Sunday, February 03, 2013

A Season for Satanic Ritual and Spiritual Warfare

As I write, it's just prior to the Super Bowl XLVII. Because of the late hour, as judgment rolls out, I wanted to draw attention to the nature of what's going on behind the scenes. What the Lord is doing is more than keeping pace with the Adversary's activity, but the kingdom of darkness is ramped up and an assault is being launched. On guard.

On February 1 and 2, Candlemas and Imbolg, a.k.a. Groundhog's Day were celebrated by many Pagan witches with human sacrifice and perverse sexual rites. During this lead up to the Super Bowl, sex traders of every kind have focused their activity on supporting the city of New Orleans, long a center for voodoo and other dark magickal working.
Mardi Gras is coming up on February 12, which is , of course, a huge deal in New Orleans, followed shortly by St. Valentines Day on the 14th. If you think all this activity doesn't impact you, you're sleeping still. The rituals are not for maintaining the devil's status quo but for advancing his program. The Enemy has got momentum. There is activity targeting the saints, specifically those who are awake. The spells being cast are directed at you and I, and if you're not wary and engaged, it must be said that it's probably because you're not a threat.

Some have wrongly reported that the street address of the Superdome is 330 Loyola Ave. That's the address of the Holiday Inn. The Mercedes-Benz Superdome is a few blocks away at 1500 Sugar Bowl Dr.

The address of the Holiday Inn (with its Osiris green branded H for Horus and Hermes and orange rayed sodomite sun wheel) is notable, though, being on the street named after Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, and at the signal sodomite number of 33(0).

The Super Bowl halftime show has become a centerpiece for Illuminati ritual, and I expect we'll see one later today. The lyrics of the song that is supposed to be featured tells a story about a special sodomite relationship between SRA multiples. I'm curious about what kind of dramatic symbolism will be layered on it. I'll address the lyrics in another post.

More Satanic ritual happened in Paris, France, on the Pagan High Ritual Day of Candlemas. The birthday of the famed Pagan high place, the Notre Dame Cathedral, was celebrated with the so-called “blessing” (cursing) of nine giant bells. The largest bell is named Mary, which is fitting for the institution dedicated to the worship of “Notre Dame,” “Our Lady.” One of the ancient names of this honored entity is Isis. The bell as a witch's weapon and dimensional portal controller is something I've written about at some length. Search my sites for bells and you'll get plenty of interesting results.

New Notre Dame bells make harmonious history

Mary weighs in at 6,000 kilograms of “glistening bronze.” Six is the number of Adamic man. Nine is the single digit number for the mark of the Beast transformation, which is the establishment of a dimensional bridge.

"During the French Revolution, they (the original bells) were all brought down and broken except (one) and four other bells that were recast in the middle of the 19th century ... This will complete in a definitive manner the entire set of 10 bells as conceived ... in the Middle Ages," Notre Dame rector Patrick Jacquin said.

Testament to the international pull of Notre Dame — with its 20 million annual visitors — on each bell is written "Via viatores quaerit," latin for "I am the path looking for travelers."

The first time revelers will able to hear the new pealing will be on March 23, just in time for Palm Sunday and Easter week. Mary will soon be hoisted up to the gothic south tower ready to sound out — echoed by other eight in the north tower — over the medieval gargoyles, historic rooftops, and the snaking Seine River.

Rife with NLP, the article echoes the testimony I hear resounding all around me, that we have arrived in the season where the hope of many travelers on the left hand path is being fulfilled.

"Via viatores quaerit." That's not a match to John 14.

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me. ~ John 14:6

The Notre Dame bell path is a way of death, lies, and a counterfeit that does not lead to the Father. My Lord is the way!

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