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Part 89 - The Sodomite Gateway - Orange: Ed Sheeran and Frank Ocean

The usual caveats apply, so if you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered or you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, please move on. If you're new to this series, welcome! You may want to start at the beginning to get the foundation for what's here. Series Links: The Sodomite Gateway

Ed Sheeran is a celebrated young singer-songwriter, winning BRIT Awards for Best British Male and British Breakthrough in 2012. His latest and first commercial album is called “Plus,” simply represented by a plus sign. “+,” debuted atop of the UK Albums Chart. The album is also the highest debut for a UK artist's first studio album in the US since Susan Boyle's I Dreamed a Dream.

Riding the wave of popularity, Ed's branding features the sodomite gateway that advances the Illuminati's mind-control towards the Black Awakening and the day of the coming Beast and his mark. The simple hidden eye gesture seen here is a witness to the illuminated condition of the Monarch slave.

Together with the plus sign, the album's white on orange sodomite theme is unmistakable. Ed's first independent EP was titled, The Orange Room. He caught the attention of Elton John in 2011, and the famous sodomite has been lending his assistance to give Ed's career a boost.

In the hit song's video (32+ million views), Give Me Love You'll see a the love connection to the fallen angels pictured as lust spells, cast by a Cupid figure (Eros), son of Venus (Aphrodite) figure. She was seen in the beginning as a murder victim, shot with an arrow. She receives a resurrection body that sprouts wings. She makes spirit arrows and shoots men and women to cause them to fulfil their lusts towards others with no regard for gender. In the end, we infer that she sticks herself with an arrow - and the arrow vanishes, which makes it all seem like it's really some kind of love story dream.

The marionette style wooden dolls (alters) and paned windows (program structure) and masonry (Freemasonry) and the clock and bell tower (hijacked, Satanic control) and tunnel (GI tract) are telltale hints. This music video speaks to me of Beta and Delta alters of chosen ones being programmed in through bloody ritual sodomy (the arrow, and note the subtle form of the wings as she lays in blood on the mattress). The white hair = illuminated. It witnesses to sex magick with fallen angels, and the Illuminati SRA replication scheme as the slave (killed with an arrow) becomes a handler (archer).

The archer/arrow symbol belongs to the sun god, Apollo, the sodomizer. Give Me Love - lyrics are interpreted for us in the video to a desire for the love that is to mindlessly join with Apollo, the sodomizing Beast.

There's no orange in this one, but the American Red Cross has the plus sign and angel sodomy nailed with their promotion of Angels in the Alley. The alley is the butt, of course. Their Celebrity Bowling Classic charity event branding leverages a couple bowling pins and a bowling ball to form an anal triangle with a circle inside. Winged, it's a Horus Behedeti winged solar disk. According to some reports of what the blood is primarily for, it appears that, for the bloody sodomite Red Cross, the Egyptian butt sex magick is right up their alley!

Back to the signal orange color, the grammy winning Frank Ocean presents Channel Orange. That Orange Channel must be the same Alley the Red Cross Angels are in.

The first single from the album is titled Pyramids. The video shows Frank set out on a drug fueled trip from LA to Las Vegas to see a girl who works at a strip club at the pyramid, which is assumed to be The Luxor Hotel. He only makes it as far as the Mohave Desert, where he has a mystical experience that finds him at the club. Then he's shown back wandering in the desert, and we see a pyramid way off down the road. The Occult imagery redundantly conceals and reveals ritual sodomy and Illuminati mind-control as the theme.

“Run run run the crown of our pharaoh
The throne of our queen is empty”

These lyrics describe the sodomite top's crowned phallus and the ready seat of the bottom, the queen's empty throne.

The repetitious expression of "working at the pyramid" is a metaphor for ritual sodomy, as working the anal triangle in the sex magick of the ancient Egyptians. This is illustrated in this sequence of images clipped from the soft-porn music video. The sequence begins with a frame filling image of the mouth, which is one end of the GI tract. The very next scene of the video pictures the other end of the tract we know best from the dollar bill, the triangle eye of Rothschild sodomy. The very next in sequence pictures the illumination wrought through “working the pyramid,” showing Frank's backside, back lit with several flashes of white light. Familiar, yes?

The lyrics suggest a connection to the pyramids of Egypt and the children of the ancient gods. Reference is further made to the Canaanites of Philistia through Delilah, biblical lover and betrayer of Samson (Judges 16), or possibly through the prostitute he took at the first. These peoples of Egypt and Philistia were both of serpent tree lineage, idol worshiping sodomites.

The line, "working at the pyramid," suggests the work of building the same, a claim to which is made by some Freemasons. I've never been to Egypt, but been to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose, CA, and you would probably be surprised at just how impressive that collection of ancient artifacts and facility really is. The illuminated fraternal orders of the ancient mystery religion do take their artifacts and symbolism and sex magick ritual very seriously.

The esoteric layer is undeniable because the video features the Kabbalah Tree of Life inside a blue neon triangle -pyramid. That symbol is associated with 72 stargates and the Shemhamphorash, and the tree in the Garden of Eden. The diagrammed version is but an idol, an anti-messianic image of that genuine Tree of Life. That's what was reflected in Frank's eye in the sodomy sequence. I've heard Steve Quayle on the radio discussing stargates appearing above the sand before the pyramids. This is what appears to be illustrated for us. The video shows a musician walking out from behind, hidden, to the front, while playing an electric guitar that leaves a trail of blue light. An allusion to Ezekiel 28's pipes and tabrets. The sound and light activation of dimensional gateways is a frequent topic of interest on this blog. Following that night scene we see Frank suddenly back in the desert, in the daylight, wandering dazed, transported.

The video also presents the reality of the mind-control programmed MK-ULTRA multiple, not unlike Sheeran's video above. The shift between Frank in the desert, at the strip club, at the neon triangle and back in the desert is the switching between alters. The drugs consumed at the beginning, the breaking of glass caused by phallic guns shooting semen bullets, test pattern video blank out zero signal clips; these represent SRA programming activity and subsequent identity dissociation. The setting in the Mohave Desert is where many multiples are widely believed to have been programmed, which I addressed previously in the series covering the animated feature Rango.

Channel Orange. Working at the pyramid. You get why this symbolism is done over and again, right? There is power there, and the work accomplished results in the advancement of evil that manifests in death and destruction. Such a work is only ever met with failure as the limit appointed by the sovereign God is reached and judgment is brought. Just as sure as we see these works of darkness being brought into the light of day we see the Lord Y'shua fulfilling His promises, many of which have been held in reserve for the end of this age, our day, today. He is faithful!

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