Monday, February 11, 2013

A Candid view of Valentine's Day and its Cultural Imprint

To be candid, an honest person with insight into the reality of our time must recognize Valentine's Day as a holiday dedicated to indulging Jezebel with sacrificial offerings, which frequently translates to bribery for sexual favors. Celebrating romance, sex and courtship ritual with hearts, chocolates, roses, teddy bears and special jewelry is a cultural tradition whose popularity can't simply be blamed on excessive commercialism and savvy marketing. Valentine gifts are typically esoteric symbols used by secret societies and SRA programmers. This season is used as an opportunity to flood the world with sodomite gateway symbols.

Historically, this Pagan fertility festival honors the ancient gods. Cupid son of Venus is honored, who is otherwise known as Eros, son of Aphrodite in the Greek tradition. Research into the Romish church's St Valentine whose name is lent to the day reveals that derivation to be a rather flimsy facade hiding the Pagan Lupercalia. That was celebrated on February 15 or from 13-15.

St Valentine's Day has been relabeled according to the rich Babylonian tradition of religious acquisitions and mergers. At the root of this is idolatry, the worship of Satan in various guises including Pan, Cupid, Hermes, Nimrod and Osiris. This festival honors his reproductive scheme, one that began in the very garden of Eden. Reproducing his kind involves the bringing forth of physical children through birth, certainly, but also through the rebirth that comes via the sodomite gateway.

In symbol, the imagery of Valentine's Day has a distinctly heterosexual aspect where Cupid's arrow represents the phallus and the heart, the vulva. There is also a sodomite aspect where the heart represents the bottom. I've already addressed many of these symbolic elements in this blog. If you scan the results turned up in an image search with the string “chocolates box heart bow” and can't identify and interpret the sodomite imagery, you really do have some catching up to do. Many are layered with redundant symbols like Rosetta Stones for ritual sodomy.

These widely recognized symbols of romantic love are given to acknowledge the relationship between two lovers, and the kind primarily indicated is the Luciferian sodomite love of the ancient gods and their worshipers. In that collection above you see the anatomical heart-as-butt with decoration to make it more explicit, the tie that binds and the chocolate-as-feces metaphor. Are you familiar with Parts 19, 20, 22 and Part 24 - For the Love of Chocolate of the Sodomite Gateway series?

The red rose is an ever popular flower on Valentine's Day, and with crosses formed in the ribbon ties, this imagery can be traced most directly to the Rosy Cross fraternity, the Rosicrucians, who understood about sodomy symbols, and understood about the usefulness of cover for the activity as sub rosa, under the rose. As you should know, the secret under the rose is about the thorns, a lineage also known as tares. Sodomy is their play.

With Pearl Key To Her Heart jewelry and the pedophile Open Hearts Collection by Jane Seymour (Part 58 - The Sodomite Gateway - Open Hearts = GLogo, Unfolded, and CLogo, Halved) there's no lack of more enduring symbols than the chocolate, roses and sleazy seasonal lingerie. The cultural imprint of the Valentine or sodomite love-heart and cupid's arrow symbolism persists all year long.

Since the primary targets of sodomite SRA slave seekers are very young, there's plenty of saturation in pedophile rich environments, especially where children are already traumatized, vulnerable and most easily accessible. Parts 45-59 of the sodomy series were largely focused on such environments, and you might think I moved on because I ran out of relevant material, but no, not even close.

Here in Pittsburgh, medical folks know their sodomy symbols. This promotion for the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation called “A Sweet Gesture: Chocolate Factory of Invention” is advertising the coming Valentine's Day's event, but their heart-anus logo is a sodomite symbol for all seasons. Leveraging the chocolate as feces metaphor, they present a brown Royal Arch squared circle. The chocolate factory is a crude allusion to the GI tract.

Have you seen Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory lately? Right.

So, you understand what's meant by a sweet gesture, right? The “invention” alludes to the illumination and gnosis acquired through ritual sodomy. Note the fallen angel-star highlights, one on the serpentine S and the other near to the Beast signaling 13.

The hospital's logo features a heart, rayed like the sun: Classic sodomite gateway. It is set into the “C,” which is for “Childrens,” probably, but it's a c-eeing eye of Horus, illuminated and activated.

That logo looks to me like a nurse is using a rectal thermometer. Evil genius.

Valentine's Day is Lupercalia, relabeled. It's for the wolves, who still wear sheep's clothing, and the flocks who follow them.


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