Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mass Broadcasting of the 666: Prophecy Summit, h. h. gregg, beautiful babies

I've been presenting imagery for a while now that exposes how 666 is being broadcast in a wide range of sneaky ways. Here's a couple more instances of note.

Not long ago I checked my email and discovered an invitation to attend a prophecy summit. I was met with the graphic you see here in the frame.

There are four letters P but three that begin words. Seen in a reflection, these leading letters are each a 6, or 666. The double m presents a rotated 33. If that's all a stretch for you, it has to be acknowledged how the Illuminati capped pyramid is equivalent to the mountain topped by the sun at the summit, which is presented in the graphic as through the window of the letters.

This event sponsored by Prophecy in the News is sold out. According to the promotional page, it will be held “in the shadow of Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods.” Really. Like that's a good thing.

I think it's likely that some who read this blog will take offense at this, but it's my assertion that what the Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit branding testifies of is valid. Violating the second commandment is just not going to yield good fruit. I'll expand on what it means in upcoming posts, Lord willing, but if you reject or struggle with my analysis please take it before the Lord and seek His heart and mind on the matter. If you perceive some personal stake in the matter, make it a priority to be emptied of that conflict of interest (idol) before expecting to receive from the Lord as to His take on it.

The subtle ad for a book titled “beautiful babies” embeds some instances of the 666, three of which I illustrate here. The instance presented in the title appears due to the use of all lower case characters.

If all that was intended was a frilly butterfly, a much better rendering would have been used. The butterfly accompanied by other Occult symbols is Monarch programming symbolism.

I believe the way the butterfly flourishes are superimposed over the white square better isolates and identifies the 6 forms, plus it provides for a squaring of the circle alchemical imprint.

While I'm a huge fan of the general principle of unprocessed and simply farmed ingredients being promoted, I can only see this in the greater context, where evidence of the Adversary's control is evident as on both banks containing a river.

Joel Salatin, author of the book's foreword, is responsible for Polyface Farms. I love the natural principles of operation, but when I visit the site and read the bio on Wikipedia I get a definite check in the spirit. Polyface Farms “the farm of many faces” The many faces is a key signal for SRA multiples. Sponsors of such activity are believed to host a training facility 2 1/5 hours away in the same state of Virginia, Camp Peary, which is known as The Farm. Yes, that would have to be THE “polyface farm,” where agents with many faces are farmed.

The farm's logo presents a fish inside a chicken head inside a cow head inside a tree. Such a layered composite as that is just too symbolic of the Adversary's farming plot for me to dismiss it as coincidence, especially not when the name is taken into account. That also resembles the GI tract, a signal of the sodomite gateway. The fish in the belly; a baby ICHTHYS being incubated?

I make some interesting observations about the name: Joel's Army? Salatin ~ Satan?

The h. h. gregg logo contains a target style sun symbol inside the letter g. This is a simple and common Horus eye and orange dot in circle sex magick symbol. Why the lettering is all lower case and in this font becomes very obvious when seen upside down. Three sixes appear, as illustrated here.

g g g = 666

h. h. gregg with the horus eye ~ h. h. horus

The "we help" symbol appears to be an orange dot sodomite gateway symbol and another instance of 666 signaling through those letters that can be interpreted as a 6; e, e and p. The “h. h. gregg” turns into the “we help” to connect the two at the end of this Mother's Day commercial. The common link is the 666. Notice the double hearts shirt worn by the girl at left, 3 seconds in, decorated with Aliester Crowley's blinds of obfuscation. The products are placed against an orange background when featured, and also at the end with the substitution mentioned earlier occurs. The orange dot in the g is pictured as a kind of peephole pupil when zooming out from the scene after the Mom hand signals.

The “we help” slogan represents the retailer's first national brand and advertising campaign (2011). A classic song by The Beatles was leveraged during the campaign: “Help.” “Help” was also a movie that has been described as a forerunner of music videos. In it, the group goes up against an evil cult. The song is a plea for help that speaks to me of the cry for a savior that resonates with the worldly as they exhibit Malachi 3's declaration of “the messenger of the covenant, in whom you delight.

While “appliances and electronics” is an apt description of the retailer's products, in the context of the 666 and Horus eye sodomy it speaks to me of the nature of the transforming microchip implant, an “electronic appliance.

Another on the same theme found here, This Post is Sponsored by the Letter "I", the National Gamate Donation Trust's logo signals iii=999=666. It's also an “i” of Horus symbol. "The National Gamete Donation Trust (NGDT) raises awareness of the national shortage of sperm, egg and embryo donors in the UK. Its aim is to recruit donors to alleviate the shortage, and it provides information on egg, sperm and embryo donation and donor recruitment in the UK." (Wikipedia) Placed on their website within a circle, it's a pretty obvious male in female symbol, sperm in egg. It's also signaling ritual sodomy and triple helix DNA, with 9 red elements signaling the DNA transformation of the mark of the Beast. Hey, brilliant! What a simple and direct way to sidestep the whole alien abduction collection routine.


  1. Really? Nothing better to do? ... or just running out of decent content to populate your blog?

    Anyone can spin/flip graphics as YOU have and make them say what isn't even there. Those are 3 letter "P's" you are inverting and those are 2 "M's" you are rotating. Glad you're getting some use out of your copy of Photoshop - expensive as it is.

    For the record the only numbers in that LOGO are in the date.

    Bottom line? You just look silly, brother man. There is SO MUCH out there that is legitimately POINTING to the End of Days, and the reality of Biblical prophetic fulfillment and you choose this? Flipping and manipulating found advertising art? Really? [shaking my head]

    I designed the PIKES PEAK PROPHECY SUMMIT logo for Prophecy in the News. Me. Personally. If there is a 'cryptic' 666 nested inside that summit logo, well, [squinting now-trying to see it] it's news to me! This summit is a classic, north american, Bible-believing, Christian conference addressing real issues of prophecy fulfillment related to modern world events. All the speakers are representing their own perspectives and while we may not agree on all points, we are ALL supporters of the BIBLE, and we are ALL [to my knowledge] sincere disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, or as you prefer [me too, by the way] Yeshua Ha Mashiach Tzidkanu. So, my advice?

    Leave the logo right where it sits on your blog, if you want to. I appreciate the attention it may receive. Readers LEARN MORE at ...

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for submitting the comment and sending email. I can certainly understand how offensive it must be to see your work presented in such a way. Your sincerity and the sincerity of those at the conference is not in question, or really very pertinent when it comes to the symbolism evident in the promotional imagery. I knew J.R. Church personally, having fairly regular phone conversations for a season, mostly about biblical astronomy. I've met Gary too, and I have respect for him, yet, the truth should not be withheld. If I knew what I know know, when I wrote this post I would have noted the fact that the 33 of the double M in Summit is strengthened by the Occult gematria of the word PEAK, which you placed directly above it, because P+E+A+K = 16+5+1+11 = 33. While you may not acknowledge the existence of Occult symbolism or agree that there might be any harm in what you've done, those who are educated in the matter know better.

      The second commandment includes no clause for sincerity or intent. The narrow definition of that commandment as sold to us by the religious establishment had me snookered for quite a while. I'm starting to catch on, and I hope you are too.

      Pursuit of the truth of the matter most definitely threatens your career path, and it is exceeding rare for one in such a position to risk discovering what I claim to be true. I would like think you are such a rare individual.


  2. So children should immediately stop calling for Mommy (sideways-M 33) and Daddy (which, if you fail to capitalize the first D and then reverse all the letters, is a sort-of 666).

    We're as happy as anyone to look for signs of the occult world winking at us, but God is not going to punish believers in Jesus Christ who unknowingly create an image that you can twist into something else.

    Full disclosure: My wife and I were speakers at the Prophecy Summit. If this was a cunning plan to lure us into idol worship, then we somehow failed to see it.

    1. Hi Derek,

      You may remember me from the Future Congress in Branson, 2011, where we shared a couple meals and conversations around big tables. If you become more familiar with this blog you will discover that my analysis of imagery promoting events is not an implied blanket condemnation or indictment of everyone participating or everything said and done at the event. Like you suggested in the observations you made, it's unwise to read into a thing what's not there. Our failure to read what actually is present allows those symbols to take the ignorant captive through the inherent supernaturalism. The matter demands a refined discernment, and for that there is no substitute. Context is an essential consideration, as with every other form of communication.

      Unless I'm missing something, when it comes to believers in Jesus Christ who create images bearing layered Occult symbolism, there is no biblical basis to expect that accountability will be influenced when the deed itself is a matter of obedience. On this blog I've been presenting evidence of how we've been deceived about the second commandment and the range of expression of graven images. No exemption is implied for the saints who dabble in those arts, and I don't believe this is just, "me, fussing over the letter of the law." Of all people, the saints should be held to a higher standard than others, according as it is written, unto whom much is given, much is required. I just don't see that sincere intentions are given any consideration in Matthew 7:21-23.

      Bob Schlenker