Sunday, June 24, 2012

Part 26 - The Sodomite Gateway - PREA - The Prison Rape Elimination Act & Obama Squaring the Circle at the G20: What Can Brown Do For You?

Earlier this week a very interesting post was made to The Weekly Standard blog by Daniel Halper, Prison Rape Regulations to Cost $7 Billion, where he describes a very important development.

Mr. Halper reports: “President Obama's Department of Justice recently released new regulations to prevent prison rape. "Sexual violence, against any victim, is an assault on human dignity and an affront to American values," Obama said when announcing the new initiative. "The Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA) was enacted with bipartisan support and established a 'zero-tolerance standard' for rape in prisons in the United States."” If you read and consider the balance of the post it should become evident that PREA is merely a monitoring and reporting system, a data collection operation that makes no legitimate provision for the elimination or even the reduction of rape. It seems to me that prison inmates are being assessed as part of a farming program. Note, rape is sodomy.

Given how sodomy is the key qualifier for mind-controlled and psi-powered super-soldiers, there's a logic in scanning the assets already available in the system for reprogramming and deployment. I have a feeling this operation has been planned for a long time.

“But the inmates are imprisoned, so what harm can come of it?” you may say. They are now, but probably not for long. Releasing prisoners is a matter for government officials, and they, as the action of making PREA the law demonstrates, simply do what they want. Soon, big trouble is coming to America. Prisons will be opened and those imprisoned now will probably be replaced with the likes of you and I, God-loving types who are not under the spell and therefore non-compliant with their antichrist agenda. Those who hold and are held by The Truth are the real threat.

Any sodomite super-soldiers farmed from the prisons will represent cheap resources, well worth the 7 billion dollar bill to them. If you've been paying attention to such things, the rational conclusion is that money numbers we're told are manipulated. Perhaps all we can really learn from the figure given is that this reporting of sodomite activity is assigned a very high priority.

An army of programmed inmates would have to be deployed fairly shortly after the assessment and reprogramming systems become operational, since there's not very much time remaining before their services will be required.

In related news, former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky faces life in prison, convicted on 45 counts for assulting 10 boys over 15 years. Hey DOJ - heads-up! Here's a high value asset to add to your collection!

Obama Squaring the Circle at the G20

A picture was taken of Obama during the G20 Leaders Summit a few days ago where he may be leaning in to better hear, or he may actually be bowing to yet another foreign dignitary. “Mexican President Felipe Calderon(R) welcomes US President Barack Obama prior to the opening of the G20 Leaders Summit in Los Cabos, Baja California, Mexico on June 18, 2012.” (Obama Bows Again?)

When the photo positioning Obama's round head against the square symbol was put into circulation by the media we were presented with a very recognizable instance of Squaring the Circle, the Masonic metaphor for ritual sodomy. The fact that Obama was bending over for the Mexican President does nothing to diminish it. Add to that the color of Obama's skin and captioning it with the former UPS slogan referencing sodomy is hard to resist. It looks as though the G20 logo has been designed so it could be placed to afford such photo ops and promos.

What Can Brown Do For You?

The leveraging of brown skin to make the scatological reference shouldn't be interpreted as a racial bias because Lucifer and those who serve him hate and abuse everyone, regardless of race, color or creed. I don't perceive an ethnic insult in this matter, and any suggestion that it might be one just seems to me about as silly as a confectioner claiming a bias against peanut butter and chocolate for the similar leveraging of the characteristic features. The color brown is leveraged by the Devil and his Illuminati programmers to signal sodomy, whether it's from candy, dirt or skin color. Purple is too, and no offense should be taken by anyone who might be of purple skin color.

If you've been following the Sodomite Gateway Series you've seen enough examples to suggest that there is no level to which the evil perpetrators will not stoop in this spell casting promotion of sodomy. In their scheme, brown skin is just another symbol to be leveraged, and many opportunities have been seized upon. When insiders like Professor Griff ([video - Warning: graphic language used!] Professor Griff Exposes Will Smith Quincy Jones and More) and comedian Dave Chappelle ([video - Warning: graphic language used!] America Hijacked by Freemasonry, Homosexuality, Cultism, Conspiracy) have the conviction and courage to speak out on the promotion of sodomy and of men wearing dresses in their industry, you should pay attention. There is increasing pressure being brought to bear on all men and women to encourage engaging in homosexual behavior, but an argument can be made that the pressure is more particularly directed toward men with brown skin. Web search dave chappelle dress conspiracy. I believe the most convincing reason for that bias is to leverage the scatological metaphor, just like I've demonstrated with chocolate.

This leveraging of the brown metaphor is being done with Obama. It's being done with UPS (Part 10 - The Sodomite Gateway - What can Brown do for you?) and it's been done by Lady Gaga and Madonna. I suspect that the primary reason why brown skinned performers appear with Madonna in her Like a Prayer video is because the song is about ritual sodomy and the brown supports the symbolism by adding one more layer. (Part 6 - The Sodomite Gateway - Madonna worships on her knees) There's a reason why the Shady Love video by Scissor Sisters features children wearing Obama and Madonna (from Like a Prayer era) masks. There's a reason why the cover of a Random House book for young readers titled, “Barack Obama: Out of Many, One” features him in the midst of so many sodomite cues. (Part 14 - The Sodomite Gateway - National Identity and Gov't School Agenda) Are the rumors of Obama involvement with homosexual lovers true? I can't say I have any evidence one way or the other beyond what the symbolism continually declares. Knowing how sodomy is the Illuminist's power base, it would be pretty naive to think he hasn't been ritually “enlightened.” Ditto Biden, Romney and Dubya, Hillary and Pilosi...

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