Tuesday, October 16, 2012

eBay's New Logo - Enhanced with Sex Magick

The online action site eBay just rolled out its new logo, the first update since the brand's introduction in 1995. This one appears to conservatively retain the identity of the former logo, so what has been gained, or lost? I believe they traded up on their sex magick dynamic, including a hint of Horus sodomy.

With the old logo, capitalizing the Y and making that green suggested Horus as the seed of Osiris. Osiris green. Y chromosome. What I see in the new logo is that the sex magick dynamic has been enhanced. The combination of the letters “eb” forms a phallic package. In the collage above I illustrate what is gained by comparing their new “eb” combo to the “do” of the London Sperm Bank logo, with their rather obvious and appropriately flesh colored phallic package. See parts 36-41 of the See, it's the "i" of Horus! series for many more examples of this class of symbols.

Since the combination of red and blue represents the merging of earthly man (red) with the heavenly (blue) gods, we have to consider their combining the red “e” with the blue “b” into a phallic package as the merging of red and blue into purple, the signal sodomite gateway color. The green “y” has been de-emphasized by reducing it to a lower-case version, but I believe the former meaning carries over: The seed of Osiris, Horus, aka Apollo. The golden yellow “a,” then, is for the golden Apollo! All this may have been the intent of the previous logo but it is certainly clarified in the update.

Regarding their color choices, it's worth noting that those are linked with the four elements of a witch's magick circle; red-fire, blue-water, yellow-air and green-earth.

If you haven't been following the blog pretty closely you're probably convinced I'm reading into this what really isn't there. You should know that there is subtlety in these matters, and subtle works!

On eBay's blog, the new logo is mentioned in the announcement made by eBay's President Devin Wenig. There's something important here the Lord has had me tracking.

“Additionally, our new logo goes live today. Together, these changes and more reflect the new eBay and our evolution as a marketplace that connects the world to the things they need and love—anytime, anywhere.” (The New eBay)

Here's the paragraph that followed.

“Technology is revolutionizing the way people shop, and eBay is shaping the future of commerce. In the next few years, the $10 trillion global retail market will be transformed. And consumers will enjoy unprecedented access and convenience. eBay will be at the center of this revolution for consumers. Blending the best of offline and online shopping, we will deliver products and experiences that surprise and delight, defining a new way to shop.”

The two key words I've been tracking are evolution and revolution. These are the fundamentals of the Devil's scheme! Evolve man into a hybrid beast and ultimately deploy him in the revolution, the rebellion of Revelation 19:19! These were first called to my attention in the bizarre viral video "I, Pet Goat II." More recently, it was signaled in the new TV series, Revolution. I have that show in the queue to be addressed soon (Lord willing), but here's a little preview of a sequence of images captured from a title sequence.

The show title flickers and the individual frames of video present a variety of versions. The collection I present here shows how the R is hidden to present EVOLUTION alongside REVOLUTION.

In the screen shot from "I, Pet Goat II" (see below), the word being played in the Hangman game is “evolution.” As I explain in Part 2 - "I, Pet Goat II" - 9-11! Illuminati Mind Control, the word “Revolution” is suggested when the other clues are taken into consideration.

Devin Wenig's announcement is rich with NLP that is consistent with what the Lord has been testifying through this blog about the Adversary's agendas and objectives. (If this is all new to you check out the series I did on NCR, which features NLP in the context of the mark of the Beast and commerce and shopping.) The logo went live. So, it now has life, the spiritual life of a charged symbol idol sent on a mission! Words used like transformed, shaping and blending are consistent with the evolution / revolution theme, as well as the expression “enhancements for our customers.”

Let's consider what's in the name eBay. Ignoring official explanations, which seldom offer clues to the occult meaning, it may be that “eBay” derives from ancient times. The leaves of the Bay Laurel facilitated communication with Apollo. Pythia, the High Priestess of Apollo and most famous of ancient oracles was alleged to chew Bay Laurel leaves. This pharmakeia put her in a state of communion with Apollo where she would proceed to bring forth oracular prophecy. Bay Laurel is claimed to conjure the power of Sun and the spirits of the Light. The little “e” before “Bay” we commonly interpret to mean “electronic” as in eMail. Perhaps eBay's popularity is due in part to some spell of pharmakeia that has been cast over the Internet to their online community of auction users. Perhaps the letter “e” is for “elbow,” Apollo's elbow that delivered deadly force?

There is a spirit that identifies itself as Python, from which the name Pythia derives. Apollo's High Priestess was named Python because, according to legend, Apollo killed a dragon deamon called Python with his elbow. This Python had terrorized the region of Delphi, which became the center of Apollo worship following his deed as savior and deliverer. The spirit of Python is a spirit of divination.

“eBay will be at the center of this revolution for consumers.” (Devin Wenig)


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