Friday, June 29, 2012

Crop Sign: Winged Serpent Seeds Fertilise Body of Gaia

When, a few years ago, the Lord revealed the imprint of a woman on the earth and subsequently identified it as Gaia, I didn't really know what to make of it. I pretty much kept it under my hat, as directed. I haven't shared it with more than a few people since then, but I believe the time has come to do so on this blog. I'm not going to elaborate much on what it means beyond presenting and connecting a few rather esoteric "dots," but it will mean much to some.

While you might be thinking something like, “Uh - WHAT? Bob's gone New Age!” I can assure you that's just not the case. The ancient gods have a significant role in these last days, and they are neither my friends nor yours! There are some ancient mysteries about the heavens and the earth and those gods that are unraveling rapidly, and there are things on those lines some of us need to know. During this season, the ramp up to the upcoming London Olympics has the UK reveling in idolatry and engaging in ritual magick. While Zeus (aka Satan, Devil, Serpent, Dragon) sponsors that activity, it seems Quetzalcoatl, an alias for his feathered serpent incarnation, has been busy fertilizing Gaia's body.

A crop sign appeared in a field of young winter wheat near Woodborough Hill in Wiltshire, UK that was discovered and documented on the 9th of June, 6/9/12. The following is a comment left on a popular site.

“Oh, my dear one, he (the farmer who mowed the formations) was so angry and did not want hordes of people coming to his land. Thus he prevented it decisively. Many of you wish to know the meaning of the three wriggling sperm:”

“They are winged serpent seeds. It is my creative power shooting into the land to fertilise the body of dear Gaia. She needs the energy, dear ones, also of you human beings who enter our circles in wonder and joy. Your positive and loving energy unites with what we imprint into the earth to strengthen and glorify our work. When many people come and walk in our circles and sit or lie absorbing the energies, the earth also receives what you, dear ones, give to her in your interaction with our loving energies which pulse up out of the land below you. Thus do we work together already? Those who are more conscious among you know this and align their work with us in full awareness, which greatly increases the power. We need you to fully awaken, dear human beings, and call you to work with us now in the formations on the sacred land of Gaia.”

Quetzalcoatl 11 June 2012
Crop Sign - Woodborough Hill - 6/9/12 - comment by Amuna

I don't generally take an interest in "channeling," except when the Lord calls it out distinctly. The crop sign is claimed to be winged serpent seeds, shooting into the land to fertilize the body of Gaia. While most equate Gaia with the entirety of the globe of the earth, the claimed seed of Quetzalcoatl appeared on the very body of Gaia that was shown to me by the Lord, near the right breast!

The witness is that ritual magick is now powering the Osiris+Isis=Horus equation via an effectual energy vampirism, the drawing of power from the pagan coppertops who are plugged in to the matrix, if you will. The layering of power, the stockpiling of evil (in the language of Russ Dizdar) is building to birth the false prophet and the antichrist beast into the world, and even the posthuman army loyal to the ancient gods through the mark of the Beast. There is a symbiotic relationship being experienced in the fields around the UK, one that's more parasitic than mutually beneficial because the predatory gods are engaged in deceit to bring destruction to their prey. Those engaging on a spiritual level with the crop signs are augmenting what's happening with the Cultural Olympiad, London 2012 Festival events, Olympic Torch Relay and preparations for the upcoming games and ceremonies that are wholly dedicated to Zeus. Worship is sought by the ancient gods and worshipers are being engaged.

You may have noticed how the language of Quetzalcoatl has the same creepy manner as the “Queen of Peace” or “Virgin Mary” that masquerades in Marian apparitions as the mother of the Lord Y'shua, the Lord before whom every knee shall bow. That's no coincidence. BTW, Amun Ra (Amuna - Amuna Ra) is the equivalent of Zeus.

The man farming the targeted field at Woodborough Hill moved quickly to mow over those crop signs, apparently perceiving the pagan worshipers as pests and the designs made on his crop as akin to graffiti, the work of vandals. That's a crime, not the farmer's, really, but the sign maker's!

7 So Jesus said to them again, “Truly, truly, I say to you, I am the door of the sheep. 8 All who came before Me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not hear them. 9 I am the door; if anyone enters through Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture. 10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.
John 10:7-10

The crop vandals are the agents of that thief, just so we're clear on that. They are rural graffiti artists that generally manifest as orb/fairies when captured photographically, sponsored by Zeus and Quetzalcoatl. I've written about that foundational observation and many others relative to crop signs in Olympic Ceremony Symbolism - Part Five and Part Six, where I featured a sign that occurred in Wiltshire on the opening day of the Summer Olympics in Beijing. That one, you may recall, was an enormous figure 8 that appeared at the base of Milk Hill on 8/8/08.

Here's how Gaia appears in Wiltshire.

The first key was the identification of Milk Hill as a lactating breast. The Lord opened this insight to me in the early morning hours, a time of day when the Lord will often grant me some new insight. When I checked my email that morning, I found one in my inbox from a group that doesn't have much activity. A classmate from Jr. High had sent out a dirty joke about an alternate to GPS, the navigation system. The joke was that there is a TPNS system. This is where a man uses a Two Point Navigation System to navigate for intercourse, the two points being the woman's breasts. Hmmm. First, Milk Hill as a breast. Then, the TPNS navigation. I can take a hint.

Milk Hill, in the geography of Wiltshire, is one of two comparable elevations. The other breast is obviously Walbury Hill. There's a curious feature associated with it that some suspect was a well, which speaks to me of a lactiferous duct to the nipple. So, once the TPNS was operational, the next step was to locate the birth canal based upon the location of the breasts and normal proportions. There is a wetlands area just above the town of Ringwood that is higher than it is wide. The name of the town is suggestive, just like the name Milk Hill. Ringwood, the anatomy that “rings” the phallic “wood” during intercourse.

Since the navel is another reproductive feature that marks the body, I searched where one should be expected according to standard proportion and readily found the feature you see in this image. Gaia's bellybutton. The TPNS appears to have worked, revealing the external reproductive features of a woman or goddess upon the earth!

The evident marking upon the landscape in Wiltshire and Hampshire had no meaning for me at the time, with no understanding given to attend the identification. I considered the potential for a birthing event and did some research for anything on the region of Ringwood that might lead to further insight, but nothing interesting surfaced. I just put that on the shelf, so to speak, awaiting further direction. I began to have a sense of where the Lord might be going with this about a year ago. Now I can present the image of Gaia in the landscape of the UK, the more specific identification hinted at by the channeled message above.

I've put a yellow pin under the one for Milk Hill and labeled it Crop Sign 6/9/12. This image at right is zoomed in to show the field where the crop sign appeared with a line to the outlined insert picture of the crop sign. It's at Woodborough Hill, about 2 miles from the much larger Milk Hill. A straight line from this sign to Milk Hill passes directly over East Field, near Alton Priors, which is widely considered to be crop circle central.

In this image at bottom left I've connected the three locations of interest that were identified using the TPNS with dark blue lines, forming what I refer to as the Gaia triangle. I've labeling a few points of interest, including the yellow pins marking Milk Hill and the Woodborough Hill crop sign that appear very close together in this wider scale view. I hope to expand upon these other VERY interesting elements in the next post, Lord willing!


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