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Part 90 - The Sodomite Gateway - Quayle's Briefs on the 'Return of the Serpents of Wisdom' and the Rabbit Hole Trip

The following was posted on Steve Quayle's website a couple weeks age. (Thanks Keith and Ann) If you've been following The Open Scroll for a while, this won't require any commentary.


Publication Date: February 1, 1998 - This book recounts the complete history and teachings of the spiritual masters around the world who have been associated with the serpent.

According to this book, ancient records claim that spiritual masters associated with the serpent initially appeared within Motherlands which once existed in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. These Motherlands are referred to as Atlantis, Pan, or the Old Red Land of the Atlantic, and as Lemuria, Mu, Rua, or Kumari Nadu in the Pacific. The records maintain that the ancestors of the first "Serpents" were extraterrestrials who came to Earth and mated with the native population.

The records further maintain that when the Motherlands were destroyed, the Serpents migrated to various parts of the world and founded new civilizations. Within these civilizations they reigned as priest kings and as the heads of mystery school traditions. They taught their new, adopted people the esoteric wisdom and rites they had learned on the Motherlands. In India these colonial Serpents and their descendants became known as the Nagas (Sanscrit for Serpent); in China they were known as the Lung Dragons; in Egypt they were referred to as the Djedhi (the "Stable Serpents"); in Peru they were the Amarus (Quechuan for Serpent); in Mexico they were called the Quetzlcoatls (Nahuatl for "Plumed Serpent"); in Britain they were the Druid Adders (Welsh for Serpents).

Some of the wisdom the migrating Serpents carried with them from the Motherlands concerned the awakening of the internal "Serpent Power," the latent, alchemical force within humans which normally lies dormant at the base of the spine. Once awakened, this mysterious power moves up the spine of a seeker and eventually transmutes him or her into a living god and goddess. Pyramidal temples and mystery schools were established around the globe by the Serpents in order to disseminate the wisdom of the Serpent Power and promote its awakening within worthy seekers. Megalithic reminders of their ancient schools survive as the Great Pyramid of Egypt, Stonehenge of Britain, Machu Picchu of Peru, and Teotihuacan of Mexico. During the rise of Christianity, the Serpents were forced to hide within clandestine orders or become assimilated into eastern cultures which welcomed their ancient rites and practices. In the west the Serpents continued to survive as the Freemasons, Templars, and Rosicrucians- organizations which from their inception strove to overthrow the shackles of Christianity and eventually transform the entire Earth into a world based upon freedom of belief and speech.

According to the prophecies of many traditions mentioned in this book, the free world dreamed of by the Serpents is now on the threshold. We will soon move into a new cycle of time called the 5th World, the World of Love, and the World of Venus. This time period has also been referred to as "the thousand year reign of Christ" and as the Aquarian Age. In the 5th World all polarities, all nationalities, and all ideologies will unite through the power of love. The perennial battle between science and religion will come to a conclusion and the two will unite as Sacred Science. Many people will have the opportunity to fully develop the Serpent Power and become Serpents during this New Age. They, and other "returning" Serpents, will oversee the creation of a new World Government.

Feb 16, 2013


Some items I noted about the author:

The middle name he uses, Amaru, is the Peruvian name of the plumed Serpent known also as Quetzalcoatl in Mexico and Gucumatz in Quiché. It's perhaps most familiar guise is that of the American (Amarucan) Eagle. (See Amarucan Eagle as Feathered Serpent, Hoover Dam and the Mayan Lord Pakal Ahau)

From Books by Mark Amaru Pinkham: “MARK AMARU PINKHAM, SE, KGCTpl is the North American Grand Prior and Co-Director of the International Order of Gnostic Templars, a division of the Scottish Knight Templars. With his wife Andrea Mikana-Pinkham, KGCTPl, North American Grand Prioress, he currently directs the North American branch of the IOGT in Sedona, AZ, where they teach the various facets of Gnostic Templarism.

One of the more disturbing things Aaron and I observed recently involves a show Steve did on BlogTalkRadio, and what was posted as a follow-up.

By the way, the usual caveats for the series do apply, so if you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered or you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, please move on. If you're new to this series, welcome! You may want to start at the beginning to get the foundation for what's here. Series Links: The Sodomite Gateway

Here's a link to the show, which appears to have been interrupted - and another to the report Steve put up on his site the next day. There's some drama here that calls it out for special attention.
My buddy Aaron listened to the show on the 22nd, hearing some things that gave him pause. When he saw what Steve posted about what got them thrown off the air he sent me an email drawing my attention to it. As I skimmed it the Lord highlighted to me how the thing was heavily loaded with coded language. I've been focused on the hidden things in the Bible and the interpretation of signs, and in recent years I've become attentive to what's imprinted in our culture, in the audio and video of marketing and media of both fictional and "reality" theatrical productions like mass media reporting of so-called news. When I skimmed the “Life as an investigator…is 'like a box of chocolates'” bit it could hardly have been more apparent that this was a coded script.

Here's a sample from what Steve posted.

"Deep in my thoughts" my friend continued "Once again, I'd reached into life's box of chocolates. Interesting thing" he noted, "There's usually some chocolate covered jellies with red colored sprinkles on top, in life's little box o' chocolates, and I like those, but this time, it seemed like I'd reached instead for the three pastel colored, hard shell, candy coated nuts at the center of the box. I did remember clearly, that it seemed like just as I closed my eyes and started to munch, I began to feel dizzy and for only a moment…before I felt myself begin to spin and teeter over, and down…into the Rabbit's hole!

Aaron had become really curious about what reverse speech might turn up from the radio show in a particular section of interest that involved that sample, so he sent me an audio clip to analyze. Reverse speech analysis can be a useful tool, and at what I believe was the Lord's prompting, I applied myself to making a couple passes at it.

Here's a transcript of the clip I analyzed.

“Deep in my thoughts," my friend said, "I reach into the box of chocolates beside me. Interesting thing," he noted. "They put some chocolate covered jellies with red colored sprinkles on top into the box of chocolates, but I reached instead for the three pastel colored hard shell candy at the center of the box. I didn't remember"- I'm sorry -"I did remember clearly that as I closed my eyes, just as I began to feel dizzy and only a moment before I felt myself began to spin over the edge and down into the rabbit's hole." In other words ladies and gentlemen, he had a box of chocolates, someone put something in him - eh-in those chocolates and he was into what's called the rabbit hole. And as I was told uh to pray before uh before going into the rabbit's hole. Those of you in the uh that part of uh the world will understand what I'm saying, They said, "you'd better pray, Steve, because once you look into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you." I won't go into anymore detail on my personal experience but I will say this. All I can say is, there are no words I possess, no emotions that can express, no thought patterns I can convey to the absolute horror that I beheld. There's just no words, I can't even say it. And I was told that would be the case, and I was told.”

You've probably put together why this was disturbing. Steve says he went down the rabbit's hole. I understand how some use the expression "going down the rabbit hole" in ignorance of ritual sodomy. I know what it means, and others like the Celtic Rebel know what it means. It's not just all about drug-spiked candy trips. Steve says he knows what it means, even naming the context of enhanced government agents. “Those of you in the uh that part of uh the world will understand what I'm saying.”

Those who made a film called The Losers (2010) understand what those in the “enhanced agents part of the world” understand.

Here's a brief clip I posted. The Losers - Dangerous Stuff

In the clip, Chris Evans holds his hands like they are guns: "I'm warning you. I am a lethal killing machine. It was a secret government experiment. They did stuff to me, spooky stuff, anal stuff. Turned me into a dangerous telekinetic. As the ancient Tibetan philosophy states, 'Don't start none, won't be none.'"
Guard pulls out handcuffs: "Telekinetic your way out of this."
Chris, having watched two of the guards appear to be shot by his "hand guns": "Face down, or I'll make your heart stop beating with my mind."

Although The Losers don't use any chocolate or rabbit hole metaphors there, there is a direct mention of “anal stuff” being done, with quite a few oblique verbal and graphical references to the sodomite gateway. Note all the panes of glass in the scene, including in the buildings outside, which represent the multiple alter identities in the agent's programming system. He has stolen a briefcase, so he's on a standard courier mission. He had said he needed to find “an exit.” He's at a place called Goliath, the famous sodomite Canaanite giant's name. He wears a tie, signaling the ties that bind. He stands on a giant triangle in circle, an alchemical squared circle symbol of the sodomite gateway. You see a subtle sodomite cross on his shirt's back side. The guard slides his phallic gun into the anal triangle. Chris flashes the 666 OK hand signal. Cougar, with his phallic gun, touches his hat (sodomy) and does a subtle triangle eye.

That was rich, and there's a longer clip here, where you may note quite a few more references to the sodomite gateway. The Losers)

The expression of going down the rabbit hole possibly derives from Lewis Carroll's books, as presented here, Part 76 - The Sodomite Gateway - Alice in Wonderland's Orange Marmalade, although it may well have been in use by those of the esoteric traditions long before that.

The programmer pedophile Disney brothers understood, exploiting the metaphor in popular films and shows. Warner Brothers, likewise, featuring Bugs Bunny and his (rabbit) holes in the ground as well as having this frequent cross-dresser sticking his own rabbit hole up in the air with regularity. The gun-as-penis metaphor was often exploited in conjunction with the anus symbols, where characters like Elmer Fudd or Daffy Duck lent their assistance. This animated image I found must be some kind of Illuminati porn. By the way, The Losers, referenced above, was a Warner Brothers production.

gun = penis
trunk = rabbit hole = butt

Those who can interpret the coded language in Steve's testimony realize he is telling us he has been initiated. If that's not what he meant, well, that's certainly what he conveyed. There's more to this.

Does reverse speech suggest he understands the sodomite metaphor? Here's a demo clip I made. The Hagmann & Hagmann Report - 2013/02/21 - clip spanning about 55:00-56:12

This is what I hear in one segment.

Normal: “just as I began to feel dizzy and only a moment before I felt myself began to spin over the edge and down into the rabbits hole”

Reversed: “olives for the barrel - opening wide - and missed I interval - rape - so made you Quasimodo - they want me warlike - ease in woody - that made he devil sick”

What do you hear? Quasimodo is a character from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, a monster, a “creation of the devil” who has a hidden eye. Other bits heard during that clip's analysis support the subject of that segment.

So, does that mean Steve understands? Has he been “initiated”? Now, some claim there are other ways to achieve the result of going down the rabbit hole, mimicking sodomy by targeted electronic energy. Drugs are often involved. As to the exact nature of what activity Steve's actual rabbit hole experience involved, I cannot say. As to how much of an insider Steve really is with the military and intellegence personnel, I cannot say I know. As to what this observation means with regard to being compromised in one way or another, all I can suggest is that you make note of all the Lord might reveal to you personally about this, as about any and every matter, taking things otherwise strictly at face value without presumption.

I'm not sharing what's herein this post with any personal agenda, and certainly not to embarrass Steve or cast aspersions on his character. My preference would be to just skip this business and move on. However, I do intend to follow where the Lord leads, wherever that may be, withholding nothing of all He asks. When I posted video about the reverse speech of Obama's “yes we can” slogan about 4 years ago I had no personal stake in that matter either. There's nothing funny about any of this. We live in serious times.

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