Saturday, February 02, 2013

Part 82 - The Sodomite Gateway - Super Bowl and New Orleans

Last year, the Super Bowl featured a half time performance by Madonna that was an Illuminati extravaganza, promoting Isis and Egyptian sex magick. Beyoncé will perform this year, and it seems likely that she will be featured in more of the same. In advance of the hyper-promoted event, some angel sodomy and 666 signaling has already been noted.

The usual caveats apply, so if you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered or you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, please move on. If you're new to this series, welcome! You may want to start at the beginning to get the foundation for what's here. Series Links: The Sodomite Gateway

Model Kate Upton is expected to appear on one of the vaunted commercials that attend the show. Carls Jr is a fast food chain whose logo is the star, a fallen angel in symbolism. Kate is shown enjoying a burger, or rather, with no stretch of the imagination, being secretly ravaged by the sodomizing Star, in the butterfly position.

This “Too Kute!” ad (for what I think was a Barbie doll brand promotion) is similar. The position of the “double Os” bow tie relative to the doll's bottom suggests we identify it as her butt. That ringed anal bow tie is signaling the binding function of ritual sodomy. The starry blue sodomite orifice inside the puckered pink bottom presents both up and down versions to us, and we can assume a sodomite 33 is implicit in the opposing 3s outlining the form. I believe there is another star butt pictured in the larger flower, at the one o'clock position, which is a signal 13:00 hours. There are many stars featured, making this scene a celestial sodomite orgy. An obfuscated inverted pentagram appears to be a fallen star perched at the ready between her legs.

I recognize the exclamation mark as an inverted letter “i,” signaling the 6 as the i=9, inverted. If we convert the form of the doll as a daughter of men to the number of man, the line up of the doll followed by two exclamation marks interprets to 666.

Returning to the Super Bowl theme, the graphic flourish promoting the Super Bowl Boulevard conceals a 666 along with a phallic arrow piercing a butt.

New Orleans is the host city for the Super Bowl 2013. It is the port city at the terminus of America's mighty Mississippi River. On this river that forms the symbolic GI tract of America, this end that empties into the Gulf has been called a mouth, but it's not really that, is it? The city's identity is branded as the lower access port on this country's gi tract, and I this powerful symbolism is probably being leveraged in this year's Illuminist sporting episode.

The imagery of New Orleans Master Plan cleverly reveals something of the devil's master plan by presenting the City's signature fleur-de-lis inside the sun. The familiar orange rayed anal portal has the traditional French floral emblem featured inside as a redundant sodomite layer.

The classic fleur-de-lis is a 3-in-one triple helix DNA signal device, a phallic package and a sodomizing phallus inserted down into the bottom. The buttocks are formed by the letters c, which can be transposed as the numbers 3 and interpreted as a signal 33. The elements are bound together to signal the binding function of ritual sodomy. The flower is a lily, a signal of resurrection favored by the esoterics and the same flower leveraged by Martin Luther in his seal.

The Promotion of ONE New Orleans is a match. The acrostic RRR of the slogan speaks me of three eyes of Horus, third eye enlightenment through ritual sodomy.

The embedding of 666 has been widely promoted through the Downtown Development District, which leverages the letter “d” as a 6.

Given all that, I see the leveraging of the Parks image as yet another sodomite signal device. The shape of the half round tree is the squared circle, cleverly ringed with the familiar rayed dark sun modeled in the foliage. The tree is the tree of knowledge of good and evil, the serpent tree. His fruit bearing seed is pictured inside, of which there are appropriately, thirteen in number. Some claim there are thirteen bloodlines of the Illuminati (Astor, Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Reynolds, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, Van Duyn), and this probably witnesses to that.

Thirteen is, of course, the number signaling the rebel lord Beast. The Park scheme is the Garden of Eden scheme, which is soon be realized in the Beast kingdom, as advanced by the sodomites with their magick symbols.

The shovel may be seen as the phallus of the package, matching to the tree as the scrotum, the shaft of which pierces the white negative space squared circle.

Super Bowl Sunday should be an epic day for tailgating and cornholing outside the stadium, while the Goodyear Blimp lofts the hidden caduceus of Hermes, the sorcerer sodomizer. The games in stadiums honor Zeus and the gods, and as in the days of old, the thronging masses continue.


  1. Hey Buddy,

    Also worth noting is the fact that it is the San Francisco 49'ers. If we take the "4+9=13", we can read that as the "13'ers", which is the number of the Rebel Lord Beast. So, the game is between the 13'ers and the birds of the air. Regardless of who wins the game, everyone loses.


  2. Hi Jazz, thanks for sharing about the Super Bowl and how the host cities are supplied with sex trade of all kinds during the big events.