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Part 45 - The Sodomite Gateway - The Vitruvian Shriner

The previous post about charitable organizations is helpful background for this post, where I decode some of the sodomite gateway imagery associated with charity branding.

Several years ago I discovered a charity rating site that ranked the Shriners (children's hospitals, primarily) at the very bottom of the category for what percentage of funds donated actually went into charitable work - by a wide margin. At the time, I really didn't know what to make of that, but now that I'm not so naive it makes a whole lot more sense to me. They had other agendas.

The Shriners are an appendant body to Freemasonry, best known for their children's hospitals. They are famous for fund raising by hosting the Shrine Circus and for their colorful parade shtick, where they dress up in flamboyant costumes that always feature their signature tasseled red Fez. They typically drive miniature cars or scooters in the parade. What fun for the kiddies! That is, until you realize the Shriners are pedophiles. Victims of trauma-based mind control are typically three years old when they are sodomized because this is when they are most effectually programmed. That tender age is prime for creating a Monarch slave.

Freemasons and other Illuminist secret societies commonly conceal and reveal their cryptic secrets through anagrams. The Shriners are more formally the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine. Abbreviated A.A.O.N.M.S, this lengthy acronym decodes to some interesting anagrams that differ only in the spacing between the letters.

  • AM A SON - There is a Ben Ali Shrine in Sacramento that represents 23 counties in Northern California. “Ben” is Hebrew for “Son.” The name “Ali” is equivalent to the Hebrew “Eli” but is the popular Arabic spelling. “Ali” means “high or exalted.” There's no mistaking the Arabic / Islamic theme of the Shriners. A son of Ali is a son of the moon god, Allah.
  • AM AS ON - Am Like On, the sun god - they are powered on illuminated with that dark light.

Another way they conceal and reveal is through the cryptic imagery associated with their order.

In this image you will find their brand with an enlightened Egyptian Ruler at the center, with the third eye and crown chakra symbolically emphasized. That head sits between the scimitar and the anal portal formed by the stylized star in the crescent moon horns. This set of symbols illustrates the opened open third eye through kundalini - pineal gland activation. The head and crescent are clues that suggest the star is the exalted dog star, Sirius, linked to Lucifer. Scrolling down further on this page you'll find the emblem of the Shriner's Imperial Council. You'll see this head on a dog's body. Assuming the head on the crescent sets the context of the moon and stars, the celestial body represented by the star must be the dog star, Sirius. That star is the brightest "fixed" star in the heavens, next to the sun. It's not only associated with Lucifer, it's also the “chocolate starfish” anus, through which comes illumination, enlightenment and gnosis.

Ritual sodomy binds the two who so engage together, and this involves a blood oath and the threat of death. This explains the scimitar, with its bloody history. You've seen Bimbo's Initiation, right? Bimbo gets poked in the butt with something like this while the gallery of the brotherhood look on and laugh.

Like the scimitar, the fez alludes to shed blood.

In fact, in the city of Fez, Morocco, Muslim troops slaughtered so many Christians in such a short period of time, that the blood of the victims ran like rainwater down the street gutters. At one point, a Muslim warrior gleefully took off his white turban-type hat, dipped it into the blood flowing down the street, and the placed it back on his head. Many other Muslim soldiers followed his example, and very soon, most of the white turbans of the soldiers were dripping red. This historic tradition is today maintained a kept alive by Freemasonry, as they proudly wear their blood-red Fez hats. This sorry spectacle is simply one more instance of how Freemasonry secretly hates the Born Again Christian in their invisible, inner circle, even as they hide this fact from the 95% of all visible Masons in the world.” (Cutting Edge - David Bay)

"Love to the rescue" is the slogan for a current promotion of the Shriners Hospitals for Children. An interpretation taken in the context of their symbolic imagery is entirely consistent with what I noted in the previous post from the Lucis Trust World Goodwill page. That kind of rescue and love you don't want. The heart is really the backside they love. The red fez with black tassel you see on the Shriner's head relates to the red root chakra and is positioned inside the butt-heart as the anus. This is where the blood bond is made. You are most likely accustomed to seeing a tassel on a graduation cap. Those are more precisely called mortarboards. They are derived from the building trades, where mortar is the bonding agent applied with trowels. If you've been following this series, you should recall how this mortar or mud is a symbol for feces, and the trowel is the tool a mason uses to work the mud, the phallus. The Shriner's red fez with a black tassel signals ritual sodomy.

In this Steps of Freemasonry image I've circled the Shriner, who has been positioned to stand on the top of a kind of altar inside the Royal Arse portal. These pedophiles are exalted.

The Shriners' Imperial Council brand features the alchemical classic, the sodomite gateway triangle-in-circle symbol. This pucker-ray Sirius dog star goddess is in the pyramid-triangle, shown against the signature brick work of (Free)masonry. The encircling ring of suns, moons and stars alludes to the sphincter.

The parade scene pictures a line of Shriners wearing purple. Right. They drive star / angel light colored cars. If you recognize the cute little cars as Prowlers (Plymouth-Chrysler), you can connect another dot!

The standard logo for the Shriners Children's Hospital has a large arc instead of the special promotion's heart. As I was pondering what the imagery meant, I first noticed how the man's hand seemed rather suspect, where it was and how the red lines around the hand and the child's leg just didn't seem right. Knowing how the Rosicrucians and Freemasons are so fond of da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, and knowing also that the famous drawing illustrates accurate human proportions, I decided to match the scale to the Shriners logo and see what it looked like. Here's the image, which I call the Vitruvian Shriner. The Vitruvian Man is a cryptic sodomy image. It looks to me like the Shriner is holding his horse-privy phallus, concealing and revealing himself as a pedophile.

I gave consideration to the arc as a squared circle, and after a while it occurred to me to compare this arc with the circle of the Vitruvian Man sketch. Matching the scale and aligning the Vitruvian circle to the inside of the red arc allowed me to see how the ends of the arc match perfectly to the edge of the square! Coincidence? Nah. No way. This precise feature demonstrates knowledge about the Vitruvian Man as two men, one behind the other. That version is slightly obfuscated, just enough to maintain deniability. The arc also has just enough deniability in connecting the Shriners logo to da Vinci's drawing. We don't immediately perceive the match because the arc ends separating the forward (visible arc) and behind (hidden) segments have horizontal lines instead of the vertical we would expect to see. Subtle, and effective.

Shriners Hospitals for Children. While it is assumed this means, “for the benefit of Children,” or perhaps, “for Children patients only,” it may better be taken as “for the abuse of Children,” or perhaps, “supplying your perverted need for Children.”

Here's their circus promotional poster image. Under the Big Top. What's up with that brown ring under the, uh oh! Urban Dictionary Definition: Top - "A man who likes giving anal intercourse to other men rather than receiving." In the case of the Shriners, it just seems fitting to extend their "Under the Big Top" to something like, “Little Bottom Under the Big Top.”

Is it just me or is there some "As Above So Below" imagery in play? Watch out for that ringmaster with the whip. Actually, avoiding dealing with anything the Shriners are involved in seems wise to me.

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