Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Part Two: NCR - The Great Merchant City, from the builder's perspective

In the last blog post I introduced the presentation series. After what you've seen you've got to know this isn't just some man's idea of what might happen. It's not science fiction either - it's non-fiction! It's the remarkable story about the mark of the beast from an extremely valuable perspective. What you've got here is better than the testimony of a spy returning from the enemy's camp because you yourself have access! I pray you have the wisdom and courage to use it as the Lord directs.

In this follow-up I'm going to begin another pass at the series to fill in some detail. You might want to visit again so you can follow along as I'm describing it.

I'm going to begin by expanding on the fifth and final scene, where we read the sign, literally, the sign on the side of the Boutique. It reads: "ALL SOUL" shop. Is the sign too hard to read? Can you accept what it says? It's in plain sight, and in plain English! It looks as though some effort was made to place this key element discreetly, but when you're looking for subtle clues, well, its hard not to see it! They are disclosing that the merchandise is really the souls of men. The commerce pictured under the pretext of a marketing storyboard is the attempted acquisition of ALL SOULS, including yours and mine if we're not careful! And, your mother's soul, your brother's, your daughter's... If they're not yet paying attention, you might want to seize this window of opportunity to warn them, while it lasts. Not, yet, though. Wait until you're done reading here. Well, ok, if you must. This will probably still be here when you're done. :) This is THEIR secret. Not ours.

Why is this shop a boutique? Since this is NCR's site we naturally consider the financial sector's definition. "A boutique fund financial institution, such as a fund manger, broker, or investment bank, is one that is small and specialised." ( This boutique is a brokerage specializing in souls. With this in mind, let's return to the first scene. BTW, Before I close this post I'm going to share an eye-opening logo from just such a boutique!

Scene 1: Did you happen to notice the vehicle? As the scene opens, a vehicle is parked out front. When the divine light triple helix extends across the scene, the word "YES" is placed smack dab on the vehicle. A moment after the "Yes" glows, which is probably when the average visitor to the site will click it, the vehicle races off towards where the triple helix came from. What is this vehicle and why does the "Yes" land on it? Why does it leave after the "Yes" glows, and where is it going in such a hurry?

Is it just the innocent appearance of an ambulance in front of a medical center? Well, have you seen many ambulances that park in front of a medical center? They use a special entrance, right? Vehicles that look like that and park out front near the main entrance are typically armored cars, which would be more consistent with NCR's financial interest. Yet, the way it acts, it's more like a getaway car. Now that you know the merchandise being brokered is your soul, you have the key to the explanation. This mysterious vehicle is a composite of these kinds of vehicles! When you've presumably signaled your acceptance of the triple-helix, the transaction is complete and the merchandise that is your soul is hustled off to the great city Babylon! Cha-Ching!

I know. It's pretty fantastic. How could this be? Well, I would like to be able to tell you I'm making all this up just to mess with you - but I'm not. It's actually real! If this is freaking you out, well, it probably should.

There's even more clues that have been left for our instruction, who dare to see it for what it is. The identifying marking on the vehicle is the thunderbolt. The thunderbolt is a symbol of Zeus. It this doesn't mean anything to you, you still don't understand the Olympic ceremonies from Beijing. The vehicle belongs to Zeus, chief god of the Greek pantheon; a.k.a. Jupiter, chief god of the Roman pantheon - each an alias for the dragon of Revelation 12:9 and 20:2. When it is said that someone sold their soul to the devil, it's no joke. This IS the threat! Do you think NCR is telling this story for a joke? WAKE UP! Accepting the triple helix will be a fatal mistake! Do you see the "Z" for Zeus and how it matches the simple lightening bolt? See the subtle yellowish blur and the zig-zag on the front and rear? Watch it take off in a flash, as if triggered by the glowing access point? This is the dragon's soul shuttle service, awaiting your acceptance of the triple helix anti-death agent. No kidding.

Observe how the target zone has been placed between two pillars? I mentioned pillars a couple posts back with regard to the ITP logo but didn't explain much. Two pillars represent the gateway or portal for souls, the passage from death to life. This is where the acceptance clicks are captured. In freemasonry these are often identified with the pillars of the temple Solomon was directed to build (1 Kings 7:21). I believe these pillars are symbolic of a spiritual reality. These seen here are of course the counterfeit version. I found it written that these pillars, named Jachin and Boaz, represent the Moon and the Sun; and this is consistent with my understanding. "Jachin is derived from the Hebrew word for the Moon, Jarac, and thus the "month" was called Jachin. Boaz is derived from two roots, "bo," motion, haste; and "az," fire, i.e., the moving fire." These pillars, as the Sun and Moon, are ultimately symbolic of the Messianic Bridegroom and His Bride. The action of passing between the pillars represents a consummation, a union, producing new life in a conception, baptism or resurrection transformation, and then finally resulting in a birth - the bringing forth of offspring! In the occult and counterfeit reality, this passage between the pillars is the union of the sons of god with the daughters of men. It is the mingling of themselves, the fallen angels, with the seed of men that is the mixing of iron with the miry clay. It is the implementation of the mark of the beast.

Look closely at the area surrounding the vehicle. The detail is just wrong. The elements are distorted. There's a glitch in the matrix. The pillar on the right has the front of the vehicle appearing in front of it, which physically cannot be. The horizontal header isn't like the other panes, it's rough edged on top. Above that, the architectural detail that's in sharp focus in the other panels is motion-blurred. Could this be an accidental oversight, somehow? No. No way. An explanation consistent with everything else we see is that this target zone between the pillars is what you might call a stargate, an inter-dimensional portal. It's this portal through which ascension is made. When you think about such things as elusive vehicles of the gods, human abductions, time/space anomalies, perverse fixation on genetic tampering and sexual reproduction, what is it that comes to mind? Uh huh. It should.

If you haven't heard Bob Lazar's "certified truthful vocalization" of the phrase "Soul Harvesters" yet, or haven't been able to accept that it might be genuine, you may want to give it some serious consideration. Bob Lazar - Legit? Insight from reverse speech

I'm not yet done going back through these scenes. That must await another post. I'm going to close with the promised example of a "Boutique" logo, one that was brought to my attention today by my cousin Bill. You may want to read the extended definition of a Boutique found here. Here's what it looks like when you're inspired to composite three sixes into a triskelion in the form of a downward pointing delta that is inscribed in a circle. It's right here in black and white! This is the logo of Nine Points Management & Research / Nine Points Capital Advisors, LLC. Remember what I wrote about the number nine? Does "three times three" ring a bell? Hmmmmmmm. This is a boutique whose hedge fund returned 63% last year! That's good. Phenomenally good! My cousin writes that "the fund manager, Damon Vickers, was on CNBC a couple weeks ago quite simply mentioning the inevitable demise of the US dollar and other currencies which will lead to a new world currency which in turn will spawn a new world government." He's obviously tapping into something big.

May the Lord bless you and grant you grace in this season, my friend.

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