Friday, October 12, 2012

Marking the Bali Bombing 10th Anniversary with a "Mark of the Beast" Sculpture

Today in Sydney Australia a ceremony was held in memorial of the 202 victims who died in 2002 in Jimbaran, Bali. Claimed to be a bombing by terrorists, 88 Australian victims were remembered during the ceremony with the release of 88 white doves at the close of the ceremony. The memorial featured a sculpture that really should deeply offend those who grieved their lost loved ones because it's actually victimizes them.

The sculpture is formed with three nines. Inverted this becomes three sixes, 666, the number identified in Revelation 13:18 with the mark of the Beast. This is located on the beach (Sydney's Coogee Beach) so the water will at times act as a reflecting pool, inverting the image of three nines to three sixes. As above, so below, according to the Hermetic Maxim. Seen from another location this appears as the Beast rising out of the sea, as per Revelation 13:1!

Symbols are not merely superficial but rather offensive instruments in the Devil's armory. Spells are cast through symbols and many who make them do so with rituals to invoke demonic presence and influence. This sculpture as a memorial appears to be a harvesting device, harvesting grief. If the bombing itself wasn't bad enough (which may well have been a mass ritual sacrifice), the mark of the beast sculpture capitalizes further on the suffering to feed Satan and his players.

Notice how these are entwined like triple helix DNA.

Notice also how the objects have been made to resemble the bark of a tree. The serpent tree from the Garden of Eden? The flowers laid to pay tribute are symbolic of fruitfulness and fertility, a common rite of sacrifice to the gods and goddesses. Triple helix reproduction of the serpent tree.

The slightly flattened loops looks to me like eyes, forming three of them to signal the opening of the third eye, gnosis and illumination.

The form reminds me of three Masons performing the Royal Arch Degree's “Three Times Three” (Jah-Bul-On) ritual. The low wall adjoining the sculpture is masonry, so their ubiquitous and subtle signature is obviously present.

On the site this Victims of Terror listing is a dynamic element that shuffles through the names, highlighting each one with either a supplied image of the victim or the default image, a picture of the sculpture. So, the triple-helix 999/666 trees are a substitute representing the victim. Clever. Evil. Very offensive!

When the white doves were released at the close of the ceremony this may have reminded you of what had been done at the opening of the Olympic games. A white dove is still released at the flame lighting ceremony at the Mt Olympus' Temple of Hera. The practice is obviously associated with the worship of Zeus and well known to be associated with Aphrodite. Here's what I think is symbolized. I've written on The Open Scroll about the sign of Jonah, resurrection on the third day. The name Jonah means “dove. ” A total of 88 doves were released in Sydney, one for each Australian bombing victim. I believe this signified their resurrection. Not as through the power of the Lord Y'shua but the counterfeit, the dragon who gives his power and authority to the Beast. I think the release of white doves signals the same as the palm tree, victory over death. I think symbolizes the false triple helix Beast version brought through uniting man with the ancient gods, the fallen angels.

Thanks to Andy for bringing the sculpture to my attention.

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