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Part 27 - The Sodomite Gateway - MIB3

If you watch MIB3 (which is still playing in theaters) you'll notice this movie signals sodomy heavily throughout. This should be no surprise because it's connected with the Dunkin' Donuts sodomite promotion. DD uses black instead of brown as the scatological reference (Black Cocoa products) which serves to clue us in to the subtle sodomite signaling in the name of the franchise Men in Black. Think Black Sun, Black Hole Sun... There's more going on that deserves some exposure here! Spoiler Alert, heads up.

Warning: If you are a trauma-based SRA mind-control victim and still have to be mindful of triggers, you may want to skip this post and move on without going any further. If you're disturbed in any way by descriptions of sexual imagery, please give a similar consideration. This is material fit for the healthy and mature.

Will Smith plays Agent J, partner to Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin as Agent K, older and younger versions. Many of Agent J's lines are fit for a woman and his emotional relationship with K featured through much of the movie is just not that of a "straight" male with another.

A scene from MIB3: [after Z's eulogy J and K are driving around in the city]
Agent J: Can you promise me, if I go first, you'll do better than that at my funeral? You know, something like uh...'J was a friend, now there's a big part of me that's gone. Oh, J, all the things that I should have said, except I was too old and craggy and surly, and just tight. Cause I was too tight. Now I'm gonna just miss your caramel, brown skin.'
Agent K: I'll wing something.

Another scene from MIB3: [K and J are in a Chinese restaurant with aliens. J had been sharing about his issues due to his childhood with an absent father.]
Agent K: Yeah. I'll take the Choloropod, you take the Taranovi and the Hydronian over there. I'll take whoever's in the kitchen and meet you on the street.
Agent J: This is a very confusing time in my life.

Gay. The partner relationship played is clearly homosexual. In one scene, time traveling J meets a man in the office elevator who is effeminate. We learn that he is J's partner in a future where Agent K had long been dead.

[J gets in the elevator at MIB headquarters and is joined by another man.]
Agent AA: J, everything you told me yesterday, you were right as rain. Thank God for that ten hour stakeout.
Agent J: Uh...who are you?
Agent AA: Exactly. I feel like a whole new man today, like this great weight has been lifted. I mean, I've got these anger issues my entire life, but now I can see I was just mad at myself, and my step mom.
Agent J: Sir, I'm gonna need you to stop talking.
Agent AA: It's like I've closed this emotional window. But yesterday I threw a brick right through that window, and I just wanna thank you for handing me that brick, J.
Agent J: Okay, who ever you are, I need you to give me five feet, or I'm gonna pluck you in your throat.
Agent AA: Okay, well I'm gonna go to the little mens in black room and then we'll go find those morons from Poxlythera. Lunch is on me.
[As he walks off he slaps J playfully on his butt. Then J stops an agent walking by.]
Agent J: Who was that?
MIB Agent: Double A, your partner.

See Part 25 of this series for the brick's Masonic connection to sodomy, and Aaron's comment about Pink Floyd's classic Rock song, Another Brick in The Wall.

Double A is a battery size, and batteries are usually paired, as partners. In the movie franchise, The Matrix, humans were plugged into a bio-electrical network and used as power generating slaves for their sentient machine-collective masters. Those freed from the matrix who understood their former purpose referred to those still plugged in as “coppertops,” which is a familiar cultural reference to Duracell brand batteries. What's being signaled by J's sodomite partner's name is, "Powered by Sodomy," the sex magick energy source that feeds the parasitic demonic entities. Trauma-based mind-control programmers also consider the mind to have an energy source like a battery, which is the brain's essence, what is called the Core.

The relationship between J and his partners is mixed, racially, but the focus is far more on the brown skinned J as the passive "bottom" partner in the sodomite relationship because neither of the characters playing Agent K are effeminate.

There's some plausible deniability for the sodomite theme built in, of course, offsetting it by playing Agent K's relationship with the female Agent O as a minor plot. Yet, even in that, sodomy is signaled because K's fond memory with Agent O is one of a night spent playing darts until dawn, alluding to a slang reference - butt darts.

If you watch for them, you'll see signs of MK-ULTRA programming. Near the end of the movie there's a scene that suggests K is actually J's handler, “recruiting” him when he was just a little boy.

The Neuralizer device used by the franchise is actually referencing the SRA handler's stun gun.

“An owner of a slave will ordinarily carry a stun gun. This is perhaps a 120,000 DC volt stun gun to erase & compartmentalize memories, but some of the stun guns go up to 200,000 volts DC to erase the memory of his slave. They will apply their stun guns to the base of the skull. After giving programming instructions they will usually give a high voltage shock to the base of the skull to imbed the instructions deep in the subconscious. They often use hypnotic cues along with the shock. For instance, they will tell the slave they are “now going over the rainbow”, and that when the sun goes down they will forget everything, before they shock the body. The shock destroys and scrambles the memory which is still stored in the short term memory section of the brain. They must shock the person within 24 hours, to insure that the short term memory doesn’t get into long term memory as a coherent memory.” ...
[ another description of a device for shocking a slave]
... “Finally, the person will be brought out of their hypnotic trance, instructed not to remember anything, to feel happy and sent on their way.”

The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler.

A scene from MIB3: [addressing crowd of people who have witnessed a flying saucer crash]
Agent K: Good afternoon. Please give your attention to my associate, Agent J. He's going to demonstrate an Electro-Biomechanical-Neuro-Transmitting-Zero-Synapses-Repositioner, we call it the Neuralizer.
Agent K to J: Better keep it simple.
[J turns to the crowd]
Agent J: Thank you, Agent K. Uh...ladies and gentlemen, if you will, look right here.
[J holds up the Neuralizer and flashes the crowd]
Agent J: Okay. You know how you're on an airplane and the flight attendant asks you to turn your cell phone off, and you're like; I ain't turnin' my cell phone off, ...

The Neuralizer device looks phallic, and the effects of the Neuralizer actually suggests the use of the phallic wand in ritual sodomy, presenting the Rothschild Sodomy aka the Key of David. The phallic device provides a flash of white light and, like the sodomy, wipes the traumatic event from memory while enabling the programming of another.

“Sodomy puts them into a trance where you can program in directly to the subconscious memory file without any interference of the conscious mind. Sodomy is what puts the person into that state where you can do it. They might even get them so highly programmed that they can just say the word or repeat the code.”

“Those who have been programmed have a locked-in three-year-old mindset which is the core of the programming. Say they’re eighteen or twenty years old and somebody comes up and knows the signal or says the code word to call out the three-year-old core. The person then goes into the three-year-old state to be sodomized, then the sodomites program into their minds what they want to program in, and when that person wakes up they probably don’t even remember that anything happened. Basically, a person reverts back to the three year old to be a total victim to the sodomy.”

Deprogrammer Interview with Marion Knox: In the House of the Strongman, Sodomy is the Key - by Elana Freeland

A scene from MIB3: [J is strapped in and carried towards an earlier model of a neuralizer that looks like a MRI chamber]
Agent J: That's not an eye exam, K! That's a big-a**ed neuralizer!
Young Agent K: You sure know a lot of information for a fellow who doesn't know anything.
Agent J: I...I see what you're saying.
[as the MIB Techs turn J to enter him into the neuralizer chamber]
Agent J: Whoah! Hey, you know what, K? We need to hold up a second. K?
MIB Tech #1: Let's just get this bite guard in here.
Agent J: Hey, back up! Back up!

So, a “big-a**ed neuralizer” ... “back up! Back up!” ... reference to an eye exam, and knowing a lot of information, then not knowing anything ... ALL alluding to illuminating the third eye and acquiring gnosis through ritual sodomy while including the memory accessing, deleting and rewriting functionality! Evil genius. Wicked, depraved and unbelievably abusive.

This third movie in the popular series features time travel, a theme that, in the context of ritual sodomy and the psi-powers associated with this sex magick, no longer appears to me as entirely fictional. Whatever we're on the threshold of with CERN's LHC science, misc. fringe tech, the looming mega-ritual of the London Olympics, substantially increased alien/UFO activity and evidence of a phased activation of an army of psi-powered super-soldiers, what was nearly approached with the city and the Tower of Babel so many years ago seems like it may be just barely out of reach, if even. Trans-dimensional travel - i.e. crossing the time barrier, seems at hand. Tom Horn has been talking about the descriptive names of some of DARPA's black ops that were brought to light before being quickly made dark again. At least one dealt with the manipulation of time. As I understand it, remote viewing and access of the Akashic record has never been limited to the present, nor to the past.

When J traveled through time, he leapt off a stylized gargoyle, which is to say that a high ranking demon gave him flight and access through a dimensional portal, requiring the use of gravity, leveraging the law of gravity. He was helped after traveling back in time by a character named Griffin, a fifth dimensional being. A griffin in "mythology" has the wings (transdimensional faculties) of an eagle and the body of a lion, a chimeric aka Nephilim.

I must mention a few important instances of 9-11 signaling. One takes place at a rocket launch, a key scene at the movie's climax. Apollo 11 is on the pad at Cape Canaveral. Key action takes place on a crane with a boom numbered 9, associated with the Apollo 11 rocket. 9-11. Another took place after J arrived in 1969. He was at the base of the Chrysler Building in NYC, the one he had jumped off to travel from the future. The main entrance showed the street number of the Chrysler Building's address, located at 405 Lexington Ave. The entry was flanked by 2 pillars, forming an 11. 4+0+5=9. 9-11.

As that scene ended, J steals a Caddy that was left for the valet. On his way to the car he passed in front of one of the pillars. The song that began to play was from a Rolling Stones album titled His Satanic Majesty's Request. The song? 2ooo Light Years From Home. As J passed in front of the pillar, the scene with the marble pillar seemed to resemble the album cover art. This seemed to me to link the 9-11 with the time event, and the serving of his Satanic majesty, of course.

I've been noting signal instances of the time 9:12 and there's one in this movie. Inside the 1969 version of the Chrysler Building we were briefly shown an ornate clock, showing, yes, 9:12: the minute after 9:11, calling out the season a 9-11 event is intended to introduce.

In closing, I wanted to identify some of the symbolism in the promotional image shown here. Back in Black, with Black as a scatological reference signaling sodomy. The Men are pictured In Black, each framed within black anal portals. A phallic package is illustrated with the two phallus signaling guns as one single phallus, erect between two eggs or testicles. The guns form a subtle letter H, for Horus. Horus, the sodomizer, back in black. The M III B at the bottom calls out the M and the B as Man-Boy, as in man-boy love or pederasty. That can be connected with the scene suggestive of “K recruiting J.”

It only makes sense that the Dunkin' Donuts promotion of MIB3 signaled the sodomite gateway. After all, that IS the theme.


  1. Anonymous2:11 PM

    I think this might coincide with what you're talking about here Bob.

  2. Thanks Jonathan. That rainbow pride version looks to be a special case that explains their classic Oreo cookie design. Round chocolate with white creme filling. I'd like to think otherwise, but I'm just not as naive as I once was.

  3. Speaking of Oreo's, I found the Sodomy link within the design of the cookie itself to be amazingly deceptive. The Cross of Lorraine finds its way on the emboss, along with the four leaf clover. So we have a Jesuit cookie that billions of people have consumed, signaling Sodomy and the Fallen Ones right under our noses! The relation of the Cross of Lorraine and the sigil of Baphomet signals a deep occult connection to the world's beloved cookie. Interesting that the popularity of this cookie is beyond all competition. Symbols have power. The Oreo is a testament to that.