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Part 9 - A Bioforming Pandemic - Various Threads of Pandemic Being Woven Together

By Aaron Hermann ( Revelation of Babylon blog )

With each passing day we are confronted with more and more stories of new diseases, warnings, and dire predictions from experts informing us that a global pandemic is a foregone conclusion. On the surface it may appear that these are unrelated symptomatic ails of the hectic world we live in. However, I believe that what we are being confronted with are not a series of unrelated issues, but several related threads being woven together to create a very ominous tapestry.

If you have not read Part 1 - A Bioforming Pandemic: Killing Some and Enhancing Others, I strongly urge you to do so now. Simply being aware that there are government-funded man-made superbugs in existence that could kill hundreds of millions is a mere fraction of the story, and only the means to a much bigger end.

I believe that the pandemic will be caused by a governnment-funded, man-made bio-weapon superbug that will be engineered to selectively target people with specific DNA profiles in an effort to identify, isolate, and enhance those whose ancestry traces back to the Serpent-Seed bloodlines. For those meeting this specific DNA profile, the superbug will initiate a "viral loading" process that will act as a foundational layering, or enhancement process serving as a precursor to the Mark of the Beast. It is important to note that "Chosen ones", trauma-based mind control victims, Satanic Super Soliders, and/or psi-warriors will also be included in this enhancement process.

Once this is completed the survivors will be softened up a great deal more for the implementation of the Mark of the Beast, which will be the last in a long line of tactical moves made by Satan to permanently alter their DNA and transform them into hybrids that are able to be used as avatars for the disembodied Nephilim spirits that will wage war against God at Armageddon.

I believe that one of the primary components of the potential global pandemic is the H5N1 (bird flu). I have written extensively about this in previous posts of this series and in the Olympic series, so if you find yourself unaware of what I referring to please do the necessary work to get yourself up to speed. Performing a search for "bird flu" in the search bar at the top of the blog will provide you will the necessary links.

February 16, 2013 – CHINA - A woman diagnosed with the H5N1 strain of the bird flu last week, has died in southwest China. Health authorities in Guiyang, Guizhou province, announced that the 21-year-old woman, Shuai Pengyue, died on Wednesday due to multiple organ failure as a result of the flu. Shuai was one of two women reported in the area to have contracted the new strain of the avian influenza. Health officials have investigated the two of them and concluded that neither patient was in contact with poultry before showing symptoms of the illness. Victim proximity is important to note because typically, the bird flu is contracted by being in contact with poultry. In this case, health officials worry this could be signs that the H5N1 strain can now be transmitted between humans.

Meanwhile, in Cambodia, a 3-year-old girl has become the sixth person to die from the bird flu in the country this year. The Cambodian Health Ministry and the World Health Organization released statements saying that the child was in contact with poultry recently in the southern province of Kampot. Cambodia has already reported seven human cases of the H5N1 virus this year, all of them fatal except one. Health officials and scientists have feared that the virus could mutate into a highly contagious strain which could be transmitted from human to human.

Has it finally happened? Bird Flu death in China sparks fear of human-transmitted H5N1 strain

Also appearing in the same article is the following bit of text that I chose to comment on separately as it is chock full of lies, flawed logic, and represents a pathetic attempt at covering up the intentional creation of a mutated form of H5N1 that is transmissible between humans.

Scientists in the Netherlands and the U.S. have been working on an artificially mutated version of the flu that is easily transmissible among humans in an attempt to do research for prevention or a cure. Research was halted until recently due to fears of a deadly global pandemic if the virus was accidentally removed from the controlled environment. Now, researchers are making a push to resume investigation of the deadly virus, especially in light of the new cases. Leo Poon Lit-man, an associate professor at the University Of Hong Kong School Of Public Health, told the South China Morning Post that he supports the controversial research.

“The only way… to control the virus and come to a prevention plan is to allow the research to go forward,” Poon said. Adding, “the H5N1 is still a threat to humans, and it is true that the research may pose some risk. But we may also benefit from it, as we need further understanding of the virus to ensure a better response in case of an outbreak.” The mortality rate for the avian flu was as high as 60 percent during the 2003 outbreak in Southeast Asia. Most of the victims caught the disease from birds. – IBT

Has it finally happened? Bird Flu death in China sparks fear of human-transmitted H5N1 strain

Just to review, prior to the work conducted by Ron Fouchier and Yoshihiro Kawaoka there had never been any reports of any human-to-human transmissions of the H5N1 strain of bird flu. The United States funded the work of both researchers, which I covered in Part 2 - A Bioforming Pandemic: U.S. Government Funded Killer Bird Flu Research ~ Preparing for Global "9-11" Event?, who worked to make the H5N1 easily transmissible between humans and now we have reports of potential human-to-human transmission of the disease.

The timing of these events is rather telling, no?

I feel it is also worth pointing out the truly absurd logic used to sell this research to the masses. The threat of human-to-human transmissable bird flu, a problem that had never existed prior to their research, is used as the pretext to develop a lethal form of bird flu that is transmissable between humans. So, in essence we are being asked to believe that in order to solve a problem that did not exist they created the very problem they were hoping to solve?

Are Bob and I the only ones violently waiving our "BS" flags at this one? I certainly hope not.

Many "scientific" people will yell and shout and proclaim me ignorant as they come to the defense of these "brave" men attempting to protect the world from the bird flu, but that is all part of the cover and those engaging in such are either complicit or grossly ignorant. Don't be fooled by such tactics, because where there is smoke there is fire and the same goes for "smokescreens."

For those inclined to read more about what is currently transpiring in regards to the H5N1 bird flu, I have provided links below. At the risk of being redundant I feel it is imperative to note that all of these stories have appeared after the announcement was made that the moratorium on the bird flu research was over. Coincidence? No.

H5N1 (Bird Flu):

In Part 3 - A Bioforming Pandemic: Various Diseases Converging to Form Bioweapon? I wrote about the potential for various diseases to converge to form a bioweapon. Two weeks later in
Part 5 - A Bioforming Pandemic: Is the Coronavirus the Final Piece of the Pandemic Puzzle? I wrote about the Novel Coronavirus as the potential missing piece of the pandemic puzzle, and the recent headlines show that just may be the case.

Coronavirus and SARS:

Vaccines play a key role in the ongoing bioforming process, and will play an even bigger role in the event of a global pandemic. I have not written a great deal about vaccines yet, but I do hope to get to that very soon. In the meantime, it is important to realize that the man-made superbug and the vaccine "cure" for it go hand-in-hand. Both the bioweapon and the antidote will play a critical role in the transformation of the SRA programmed supersoliders, and the "softening" up of the "normal" folks for the forthcoming Mark of the Beast. A prime example of this scenario can be found in the movie "V for Vendetta", which I covered last summer in V for Vendetta: V for Viral Outbreak - V for Vaccine - V for preView?

The following is a brief snippet from the post that is an integral part of the film detailing the government's work to create a viral bioweapon, the cure, and in the process develop enhanced supersoldiers:

May 23rd: My first batch of subjects arrived today, and I have to admit that I am very excited. This could be the dawn of a New Age. Nuclear power is meaningless in a world where a virus can kill an entire population and its wealth remains intact.

May 27th: Commander Prothero toured the lab with a priest, Father Lilliman. All I was told was he was here to monitor for rules and rights violations...made me nervous, but afterwards the commander assured me there wouldn't be a problem.

June 2nd: I kept wondering if these people knew how they might be helping their country if they might act any differently. They're so weak and pathetic. They never look you in the eye. I find myself hating them.

August 18th: Of the original four dozen over seventy-five percent are now deceased. No controllable person has yet emerged.

September 18th: There is one case that continues to give me hope. He exhibits none of the immune system pathologies the other subjects developed. I discovered several cellular anomalies in his blood that I have been unable to categorize. Mutations seemed to have triggered the abnormal development of basic kinesthesia and reflexes. The subject said he could no longer remember who he was, or where he was from. Whoever he was, he is now the key to our dream, and the hope that all of this would not have been in vain.

November 5th: It started last night. Around midnight the first explosion tore open the entire medical section. All my work...gone. I was trying to understand how it could have happened and I saw him, the man from room five. He looked at me, not with eyes, there were no eyes, but I know he was looking at me because I felt it.

V for Vendetta: V for Viral Outbreak - V for Vaccine - V for preView?

I must note that the date of the realization of the transformed human who was "the key" to "their dream" is a "9-18" signal. The "9" is a representation of the beast transformation number, and 18 as a "666" signal. Lord willing, I will be covering this facet of the pandemic scenario in much greater detail in future posts in this series. In the meantime, here are some recent links that are very timely and pertinent.


GMO foods also play a key role in the bioforming process. GMO foods have been shown to dramatically alter gene expression, contain hidden viruses, and fundamentally change the body in dramatic ways. I have written about the effect of GMO foods on the body, and the role I believe they play in the ongoing bioforming process in Part 6 - A Bioforming Pandemic: Is Monsanto's Aim to Silence Genes Through GM Foods a Precursor to a Possible Pandemic?. I discussed the altering, and silencing of gene expression, a great deal more in Part 7 - A Bioforming Pandemic - Altering Gene Expression and "Jamming" Our Immune System With Scalar Weapons and Psychotronic Warfare.

GMO Foods and Gene Expression:

I believe the Lord intends this post to be a summary of all that we have covered thus far, which will serve as a necessary primer for where this series appears to be headed. Lord willing, the next posts in the series will be focusing on the mind-blowing signaling that has been taking place in movies, television, music, and other mediums spilling the beans of the satanic plan to kill some and enhance others.

More to come, Lord willing!

****UPDATE 2-19-13: These two stories came out after this article was posted.****

By Aaron( Revelation of Babylon blog ) and Bob

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  1. I have also heard that there is a Morgellens Disease/Chemtrail link. That all of us have some amount of Morgellens due to inhaling Chemtrail particles. Might all of this TerraForming be working together to change our DNA?

  2. Hey Phil,

    I absolutely think that the TerraForming is one of the components of the plan to ultimately change Adamic mankind's DNA.