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Assorted Items of Interest

Attention around the world is turned to the celebration of the Queen Elizabeth 2's Diamond Jubilee celebration. The 1000+ boat flotilla went smoothly today, perhaps the main event in the 4 day celebration. It ends tomorrow with a concert. The flotilla included a barge with 8 bells, said to be the primary boat of the 1000+ strong flotilla. The ringing of the bells on this lead boat commenced the flotilla's launch. There is in that a supernaturalism that attends that of the symbolism and the worshipful honor given the Queen and royal family.

The numbering of 8 bells is a euphemism for death. The way the end of a sailor's watch is signaled is by ringing the ship's bell 8 times. It's called 8 bells, and the end of a life is like the end of his earthly watch. The barge has a radiant sun graphic that honors the ancient and soon returning Horus/Apollo. That's not random or a coincidence. This imagery signals a Hermes/Horus hookup, concealing and revealing what that barge and indeed the entire flotilla is really celebrating. The 8 bells death toll is an essential part of the magick and pharmakeia that is ushering in the Antichrist Beast and preparing his kingdom.

It should be noted that Noah is referred to in the Bible literally as Noah the 8th, and that the etymology of his name is linked to the word for navy. It should also be noted that a major objective in the Adversary's plan relates to a counter to the Flood of Noah's day, which purged his family from the face of the earth.

I haven't given this any ink yet because, as significant as whatever ritual magick performed during this celebration this might be on its own merit, it must be seen in the context of the grand scale of what's being performed in the UK as the host of the upcoming XXX Olympiad.

Another item of interest relating to the royals is scheduled for June 21, Prince William's 30th birthday, when it is planned to install him as a Knight of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle. (His number matches the number of the upcoming Olympiad, and the Roman numerals XXX are an indicator of hazard or poison.)
Queen to make William Knight of the Thistle to mark his 30th birthday
This represents the highest honour the Queen can bestow in Scotland, an honor only second to being inducted into the Order of the Garter. This is yet another royal Order featuring sodomy signaling imagery. See Part 17 - The Sodomite Gateway - Royal Pains - Order of the Garter for more insight.

[Update: 6/5]
The thistle is a fit symbol for the order of royals, pointing back to the curse pronouced upon Adam.

Cursed is the ground because of you; In toil you will eat of it all the days of your life. 18 “Both thorns and thistles it shall grow for you; and you will eat the plants of the field;
Genesis 3:17b-18

Thorns and thistles compare to tares in New Testament language.
[ / Update]

Here's another indication that September will mark a season of dramatic transition, and not in a good way. You do know who George Soros is, right? He's a guy who makes things happen, according to plan.

This coming Yom Teruah (Rosh Hashanah) (September 18) marks the transition into the 4th Shemittah from the celestial sign in 1991 that marked the Lord's coming in judgement. Around this time, although this is never said to be a sign, it seems likely that some notable covenant will be signed with many. We have the world's power brokers coming to the USA in that season, where globally relevant covenants have been made in recent years. Lord willing, I'd like to be monitoring Clinton's Global Initiative (Sep. 23-25 NYC) for potential, which usually follows on the heels of the UN Assembly, but appears to be concurrent this year. The UN is meeting this month for their 66th session, but also in September.

The General Assembly in its resolution A/RES/66/102 decided that the high-level meeting of the General Assembly on the rule of law will be held on 24 September 2012 in New York and that the high-level meeting will address the topic of the rule of law at the national and international levels.

UN: 66th Session - Rule of Law - Sep 24, 2012

International rule of law. That seems right on schedule.

Bill Clinton, by the way, still has global clout that just won't quit.

It’s one thing to have Cory Booker criticize the president’s campaign strategy. Or Ed Rendell. Or Deval Patrick. Who really gives a flying fig? But Clinton? For Dems, that’s like having Elvis talk smack about your singing. (And, unlike Booker, Clinton is unlikely to be cowed into backpedaling by the White House.) Team O will need more than Band-Aids and a bottle of Bactine to take the sting out of this one.

This episode illuminates the omnipresent peril the current president faces in having such a high-profile, high-octane frenemy. (No one out there really believes these two super-touchy alpha males have really worked through all their issues, do they?) Clinton is the original political rock star, and the media remain utterly captivated by his every burp, cough, and hiccup. Dems worship him as their only two-term president since FDR. And in a bit of crazy, shameless revisionism, Republicans are suddenly singing Bill’s praises as a sensible moderate Dem whose legacy is being trashed by lefty-extremist Obama.

Bill Clinton - Two Edged Sword

I found it very noteworthy that a place with a history of cannibalism has just come into the news, joining a rash of other instances around the world of cannibal activity in the news.

Over two weeks ago, an army of eight-legged freaks invaded it. It all happened in the evening on May 8. Most of the inhabitants of Chaulkhowa Nagaon village had been to a Bihu function. When the programme drew to a close, swarms of spiders suddenly descended from nowhere and started biting the people. ..."Sadiya is not alien to terror. The place was notorious for human sacrifice until the mid-19th century when the British stopped this barbaric practice. ... On May 28, the spider allegedly appeared in Nalbari, Lower Assam-a good 600 km away from Sadiya-and bit a woman. The woman not only trapped the spider, she was also sane enough to come to a hospital instead of visiting a witch doctor.

India: ‘Tarantulas’ invade Assam town, ‘kill’ two

The swarm of spiders seems like a biblical-style plague or judgment, like something the Egyptian magicians of Pharaoh's court might muster up. The people attacked were just leaving one of their worship events, honoring the same gods in probably the same way as when cannibalism had been practiced. Are they being prompted to return to cannibalistic sacrifice to ward off the plague? Has the rising tide of evil supernaturalism reached such a level?

Also of interest is the upcoming lunar eclipse on the 4th followed by Venus transit on 5th & 6th, the next Venus transit expected by most in 2117, although, given what's coming, I'm betting that is subject to change. I don't have an interpretation to offer assigning any meaning to this, but Venus is one dot that connects in with a lot of other dots I'm paying attention to in this season.

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