Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ash Wednesday, 2013 - Towards the Beast and his Mark

We remain in the Lord's harvest field, watching, while throngs of folks identified by the world as Christians celebrating yet another round of Mystery Babylon's celebration of the mark of the Beast.

“The ritual marking is fixed on the calendar to 46 days before Easter Sunday to signify the number of chromosomes in our bodies. The DNA transformation implicit in the mark of the Beast will begin with the 46 chromosome body and end in something akin to an "Easter Sunday" resurrection! This liturgical calendar is entirely pagan, Easter being only Christian in its veneer, like Christmas. The Lord was raised on the weekly Shabbat during Pesah, so any pretense of honoring the Lord by observing a "Resurrection Sunday" is done in ignorance.”

“As the fourth day of the week, Wednesday points to the fourth Shemittah-day counted off from the amazing Yom Teruah sign that signaled the latter day “Magi” in 1991. That's a BIG DEAL because that's the season when the prophecies about the Beast and the mark will be fulfilled!”

Ash Wednesday - A "Fourth Day" Ritual Prefiguring the Mark of the Beast

The animated feature Rango presents a religious Wednesday hydration ceremony that is an obfuscated version of the Romish church's Ash Wednesday Mass. The reason for this becomes apparent in the light of how the contexts of both Wednesday's rituals and their ceremonies testify of the mark of the beast. In making the link, Rango basically says, “Hey - we get what the Ash Wednesday thing is all about and we're in on the same deal.” Those behind Rango serve the same god as the Pope. That's not my god, by the way, but the one of every Sun cult and all Mystery Babylon the Great.

Part 26 - Rango - The Ash Wednesday Mass

“Clearly, Rango's Wednesday hydration sacrament points to Ash Wednesday. This is an important connection because of the common mark of the Beast symbolism. By subtly establishing this connection, the common meanings are magnified in the minds of unsuspecting viewers. There's extremely powerful synergy here, the reinforcement of long term programming and advancement of the agendas that intend to manipulate the programmed into accepting the Beast of the Sun cult and receiving his mark.”

Part 27 - Rango - Lent Begins with Ash Wednesday

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