Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Man in the High Castle - More Observations

Following up on the previous post, a couple more observations should be made. The first speaks to the keystone pattern, a biblical pattern that reveals the schedule of the Lord's calendar and fulfillment of Bible Prophecy.

In season 3 episode 10, the stargate the show's Nazi's call Die Lebenfelt was given a trial run. Four subjects were lined up in a row and bound to a cart on a conveyor. The device was powered up and the subjects were conveyed down the track to the locus of the space-time anomaly. The portal was successfully opened. The conveyor wouldn't retract so, with the device powered down, Mengele and some aides went to investigate, returning to report the results and display some gruesome evidence.

"Three dog tags. The remains of three corpses on the conveyor. Not four." This is met with applause. Josef Mengele continues to report the trial's success to the Fuhrer with excitement. "One, sir, the young woman, she got through!"

The basic keystone pattern is that of a success that follows three occasions of failure. While the presentation was a little sparse, the successful result was a transit to another timeline. Compare that successful jump to another timeline to the matter of the doubling of shemitah produced by the reset of time back into the past, where another timeline will branch off from what is probably Yom Teruah of 2012. They compare. A couple of facts betray the Occult underpinnings and the value of this scene.

There's the matter of the location being, Lackawanna, meaning, "stream that forks."

There's also the matter of the dog tags. This evokes the psychopomp, alias Anubis, Hermanubis, Hermes, and Mercury, the god of boundaries and travelers and swift messenger to the gods, who traverses dimensional boundaries and escorts mortals into the underworld. Think about the dog tags and their role. The psychopomp dog ritually escorted the girl to another realm because the dog tag was with her. (It's like the Wizard of Oz and Dorothy going over the rainbow attended by her dog, Toto.) There's also a dog star Sirius angle, because of the importance Illumined Occultists place on the Sirius B Transplutonic dimension. Put it together. Do the math. Let it speak to you.

The other observation has to do with how the theme of traveling through time-space dimensions is so frequently paired in media presentations with the symbolic imagery of ritual sodomy. We have invested a lot in the exposure of this pairing, showing many examples and sharing our understanding of why this is so. If you have questions, check out our video series. (The Pairing of Time Travel with Sodomite Programming in Film and TV) Many of these also feature Nazis, openly or secretly, like in Back to the Future, FAQ about Time Travel and Star Trek (Star Trek Enterprise (Storm Front II) - The Mastery of Time and the Resetting of Time ).

Here's the promotional image for Season 3 of The Man in the High Castle. Decoding it reveals some familiar elements.

We have the sense of the jack booted Gestapo facing us. But there's a nice flower, with some golden light, rising as an act of defiance against the oppressor. #ResistanceRises. Hope for the oppressed. That's wonderful. And then there's the dark side.

That crack in the pavement, think asphalt, crack in the ASSphalt. "The Man in the High c+ASS-tle". The crack is between the boots, which is to say, between the legs. The crack is between the words, THE and MAN. This is the crack in THE MAN. The letters E and M are called out, letters that rotate to signal the 33 and Code 33. The Freemason identity is signaled in the masonic brick wall, with the man-bricks cemented together with fecal mortar. The flower is rooted in the hole, think, root chakra. The stem penetrates, and the orange ray of light and orange center of the flower signals ritual sodomy and the illumination produced thereby. With all this going on, more support appears in the context through subtle NLP, with clusters of words drawing from adjacent and even cross-line letters. Words like arse and Ra and Re, and phonetic versions like, anes and anec.

Update: 10/11/18: Valentina shared with me how the flower growing in the asphalt is a "Sida Acuta," a tropical common weed. She found out that the name of the flower means "Acute Aids" in Spanish. I checked using Bing Translate and it shows that the flower name means the same thing in Romanian, too. "Acute Aids." Aids is primarily transmitted through anal sex, which explains the choice of the flower in that esoteric sodomy signaling context.

The observations we make about the sodomite gateway and the effort we make to put this on exhibit aren't just a side show kind of thing. It's not peripheral but rather central to the Enemy's operation in our midst. The Adversary's power base is on display. It's a power amplifier, and provides for cover, functioning also like magical smoke and mirrors. We take a lot of flak for this but that also means we're over the target, you see, so, to the wise, this reveals that's where the valuable targets are located.

The matter of jumping from this timeline is mission critical, in the spiritual warfare of this age. We're not making it up. There's no fabrication of a story on our part, or any attempt to twist what we find into something it's not. We see what we see, as the Lord grants us favor in the opening of our eyes and ears. If you see it too, praise the Lord!


  1. I'm wondering if the "#elenão" ("ele não" means "not him " in brazilian portuguese) movement here in Brazil is actually a complimentary spell to the "#metoo" ("as above" - #metoo above the Equator - "so below" - #elenão below the Equator). MSM's pitching of this movement is bordering on hysterics.