Wednesday, June 27, 2012

GLPVC Presents - Bob Schlenker /Reverse Speech Tue 6/26

I was on the radio last night as a guest with the knowledgeable and entertaining folks from GLP, Godlike Productions. The podcast download link is included here, and a link to the pre-show thread on that popular forum.

Also, I was interviewed earlier today for a show Henrik Palmgren (Red Ice Creations and Red Ice Radio) is putting together on the subject of the London Olympics. Any sound bites selected from that interview will be added to those being recorded from 6-8 others who have been logging their observations about what they see. Lord willing, I'll announce when that is produced. Please pray for the work and workers as the Lord might lead.

GLPVC Presents - Bob Schlenker /Reverse Speech Tue 6/26

podcast - download mp3
Duration: 111:41 m - Filetype: mp3 - Bitrate: 32 KBPS - Frequency: 22050 HZ

Reverse speech is proving to be an odd and very interesting phenomenon and much different than back masking. Your conscious brain does not hear it but you can place a pretty good bet that your subconscious brain does. Bob Schlenker has been studying this for many years and how it ties in with the occult world. He has also been studying the occult symbols present today from the Obama campaign to the Present.

To observe this phenomenon you simply play a recording backwards. It doesn't matter whether the words are sung, chanted, whispered or shouted, muttered or wailed, written and read aloud or simply spoken, when played backwards you will hear more speech, not just gibberish. While that may seem impossible, or highly improbable, it is, nevertheless, reality!

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