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Part 73 - The Sodomite Gateway - Programming Structures: Rooms, Doors, Panels and Panes

Here are some examples of Occult imagery picturing the doors-in-doors kind of mind-control programming structures described in the previous post.

The usual caveats apply, so if you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered or you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, please move on. If you're new to this series, welcome! You may want to start at the beginning to get the foundation for what's here. Series Links: The Sodomite Gateway

In Rihanna's “Umbrella” video, she is creatively “not telling” us how her black umbrella represents her sodomite gateway, against a wall that has many panels. Each panel represents an alter in her system.

The Dave Matthews Band's latest album is titled, “Away From The World.” The title describes the condition pictured on the cover. When the mind-controlled slave is ritually traumatized and sodomized, they withdraw “away from the world,” into an alter identity. This is technically called dissociating, and this is intended for the purpose of organizing the fractured mind into many compartments. The disturbing looking occupants pictured are each isolated in their cells, symbols of the dissociated identities. This album cover pictures a snapshot of a slice of the 3D matrix.

The opening song on the album is titled, “Broken Things.” The lyrics are very typical of pop songs today, telling the story of a mind-controlled slave.

Lyrics of “Broken Things” Commentary
Sometimes the road is crystal and sometimes I feel like I'm losing my mind
Tell me what it is what you think you're missing and I will see what I can find
Setting context: "my mind" - not being in control of the mind. For multiples, when they switch alters, blocks of time appear lost to them, unable to be accounted for.
You want to be so sure of every step you take
You can't always know what's coming
You can't always trust the twist of fate
Nothing is dependable or reliable because they are not in control.
Oh, my love, my heart is set on you, set on you
Oh, my love, my heart is set on you, set on you
The heart shaped butt, set upon the member of the sodomizing handler. The “love” is actually referring to the abusive treatment
Stars shine down from the black and we're picking though this broken glass
Well how could we know that our lives would be so full of beautifully broken things
The appearance of the white flashes of light in the brain. Also, Star = Angel. The broken glass is a metaphor for the shattered mind, the dissociative condition and the maze of the alter system. Beautifully (truly UGLY) broken things, the handlers and slaves and their lives revolving around Satanic ritual engagements at the appointed times.
Oh, my love, my heart is set on you, set on you
Oh, my love, my heart is set on you, set on you
War is the most vulgar madness and winters can be so cruel
You can't always change the way things are like I can't change the way I think of you
War? Yes, the Black Awakening, ultimately, and yet now it is descriptive of their current assignments. They are enemies who pose as friends, secret agents who bring destruction. There is no warmth inside them but cruel and bitter cold in their souls. They will change the way things are, that's the point, and you won't stop them - individuals, maybe, but their goal will be achieved. They can't change the way they think of you. Hatred is burned inside them with the installation of demons.

Again, this is so typical of popular music lyrics. The celebrities are programmed and their songs and videos are programming support vehicles that also deliver programming for the spellbound masses.

There are nine panels on the album cover of “Away From the World,” the single digit number of the mark of the Beast transformation. This transformation of the world and of the individuals in it are what the sodomite gateway is being leveraged to bring about. The center panel features a very pregnant woman. The plan is coming to full term and will soon be birthed.

The classic TV game show Hollywood Squares is a similar allegory. The celebrities are stars (angels) set into a 9 paneled grid. They answer questions, enlightening the panelists who make a play of attempting to discern the truth amidst the clever fabrications that are usually lies intended to deceive. Based upon the game, tic-tac-toe, they use language like “X gets the square,” to reward the contestant for a successful call. They also say, “Circle gets the square,” referencing the alchemical squaring of the circle! In the picture I present here, the sodomite signaling plus sign is highlighted. The scoring alignments of rows and columns mock up a magick square, a tool of the kind of Enochian magick practiced by Dr. John Dee. Holly wood has long been used to make magick wands, not for stage tricks but for ritual use. Their magick is real, and many of the show biz celebrities are Illumined Occultists and SRA handlers/slaves; practiced deceivers who prey upon the ignorant with their ceremonial magick.

If you're familiar with a show called The Lost Room, the experience of the guy using the special key to motel room 10 (10 ~ IO ~ Helios ~ Apollo ~ Horus) to navigate the world illustrates the world of a MK-ULTRA slave. I watched episode 1 for the first time the night before starting this post. A movie titled Cube (1997) and its sequel are similar allegories that come to mind.

The Illuminati songstress Jessie J models the doll house metaphor in her music video, “Price Tag.” She is herself a doll house, with many compartmentalized alters. What you see here is an equivalent to the Captain Kangaroo door, with many windows opening to rooms in the door. Jessie J's bare legs present us with the form of a pyramid, and the hands conceal and reveal how the handlers are at the top, in control. The triangle formed also signals the anal triangle or sodomite gateway as the means of producing this condition. The dormers signal us with sodomite plus signs.

A TV show called Dollhouse (2009) featured mind-control programmed slaves who run special missions in a secret project. An entire blog could be dedicated to this show for what it conceals and reveals! (Like Fringe, which airs its final show tonight.) The dolls are the agents, programmed by the handlers with Beta sex kitten and Delta assassin alters. Dolls are unable to determine their own actions, you see.

Some of the marketing imagery shows them with mannequins, interpreting for us what you see in music video and fashion magazines. In the TV series, the identities are programmed into the dolls for individual missions and is wiped afterward. This is not mere entertainment with science fiction, although they sanitized the programming process. Mind controlled slaves are like a hard drive with an operating system installed. Apps are then installed and uninstalled on the system.

Calling the project and facility “Dollhouse” is certainly valid, but the metaphor applies to the organized programming structure of the individual doll, like Jessie J modeled in “Price Tag.” This explains what you see in some of the imagery below.

On the DVD art, which itself appears as the signal anus, the lead doll's arms are crossed over the hole in the middle, a plus sign as kind of an “x marks the spot.” The dozens of Polaroids are all of her in different roles, and they represent her many alters. See the title? Understand from this that she is the dollhouse.

The inverted illuminated five pointed star figure is the signature image of the show, used like the power button for “Revolution.” It is a stylized picture of the sleeping quarters for the 5 starring dolls, presenting what I believe is a veiled testimony about the programmed sleeper agents in our midst, who have a global (number 5) mission. Although there are different people who sleep in each compartment, it represents a single slave as a Dollhouse, with a star set of 5 alters. The black hole star is the sodomite gateway, of course. Star = angel, right?

Latticed panes of glass in windows represent the grid of alters that is the slave's compartmentalized structure, the dollhouse. Those you see here also feature divisions that form simple plus signs, the symbol of the ritual sodomy that binds them together.

Dollhouse was created by writer and director, Joss Whedon, under Mutant Enemy Productions, and it was aired on the FOX network. Mutant Enemy. FOX=666. Connecting some dots?

On the cover of “Room for Squares,” a slightly obfuscated 9x9 grid presents John Mayer as a multiple. The lyrics to Not Myself validate that impression and interpret to us what is meant by the album title. Heartbreak Warfare (from a previous album) conceals and reveals insight into the Black Awakening.

I introduced an old cartoon called Bimbo's Initiation here: Illuminati mind control - "Bimbo's Initiation" - MK-ULTRA - Monarch mind control. Notice the rooms, doors, fake doors, convoluted passageways and the confusing array of ways to move between them. It's the diagramming of a sample programming structure. On one level it models the switching from alter to alter.

Alice in Wonderland, one of the standards for producing trauma based mind control programming systems, presents a very clear example in what's referred to as the hall of doors. Alice follows a white rabbit down a rabbit hole and finds herself in this place that is unlike the real world in many ways.

When Alice tumbles down the rabbit hole into what is known to us as Wonderland, it fantasy literature's defining metaphor for ritual sodomy and the trauma that introduces the slave into a very crazy world where nothing makes sense.

Alice finds herself trapped in a hall with many locked doors. She discovers one that is hidden and eventually discovers and uses a combination of things to exit into another world. The system is what's pictured in The Lost Room. Passing in and out of the lost room and the hall of doors is the alter switching, the activation of the alter of that compartment's program. The switching is the triggering of the resident demons, giving access to the demon's powers.

Wikipedia informs us that Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (commonly shortened to Alice in Wonderland) is an 1865 novel written by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. A pedophile society is named for the author. Knowing what I have come to learn, it seems highly unlikely that Dodgson was not himself an illuminated slave, handler and programmer.

The last example is the music video by Jessie J - Nobody's Perfect. The dollhouse and rooms metaphor of her “Price Tag” video appear here in the hall of doors metaphor. “Nobody's Perfect” borrows heavily from Alice in Wonderland, alternating scenes from the tea party (the Mad Hatter) with scenes from the hall of doors and a clock room.

In this image you see Jessie J in the hall, pressing her fists to her head like in a vice. Pressure on the brain = ritual trauma. This forces the dissociation.

Jessie J wears her trademark Cleopatra hair style. This is a sodomy signal of itself because the flat bangs contrasts the very round top of her head to square the circle. The style connects to the magick performed by the ancient royals of Egypt who honored Isis, the goddess of magick who mated with Osiris and brought forth Horus.

At the tea party banquet, pink doors with panels with purple accents appear at one end. The message seems to be that they are her alters, every character.

I count six characters on each side of the table, plus Jessie J at the head. She is the High Priestess of the Coven, during one of the ceremonial days on the calendar.

The scale of redundant testimony about this covert activity is HUGE! The covering spell cast over it is a thick cloak. Are you catching on to what's really going on? Do you see the evidence of it manifest in your real world engagements?

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