Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Moving Day - A Sign of Impending National Judgment

What I'm doing for the next few weeks should speak loudly to you, because it sure does to me. My term of residence here is over, and I'm moving out. You may ask, “why should we care?” Really, that's just what you should be asking. This is a sign of judgment, national judgment. I knew this when I moved in, coming to Pittsburgh from California at the end of October last year. The address where I have been living interprets with no ambiguity whatsoever to National 911 Judgment, as I wrote here. National 9-11 Judgment

Moving here was a sign. Moving out is a sign. It's not a personal sign, like one just for me. This is a sign to everyone.

There is no doubt in my mind that it's the Lord who is responsible for this term of residence. I certainly have given due consideration to whether I have to move again, because I really hate moving. I have no funds to continue paying rent here for the necessary minimum term. Not even close. That's what I get for being a lazy bum and not working to support myself, right? Well, that's not my impression. If this was about what I like, I would have stayed in Los Gatos. Trust me on that. Having your residence as a sign of National 911 Judgment is not a matter of convenience. Something else is far more at the front of my mind. When I leave here at the end of this month, what does than mean for America? What does that mean for you, wherever you are? I've been writing about all kinds of signs. This one is only different in how it impacts my life so dramatically in its expression. The message is not different. If you want to know something about timing, about when trouble is coming, and I mean big trouble, nationally, here's a sign. I have no more to offer about that.

I'm going through the process of liquidating my stuff, sorting out a small amount of essentials for my room and board situation with Aaron and his folks, who have been so kind as to take me in. If you live in the area and want some stuff, I'd rather give it to a reader so email me at my gmail account, theopenscroll. Get right on it because most everything is going. If you want to give money, I won't refuse it, but it's not required. What doesn't go craigslist right away will go to some local charitable group.

Pray for us, if you are led, as you are led. Pray also as you are led for yourselves, for your provision, whatever the status of your residency or situation, and for those whom the Lord intends to make special provision for in days to come, who has had all eternity to prepare for this season. He has much work to do and many workers. I pray the Lord will send forth workers into his harvest field, as befitting the time as the shadows across this land grow long.



  1. Amen, brother! Lord, please help us.

  2. Hi Bob

    I know what its like; God has moved me from one country to another in order to spread the message of truth. Once your eyes have been opened, you become a message and an employee of God and you will be taken from one place to the next, be put in from of people who are seeking that truth, and will be taken out of harms way, as you start to represent the light on the hill, and not the light hidden under a bush. I also have a blog, it’s relatively new but the info not. It is good that we should all be aware of one another.

    God Bless and good luck with the move.


    1. Thanks and many blessings, my brother.

  3. Hello my Brother,
    My name is Chris Kopko. We have exchanged correspondence before, perhaps five years ago, when I was undergoing another of my ongoing series of wilderness trials. You were kind enough to encourage me then and I thank our Heavenly Father for your obedience to the Holy Spirit.
    I too, am undergoing a "type" of these last days judgements...earlier this year(April) I was called to leave a very lucrative job and begin wandering toward a destination I knew not where. I have lived for over a year and a half in a motor home, so the pilgrimage was not that overwhelming to me. However, since then, I have been separated from almost everything and everyone of any worldly consequence in my life and am presently homeless, jobless and penniless. By Gods grace I do have a place to sleep and food to eat and the Spiritual benefits have been the most profound of my entire walk with Christ....and I REJOICE daily, having discovered true WORSHIP of the Living God using the Psalms of David and a tune given me by the Holy Spirit many years back. It has opened up God's WORD in a way I never could have imagined or aspired too otherwise.
    The reason I reply to this post is that the Lord is confirming with me as well in a sort of "living object lesson/story" concerning these final moments of our nation and world. The details of which are too complex and would only foment disbelief, therefore, I will forgo the unnecessary intricacies of my experience, except to say that this month truly marks the end of something within the Ecclesia and the separation to which God has been preparing us is upon us en toto.
    I thank you for all the hard work you've put into the Open Scroll...its been a wonderful addition and confirmation many times to my own (secret) studies. Your brother and friend, Chris K.

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thanks for sharing that encouraging testimony. The Lord is so good to us, preparing us for what is now at hand. His reward awaits!


  4. Bob,

    Thank you (and Aaron) very much for your efforts to get this information out.

    I was reading one of your Rochester series posts and I wondered if the 'Lost Generation' of Americans have a role to play. It seems like a lot of effort was expended to 'lose' that generation into the 'Boomers' or 'Gen X'. I think they were born between 1957-1965 and are mostly referred to as 'Gen Jones' if they are mentioned at all anymore.

    Several years ago my wife and I decided we needed to get out of the Balt/DC area and considered Rochester, NY before settling in upstate VT. Here is a wiki page link to Lake Memphremagog.

    Check out the 'reptile-like monster named Memphre' under the Natural History section. There is a town called Magog on the Canadian side and a town called Troy, VT close by as well.

    I get the feeling things are rapidly drawing to a climax and Almighty God is drawing his people close. I haven't seen any rainbows lately either. The last one I saw was very faded and since then very little chem-trail activity.

    Your brother in Jesus Christ,


  5. Hi Glen,

    I'd never heard of that lake but that's an interesting history on Memphre'.

    I'll make note of your observation about the rainbows and chem trails. Thanks for the report!