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I have addressed the use of the letter “i” in Occult messaging pretty frequently. I feature it in the “i” of Horus series pretty extensively as the homonym for “eye.” The “i” is also leveraged as a symbol of 9 because it's the ninth letter of the alphabet. “Nine” is the single digit mark of the Beast transformation signal. The Arabic numeral 9 is also an upside-down 6, the number of man.

Because the number 666 is such a powerful symbol, a broad range of variations are embedded in our environment that leverage the letter i, in both upper and lower case and in diverse orientations.

iii = 999 = 666

Three letters “i” not only signal 666, they also signal the “third eye,” the enlightened eye, the eye of Horus. This kind of triple eye/i signal is potent, subliminally, which should be recognized as a supernatural working of Mystery Babylon's pharmakeia deception. This explains why this class of Occult symbolism is so popular. Here's a few examples.

The very familiar myspace brand leverages the obfuscated 666 with three head-dotted i figures. By adopting this form, it appears myspace is signaling the Triangle openly described on the Lucis Trust website, the influential Theosophical society that began life as Alice Bailey's Lucifer Trust and that is so tightly bound to the U.N.

A triangle is a group of three people who link each day in thought for a few minutes of creative meditation. They invoke the energies of light and goodwill, visualising these energies as circulating through the three focal points of each triangle, and pouring out through the network of triangles surrounding the planet. At the same time they sound the Great Invocation, and so help to form a channel for the downpouring of light and love into the consciousness of humanity.” (Lucis Trust - Triangles)

The i2i logo implies the 1-i, the 2-i and then the 3-i, the third eye - and the third i, a 999 and 666.

The intel inside pentium brand imagery invokes a 666 with three exclamation marks. The exclamation mark (of the Beast) is an inverted i. The inverted i(9) is a 6.


The third eye and “i” is further signaled in that there are three letters i inside the swirl. The swirl is a swirl eye of Horus, which is a third eye if you consider that added to the two initial letters of the words inside the swirl. This is a clever brand! Intel, with the All-Seeing Eye gathering intellegence. Intel inside. The intellegence is inside as the enlightenment and gnosis accessed with the opening of the third eye, which prefigures the condition that will come with the approaching implementation of the mark of the Beast! The intel inside slogan literally refers to the silicon chip inside the computer. Connect the dots.

The “Infinite Inspiring Innovations” logo references the counterfeit eternal life promised in the 666. The “Instrumentation Industries, Inc.” logo features the squared circle border, the alchemical symbol for the Key of David sodomy that opens the third eye. The “Molina Healthcare” brand signals like myspace, identifying itself with myriad others in the health / medical field who are bent on transforming you into the image of Lucifer. The “Institute of Inventors and Innovators” appears to be bent on reinventing you, as the three dotted “i” swirls suggest the shape of the 6.

The Catholic Online website is subtle in their promotion of this scheme. “Inform - Inspire - Ignite” ~ iii=999=666

This panel you see above is a screenshot from their slideshow of rotating images, obviously featuring Ash Wednesday. I wrote about the symbolism of that day nearly a year ago. (Ash Wednesday - A "Fourth Day" Ritual Prefiguring the Mark of the Beast ) The purple and the iron cross seen on the Romish sun cult priest's collar are both sodomite signals. The priest applies the ashes to form the magickal emblem on the forehead of the worshipers to mark them as with the mark of the Beast. 666 - III - Inform - Inspire - Ignite

This next set of images features upper case versions of this class of third eye and 666 symbols. Plenty can be said about each one, and the layers of sodomite signaling that attend several of them.

  • Dungeon Siege III=666 - M=Mason - 13 Rebel Lord Beast phallic sword third leg - - Serpent S - squared circle O
  • Age of Empires III=666 - portends the Beast Kingdom Empire of this Age
  • Institute for Information Industry - III=666 - Those with the mark of the beast are the body of the pyramid capped by the Beast capstone. This interpretation is validated on this NGO's website, where the top is truncated to identify this symbol more appropriately.
  • Mark III=666 Mark OF THE BEAST - Employee Benefits woos us with the promise of benefit. Symbol is Horus Eye with serpent slit, and divine heavenly (white + blue) triple helix DNA
  • Super Bowl III=666. Loaded with stars / angels. “Super” in red signals super-man (Adam=red) - the promised mark of the Beast enhancement - Bowl - bowel?
  • Alpha III=666. Alpha signals false alpha-omega anti-messiah. The stylized p signals the phallus and phallic package that is the Rear Loader : sodomy
  • Assassin's Creed III=666 - Positioned centrally over the III above “CREED” are the three key letters. Ass_Ass_In_S - Serpent Satan Sodomy - S_In_Ass_Ass - The featured graphic is an anatomical version of the sodomite portal.
  • The center-right FIN image is actually a partial clipped from a Final Transmission promo. This represents a class that includes the OK hand signal, where objects are partially superimposed over the others. The dotted “i” has two more implied by the radiating bands. Panasonic's Lumix ad is a bold set of illuminated third eye / 666 symbols, to be sure! Can you say Harmerty? I knew that you could. (There's a little Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood for you on top of the Sesame Street shtick. :) )
  • AMD K6 III=666 - logo graphic is an arrow and therefore a phallus with a squared circle shaft, sodomite. The K is a common sodomite graphic of two people engaging in the act. The III touches and matches the color of the 6, connecting the two. III=666. The III touches both K and 6, connecting the sodomy with 666. K is 11 so K6 is 11*6 or 66, the kingdom of the Beast. The chip is the processor. Connect those dots. The 3D now! adds another layer of third eye signaling because the D in upper case resembles an eye that looks to the right, like you see in this logo I found a while back that I believe was for an optometrist. The 3D is of course for third dimension, and the dimensional reference really makes allusion to higher and other dimensionality that is quite fitting for the context.

Finally, the io9 brand mixes it up with a blend of the subtle and obvious. The bindu dot is the Hindu third eye illumination mark but more sodomite purple than red to sign the kundalini activation. The creepy doll-like head has the ubiquitous Harmerty-signaling obscured left eye. Eye of Horus activation. You see the “i” in the io9 crowding that eye. That's because the “i” is an eye. Like I've mentioned in the past, the i with offset dot balances the 9 in io9 because the i and 9 are equivalent. Here's how the iii=666 is signaled. The symmetry of the offset dot implies two more dots of the same size, unseen. Those would be the first two of three dots, right? iii=666 - The one you see is the third i, or third eye. ¡ay ¡ay ¡ay

See what you're looking at, as the Lord opens the eyes of your understanding to see with his genuine light. I encourage you to be continually aware that you have been born into your Adversary's kingdom, one that is hostile to you. We are in a war zone and our only defense is truly in Him, the Lord Y'shua HaMashiach.

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