie, “The Perfect Storm,” nearly to the very day.

“Labelled the "perfect storm" by the National Weather Service, the storm sank the swordfishing boat Andrea Gail, whose story became the basis for the currently best-selling novel "The Perfect Storm" by Sebastian Junger. A little-known and bizarre ending came to this monster, which came to be known as the Halloween Storm.” ~ The Perfect Storm - October 1991 (NOAA National Climatic Data Center)

What makes the timing of Hurricane Sandy stand out to me is that the last perfect storm was 21 years ago. The “Halloween Storm” of 1991 came when the Lord's return in judgment had just begun, according to Genesis 49:10 and the celestial sign that marked that cryptic prophecy's fulfillment. (The Year of His Coming: 1991 - Part I) Because this 21 years is what I've been referring to as the three things (sets of seven years that are the biblical Shemittah) and that we are now in the “fourth thing,” there may be something significant to be found in this for those who watch, according to the Lord's command.

What I say to you, I say to everyone: 'Watch!' ~ Mark 13:37

I note with great interest how the world changing event involving the WTC's Twin Towers happened on the anniversary of that celestial sign, on 9/11/2001 following exactly 10 years to the day after Yom Teruah, 9/11/1991. That must be seen as an instance of God's judgment upon America.

Those watching and giving attention to such things will discover when comparing Hurricane Sandy with the Halloween Storm that another ship is involved. While the swordfishing boat “Andrea Gail” was memorialized in the novel and movie versions of “The Perfect Storm,” and thereby received its fame, the HMS Bounty sunk by Hurricane Sandy was already famous. (HMS Bounty Ship Sinks, 14 Rescued, Two Possibly Missing) This ship was memorialized in a popular novel and in several films, including the 1935 classic, “Mutiny on the Bounty.” The ship that sank today was a replica built for a 1962 remake of that classic that starred Marlon Brando. What seems relevant is the theme of mutiny, which is a revolution, rebellion against the appointed authority.

The movie for which the ship was built is itself famous for a kind of mutiny.

“Behind the scenes, it became notorious for the way Marlon Brando effectively took over directing duties himself and caused it to become far behind schedule and over budget.” (Mutiny on the Bounty (1962 film))

If you consider the director of a movie as the commander of a ship, Marlon Brando mutinied against him, just like the character he played in the movie. Brando as Fletcher Christian against Lewis Milestone as William Bligh. If something were to be made of the names involved, Christian and Milestone sure seem interesting. Perhaps just as interesting is the name of the ship's commander, William Bligh, which is nearly the birth name of Bill Clinton; William Blythe, or William Jefferson Blythe III. Bill is sometimes acclaimed as the most influential man in the world today. He has been the man the Lord has had me watching for many years as modeling the role of the lawless one, the antichrist beast. That biblical character is also linked to other men in history who modeled the role before Bill, including Alexander the Great, and it's in this regard that we find another intriguing connection!

The name given today's hurricane is “Sandy,” an abbreviation or nickname for “Alexander.” This great storm that is said to be “of biblical proportions” is thus another conquering Alexander the Great. Is this prophetic about the coming Beast kingdom? This storm's force is coming against America, who, according to what I was given to understand about Daniel 8, was foreshadowed by Greece during Alexander the Great's reign. Is this storm a signal that the conflict with Iran is now going to begin as the second of a two part catalyst that brings America's demise? I can't say I know the answer to that, but as one who watches and reports what he sees, there you have it. If it is just that, we should not be surprised.

The name “Sandy” is derived from “Alexander,” which means, “defender of man,” and the HMS Bounty was known as the “HM Armed Vessel Bounty.” Is this weather offensive intended for Adam-kind's defense, in the grand scheme? It may well be. Perhaps some of the sleepyheads will take this as their wake-up call.

With respect to America and this symbolic ship called Bounty that Sandy just sunk off America's coast on October 29, it must also be noted that this is the anniversary of the most devastating event in the history of America's bounty. It's the 83rd anniversary of when the stock market on Wall Street in NYC crashed, sending the economy of the USA into the Great Depression. This is not the first time my attention has been drawn to this date to see a supernatural linking. See Part 6 - Rochester, NY and the gateway to High Falls.

I have a suggestion. Batten down the hatches, to borrow a nautical phrase. I mean this in the sense of preparing to weather the storm spiritually. The rebellion against the Sovereign commander Yahweh is building and a flood is coming in this storm. Ask the Lord to expose where your house may be built upon the sand and help you build upon Him as the solid foundation, as your secure Rock. This advice has always been sound, but today, it is a word of alarm for the wise who see trouble coming. I have moved out of my signal location that meant, National 911 Judgment. I take that very seriously. Aaron and I have felt for several weeks that we have been in the calm before the storm. We've said those exact words to each other on almost a daily basis. A storm is here, and it may bring more than mere wind and flood damage. Look after your neighbors. The second commandment is like unto the first.

Update: Just after I posted this I checked the news. Most of NYC has been powered down. The Financial District has been flooded. Again, this is the 83rd anniversary of the Wall Street Crash. The Stock Exchange may be closed for days, or longer, with unknown impact. This activity may have been carefully planned, as some suggest. An increase in HAARP activity has been reported. (Highest HAARP Readings Ever 10+ In The Northeast) Nothing of this has taken the sovereign God by surprise, and all this is part of the outworking of His glorious plan. I pray you are rising up to find your place in it that will manifest His goodness!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Part 44 - The Sodomite Gateway - The Yahoo! Portal

A few days ago when I was decoding the new eBay logo I discovered their earlier one had been inspired by the Yahoo brand. It was big back then. Yahoo has been taking a beating in the marketplace but the brand identity remains strong. Yahoo was one of the main Internet portals. Like AOL, this portal brand is a sodomite portal.

The AOL logo was a circle inside a triangle. The Yahoo logo is an obfuscated triangle inside a circle. Both are squaring the circle variants in the tradition of the alchemical glyph, an esoteric sodomy standard. The triangle is the anal triangle, and the circle, the anus. Yahoo's version points down, the “As Above So Below” reflection of the glyph version but given the popularity of variations on the theme the alignment doesn't seem to matter much.

The purple Yahoo! branding is the right color for signaling sodomy. The logo appears with the exclamation mark, which, although it's slightly obfuscated, can be recognized as an inverted pyramid that is capped with a square dot, a squaring of the circle because dots are round. This mark is an “i” of Horus like the oval eye next to it. The letter “Y” inside is the Y chromosome, the seed planted through sodomy. A very phallic looking arrow appears in the negative space formed by the top of the Y. (Sandcastle style!) The tilted exclamation mark suggests rotating it. We always "fix" things subliminally in the process of making sense of what we're looking at. Rotating it sets the pyramid upright and puts the phallus into a more recognizable alignment. The white of the Y illustrates the illumination of ritual sodomy as the third eye (three element letter) in the oval is opened.

The Yahoo! logo is an instance of Harmerty, or “Horus who rules with two eyes.” The inverted pyramid “i” of Horus is the darkened left eye. The eye that sees better is the bigger purple oval phallic eye of Horus.

Yahoo. It kinda rhymes with Wazoo. Yahoo! appears to be the exclamation of a climaxing sodomite. Do you think YAHoo was going for a similitude of YAHweh or Yahushua? I do!

I was on their main campus a few years back for a job interview. I had finished my contract working at Adobe in San Jose and was interviewing for a position on their Web mail interface team. Those weren't my strongest skills but I was interested in developing them further. I was interviewed by a few members of the team. I remember being asked to critique the current interface based on a few criteria. When it came to the design, I remember trying to be honest but not too harsh. I had a feeling I was talking to the person who was responsible for the design. My criticism was about the overuse of purple and the rounded corner thing was starting to look kind of tired. Knowing what I know now, it seems funny that these sodomy signaling elements would be the two design elements I criticized, because I had no idea what they signaled at the time. I didn't get the job. I shortly took a contract at Visa. That worked out wonderfully for three seasons, until after my last contract I went on extended Sabbatical. I can't imagine I would have been better off at Yahoo!

Here's a selection of related images I've had in my collection.

Symantec is Verisign and Norton. They joined with Yahoo in producing the webseries Cybergeddon, which features the power symbol. The Symantec logo is nearly a match for the power symbol that is also the obfuscated pyramid in the circle. I hope to watch one of the episodes later tonight, and there may be a report following.

The Royal Arse Masons. What more needs to be said. Sodomites.

The Ouroboros Council went for the “more is more” design philosophy on this one. The rayed triangle. Pure white inside the portal. Ritual Sodomy enlightenment. Inscribed in the circle. Sodomy. The compass superimposed on the triangle like it's the expected square. Sodomy. The Crown. It's a sodomite Royal. The cross? The union of the heavenly sons of god with the earthly daughters of men. The dragon-serpent Ouroboros. There's their sodomite patron.

The Roerich Building cornerstone, NYC. This symbol looks a bit like Revoloution's (NBC - 2012) Monroe Republic brand. Roerich's M over R brand looks like a Mason mating with the R eye of Horus in that anal triangle portal. Nicolas Roerich influenced 32nd degree Freemason and Vice President of the United States Henry Wallace, who was responsible for the great seal appearing on the back of the one dollar bill.

Roerich's Madonna Oriflamma painting. Wearing a purple robe, she sits on a cylindrical purple pillow. Yeah. Connect the dots. She holds a banner in the signal white and red colors of the illuminated man, bearing a bold sodomy symbol of the root chakra color. Behind her head is the halo that tells us she has been third eye illuminated. The p and x symbols flanking her are a matched set of sodomy symbols; the p for phallus stuck into the x-marks-the-spot sodomy cross. The base of her throne is a squared circle construction.

Mercedes Benz.

Trilateral Commission. Elite. Sodomites. Phallic arrows.

Nine Points Management (Part Two: NCR)

The Great Seal's triangle eye in a circle.

Triangle inside a squared circle, with phallic arrows.

PNC Bank. Sodomite Triangle eye. Swirl Eye of Horus. Harmerty instance, as balanced by darkened left eye of registered trademark.

BSDM flag. Bondage, Sadism, Discipline, Masochism

Banner of practicing Diplomate Jungian Psychoanalyst Ronald T. Curran whose primary specialty and field of interest is listed as "Sexual Abuse" and "Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality)". Ron was my teacher and mentor at the University of Pittsburgh. Years later the Lord revealed to me exactly who and what Dr. Curran is. He's a handler, folks. I stumbled along in gross ignorance for a number of years and the Lord protected me as I was ignorantly camped out in the Dragon's den. Praise the Lord for His overwhelming protection, love, patience, and mercy! ~ Aaron Hermann

The sign is a mirrored 9, and there are nine elements in the triskelion / obfuscated triangle in circle.


Google Doodle for October 15, 2012. G in triangle. Purple portal. Phallic arrow. Helpless child. Google. Don't be evil?

Drag Queen Barbie Is Finally Here? (No, It's Not Ken in Heels)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Revolution (NBC) - Illuminati Mind-Control Programming

NBC's new hit show Revolution presents a vivid witness to the role ritual sodomy plays in trauma-based mind-control programming. In recent posts I've introduced this show's concealed evolution / revolution combo and the featured power symbol, and there's plenty more occult symbolism and esoteric signals to be found. This post could well be considered as another installment in the series on the sodomite gateway or even the Jezebel vs Sarah series. If I had one on MK-ULTRA and media productions, it would go in that bucket along with many others I've done. This NBC show is yet one more mass media programming and “SRA multiple support” vehicle spun out of the Bad Robot Productions machinery.

Caveat: If you're a recovering SRA DID multiple you might find this contains triggers. Also, spoiler alert.

The setting for the show is the Chicago area in a time fifteen years after a false flag event caused everything electrical to fail, on a global scale. The MacGuffin (plot device) is the technology to get the power to come back on, the key to which is a digital file that contains tell-tale evidence of the false flag action that caused the failure. Obtaining the technology and the secret exposing who was behind the power outage translates to having the ability to rule the world. The show makes a statement about our dependency on electricity (and all related technology) and emotionally connects with “conspiracy minded” viewers who have a growing distrust of official reports.

The show comes at a time when America does in reality teeter on the precipice, about to fall and rise again with a different role in a changed world.

The “MacGuffin” digital file that contains the information about turning the power back on requires a powered electronic device to read and display it. It's been installed on amulet style teardrop-eye-mandala flash drives that appear to have some unexplained power source, like magick. I only watched the first two shows. This post features the pilot episode.

In the vein of productions like The Hunger Games (sodomite gateway signaling golden pin) and Jericho (2006), perhaps the most vivid dynamic of the show boils down to Jezebel, which makes the show really difficult to endure for those of us who have become sensitized to the operation of that spirit.

Even the half-awake will notice a few clever references to the main plot element, the restoration of the power that had been turned off. The featured use of the power button image can hardly be missed, but you have to be paying attention to catch why one of the characters wears a classic heavy metal band t-shirt, AC-DC. Electricity, alternating current and direct current. Very shortly after we're presented with that, he walks right by the community sign identifying the gated cul-de-sac. Sylvania Estates. Sylvania is a famous light bulb, lamp and electrical appliance brand. These references are common and familiar, but you have to be more particularly educated to catch the more esoteric layers.

There are characters in “Revolution” who have enhanced abilities. Alongside that, it will seem to a small number of viewers that the show was designed for children or viewers with ADHD, with the cast flipping in and out of character. What that observation reveals to the informed is the switching between alters exhibited by multiples. That's what it looks like. Instantaneous.

I'll present several screenshots from scenes that layer in the Freemasonry / MK-ULTRA trauma-based mind-control symbols.

Here's a big sign. Literally. Parking in Rear. It's a huge phallic arrow package that appears in a few scenes. It's the kind of classic sign that always had lights inside to illuminate it. That's some blatant Rothschild sodomy signaling.

The columns make this set a ringer for the Masonic Lodge, with their typical array of esoteric versions of “Parking in Rear” signs. Hey, are those men all holding their phallic guns?

What the point of the pizzeria banner? White on red ~ illuminated man. Prominent M ~ Masonic. Get this: Lou Malnati's ~ Illuminati's (Thanks Aaron!) “Lou Malnati's” is an anagram for “Satan Lolium.” Lolium is ryegrass, which is also known as tares. Clever.

Ryegrass (Lolium) is a genus of nine species of tufted grasses in the Pooideae subfamily of the Poaceae family. They are characterized by bunch-like growth habits. Also called tares (even though there is no firm evidence that this is the same as the plant given that name in English language translations of the Bible (as in the "Parable of the Tares") - vetches are another candidate),
(Ryegrass - Wikipedia)

Remember this ryegrass-tare reference. It will come up again.

There's a brief sequence that is very revealing. During a flashback we see Charlie, the leading lady, sitting in a chair watching TV. She has the look of being in a trance. When someone tries to interact with her, talking to her while holding a phone up to her ear, she is non-responsive. She just sits there watching TV. This seems to add nothing to the development of the character or plot unless you read the clues and identify her as a Monarch slave. The chair she's sitting in has a butterfly form half hidden by her head. You see, she's a Monarch victim, mind controlled. She's non-responsive because she's been triggered into this state for a sinister reason.

“Those who have been programmed have a locked-in three-year-old mindset which is the core of the programming. Say they’re eighteen or twenty years old and somebody comes up and knows the signal or says the code word to call out the three-year-old core. The person then goes into the three-year-old state to be sodomized, then the sodomites program into their minds what they want to program in, and when that person wakes up they probably don’t even remember that anything happened. Basically, a person reverts back to the three year old to be a total victim to the sodomy.”

“There are many ramifications of this. If you read the book by Cathy O’Brien, she says that a high-level politician gave her messages to take to the King of Saudi Arabia. The politician would access her sex alter, repeat the message, bring her out of that sex alter, ship her overseas, and when she got there the King would access her sex alter and get the message word for word from the high-level politician and return an answer. That basically is a picture -- she didn’t say it was sodomy but that’s what they do. Sodomy puts them into a trance where you can program in directly to the subconscious memory file without any interference of the conscious mind. Sodomy is what puts the person into that state where you can do it. They might even get them so highly programmed that they can just say the word or repeat the code.”

(Marion Knox - Interviewing Deprogrammers: In the House of the Strong Man Sodomy is the Key)

What put Charlie into this receptive state? There's a sodomy trigger bracketing that sequence in the TV show she's watching. It's an old Bugs Bunny cartoon. We see Bugs stick his butt up in the air. The camera cuts away to Charlie, then to her brother, then back to Charlie again. We are shown that she's in a trance state, unresponsive. Then the camera cuts back to the cartoon, where another little character has appeared behind Bugs, who gives him a kick that sends his butt stretching way up high, off screen. Does this remind you of Max Fleisher's cartoon short, Bimbo's Initiation? It should! Butt abuse. Ritual sodomy trigger! This triggered Charlie to dissociate, switching into her “sodomy” alter trance state. Cartoons and commercials and movies and TV shows and video games are designed by programmers and embedded with triggers and messages. (Serenity (Joss Whedon) - psi powered supersoldier River Tam was triggered by the broadcast of anime that included subliminal triggers)

With Charlie in this state, she could receive new programming. When the phone was held up to her ear, this pictured her being programmed by a handler who would have been on the other end of the call. (If you watched the show Alpha recently you may recall the scene where an assassin received his Delta programming trigger over the phone.)

When the camera cut to Charlie's little brother Danny we can see he isn't engaging with the cartoon. He's of an age where he's probably freshly programmed, maybe 3 years old. He's sitting in a chair that features a big flower in the pattern, a symbol of the sun and, in the context, the sun god's anus. He's engaging with and illuminated by the light of what is probably a iPad. We see him in a red and white striped shirt. Illuminated Adam-kind. There's a number on his shirt. 58. 5+8=13 ~ Rebel Lord Beast. He has been claimed and labeled, owned.

If you find all this very disturbing, well, you should.

Another 13 Beast signal appears in the show as the mark of the bad guy. He and his army wear the brand, an M inscribed in a circle. His name is Monroe. Magickal symbols are usually inscribed in circles and we can assume this one is just that. M for Mason? Monas? The mark is tattooed or branded into the skin. M for Mark of the Beast?

I already pointed out the pillar framed sodomy sign picturing the familiar Lodge of Freemasonry. The circle M brand has to be considered a signal squaring of the circle that is so closely associated with the alchemy that is so beloved by the illuminated fraternal orders. One subtle calling card of the Lodge is brick or stone work, which is seen in the Sylvania Estates sign and then again in another key context. Yes, the sodomite Freemasons are well represented.

The Sylvania Estates sign speaks to me on several levels. Sylvania, as I already mentioned, makes allusion to light bulbs, lamps and electrical appliances.

You'll find the following on the Wikipedia entry for Sylvania.

“Sylvania literally means "forest land" in Latin.”

“Sylvania Electric Products, former North American electric and electronics firm, forerunner to Havells Sylvania and Osram Sylvania.
Havells Sylvania, an international manufacturer of light sources and luminaires.
Osram Sylvania, a North American manufacturer of light sources.”

This relates to the power outage and restoration but us more specifically dealing with light, light sources and luminaires. Lucifer. Luciferian illumination. The Illuminati. Enlightenment. Third eye activation. “Sylvania” is a code word. So is “Estates.” From a thesaurus, it means:

  • everything you own; all of your assets (whether real property or personal property) and liabilities
  • a major social class or order of persons regarded collectively as part of the body politic of the country

Sylvania Estates. Think about it. The Luciferian Illuminati are the top class, the top level of the pyramid. They own folks and all their assets. See the pillars flanking an arch on the sign? See the masonry? Get it?

There's more to what's being signaled at this location. The tree on the sign and the fencing behind it made out of branches have more to tell us. “Sylvania literally means "forest land" in Latin.” I live in Pennsylvania, which I believe is literally a Pan's Woods. See the single tree on the sign? Remember the single tree in the London Olympic Stadium on the opening ceremony's Tor from Glastonbury? How about the one tree in the final scene in Knowing, with Nicolas Cage? How about The Fountain, with Hugh Jackman? There's a TV show called One Tree Hill. It's an allusion to Lucifer, the serpent tree, whose tares are cryptically signaled in the name under the Parking in Rear light box sign. Sylvania Estates. Evil genius. See the conspicuous tufts of weeds in front of the sign? Ryegrass? Tares? “Satan Lolium”?

I hope any claim he's had on you is going away. His light will be put out, but not just yet.

The calling card of Freemasonry appears in another scene where Charlie retrieves her personal treasures. They have been stashed in a brick wall, hidden away like buried treasure. Treasure hidden in masonry, Freemasonry! Have you seen the movie National Treasure?

The location is an overgrown amusement park. She takes the lunch box containing her treasures over to the fairground sized ferris wheel and sits down. This is a programming context. The large rabbit is a image that is commonly used (the white rabbit of Alice in Wonderland, the Quik Bunny, Bugs Bunny). The merry-go-round that one always finds at fairs and carnivals (and now, malls) is used in carousel programming. I can't point you to documentation on this specific ride they feature but I don't doubt that the ferris wheel is used in a similar way, for methodically creating the structures for the alter systems and their keys.

The screenshot shows Charlie behind fencing that makes it look as if she's in a cage, which is typical treatment for victims when they are abused to encourage the dissociation that creates the alters. This fencing looks like the DNA ladder structure, with some twisting evident. The third rail on top? That's a third strand pointing towards the mark of the Beast!

Charlie's treasures are a collection of signal objects.

The lunch box is a Star Wars, Return of the Jedi classic. Star = Angel. Angel Wars. The Jedi use the Force which models the psi powered supersoldier. Charlie is like a Jedi Knight, like Luke Skywalker's sister Leah, right? She represents the return of the Jedi as a psi warrior, come to engage in fallen angel wars at their return in the apocalyptic season.

The postcards feature cities. Reminiscing about cities reflects back upon Cain, the builder of cities, and his heritage. Cain was conceived in the Garden of Eden, by the serpent tree. In this image: New York City ~ Babylon the Great

Another postcard features Chicago's Wrigley Field. That particular setting is another allusion to the power outage and restoration because it is famously the last major league park to have lights installed for play after dark. Wrigley Field management held-out against night games until 1988, when the league officials refused to allow any post-season games without lights. This drama was memorialized in song even back in 1981, with the Country Music legends Statler Brothers singing about the almost unthinkable, "When the lights go on at Wrigley Field." (Don't Wait On Me)

The iPod inside the lunch box makes a similar reference because it's a reminder of when the power was on and it actually worked, also showing hope for it coming back on. That's pretty innocent, well, until you picture the iPod with maker, Apple's logo, the bite-out-of-the-apple flaunting of the Serpent's victory in the Garden of Eden.

Wrigley Field is known for its ivy covered brick outfield wall, so the iconic postcard alludes to the calling card of Freemasonry. All stadiums reference their origin honoring Zeus, Apollo, Hermes and the other ancient gods in the Olympic games. Also, not so innocent.

Inside the lunch box we find a folded dollar bill, which we know contains the great seal with pyramid and glowing eye, eagle, etc, Illuminati symbols that have been burned into our minds as having real value. There's a Wonder Woman doll. Again, there's the super powered woman identification because obviously Charlie bonded with this toy. The Rubik's Cube is a cube of cubes, and I've written plenty about this symbol of a dimensional interface. This one can be manipulated into different configurations, and this puzzle is a model like a doll house is, of an organized alter structure that contains demons that are accessed, entities from another dimension.

This Bad Robot Productions series is no Fringe, but there's no lack of subtle embedding!

Before I close this out there's a few more observations I want to share.

The guy wearing the AC-DC t-shirt is not your manly man kind of guy. AC-DC used to be common code for “bisexual.” Does that fit with the sodomite theme? Definitely. This is the guy who had been an executive with Google. He said he had 80 million dollars in the bank and would be happy to trade it all for one roll of Charmin. You know what he would be doing with that brand's product, right? Hmmmmm. His wearing the AC-DC identifies him as bisexual and declares that he has the sodomite activation, illumination, powered not by electricity but nonetheless powered on like the power button seen throughout the show. The lightning bolt says he is powered on, hooked up with the weapon of Zeus!

And He said to them, “I was watching Satan fall from heaven like lightning. ~ Luke 10:18

Ten Eighteen. That's today's date, I note. Well, it still is on the West coast. ;)

He wears a button-down shirt over the t-shirt that covers the outer letters, concealing them but revealing a notable instance of “three things and then a fourth.”

C = 3 and D = 4

This highlights the fourth Shemittah from the celestial sign of 1991. This pilot episode I've been describing aired on NBC on the very night the Shemittah began, Yom Teruah, 2012! Coincidence? Don't bet on it!

There seems to be a reference being made to Exelon. “Provider of energy services with an electric and natural gas distribution and is the largest nuclear operator in the United States.” (www.exeloncorp.com) You can see the power symbol in their wordmark used in the same way as in the Revolution title. (notice the hidden arrow between the E and x) Their headquarters is in the Chase Tower, located in the Chicago Loop area of Chicago, the city where the show is set. I'm not familiar enough with the Chicago Loop area to say whether or not the show has had any scenes set at that location, but they did have scenes shot at Wrigley Field. The Chase Building is in a plaza known as Exelon Plaza. This occupies the entire city block bounded by Clark, Dearborn, Madison, and Monroe Streets. Monroe, that's the name of Revolution's General Monroe and his republic. He's the bad guy. Are they making some statement about Excelon?

The name of the show title is loaded. “Rebellion is open resistance to a government or authority; revolution is a rebellion that succeeds in overthrowing the government and establishing a new one.” (Farlex Trivia Dictionary) That's the overt. Covertly, Satan is THE rebel and his army of supersoldiers and fallen angels are on a mission. Success is foreordained, yet with a limit.

My God is Sovereign. He set the limit. His victory will be the final victory and His government will endure!