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Part 75 - The Sodomite Gateway - Umbrella (Orange Version)

The umbrella and the rain are two very widely leveraged Occult symbols. I first wrote about them in 2008 while studying the Beijing Olympics. You can read what I wrote about them in a series I wrote for my main website at called, Olympic Ceremony Symbolism.

The usual caveats apply, so if you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered or you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, please move on. If you're new to this series, welcome! You may want to start at the beginning to get the foundation for what's here. Series Links: The Sodomite Gateway

In 2008, I had not yet learned about ritual sodomy and the role it plays. I had received some valuable insight into rain as the esoteric symbol representing God's seminal fluid, writing thus about the Bible's account of the flood of Noah's day: “As the waters of the flood come upon the earth, the ark is sent forth with God's seed and the whole sphere of the earth is covered as an egg with sperm, being fertilized for the purpose of repopulating the earth in another season of harvest!” The devil has leveraged that natural symbol of reproductive fluid in his counterfeiting operations, adding the umbrella to symbolize the phallus, which I detailed in that expose in 2008.

Here's a picture of the scene you may recall from Beijing's closing ceremony. Brits with brollies, dramatizing an ejaculation sequence as the bus arrives.

Some folks make reference to the condom as a raincoat, and some even call it an umbrella. That usage identifies the rain as semen metaphor and connects the umbrella to the phallus, but the condom doesn't really factor into the Occult messaging here.

Remember Rango? This screenshot says plenty.

Now that I've learned how the Adversary uses the umbrella to represent the anus in his sodomite gateway scheme, there's much more to be gleaned! Thank you Lord!

Rihanna's music video heavily features the umbrella and rain while layering in a few other key symbols of ritual sodomy programming. Note that this video is titled “Orange Version,” so the sodomite orange symbol is layered right onto the package's label! The redundant layering of symbols in programming vehicles like this helps with the keys to interpretation like the Rosetta Stone that unlocked the Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Rihanna - Umbrella (Orange Version) ft. JAY-Z

We see in this image of a backlit Rihanna the formation of three triangles as she sits on her butt. This sets the scene for anal triangle illumination and a 9 (angles and sides) transformation. We're given a sultry “Harmerty” one eye look, aided by the hat, to tip us off to the hidden eye of Horus enlightenment theme. Her hand on top of her leg-triangle suggests that her handler is on top of her triangle.

We hear Jay-Z rapping about her initiation, “good girl gone bad.” He then appears on scene as her handler and sodomizer.

He's standing in the rain, flanked by six girls. In this scene they signal a tripled 666. They stand with their legs apart and their bare legs are highlighted. Flip the scene as reflected in the water and you have the Hebrew letter vav signaled by each girl. vav=6, so three of them is a 666 signal, and there's two sets of them. The third 666 is signaled by first identifying Jay-Z as a man and substituting the number for “man,” 6. Count the highlighted legs of the women. On the left, 6. On the right, 6. Together with Jay-Z, 666.

When Jay-Z says, “Take 3. Action.” the video cuts to three girls with their hands in their pockets. Hidden hands - the “hidden hand” of secret societies means their actions are covert. Emphasis or de-emphasis put on the hands calls them to attention and signals, handler.

Jay-Z refers to himself as the rain man, using the “seminal fluid as rain” metaphor to identify himself as the sodomizer.

We see the rain as sparks, like fireworks and stars in the night, falling from the heavens. In this ritual magick, there's a supernaturalism involved, a demonic fallen angel component that may be perceived as Luciferian light. According to Marion Knox, “Basically, Satan cannot sodomize someone on his own, but he can influence somebody to sodomize someone else and then it’s like having Satan sodomize them and put the sodomy power within them.”

In the sequence where Rihanna appears in a white dress, she's the good girl beginning to go bad, picking up the cue from Jay-Z's rap. As she's being initiated she resists, appearing to dodge and deflect the splashing water. When her face appears framed by the water, that speaks to me of her reaching the point where she dissociates. She then signals acceptance and stops resisting. “You can stand under my umbrella,” she sings.

When there's sunshine we'll shine Together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be your friend
Took an oath I'mma stick it out 'till the end

Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella

Jay-Z had referred to her as his sunshine girl. He's really talking about the black sun, that place “where the sun don't shine.” This is what the blood oath is about. NLP “stick it” ... “the end.” They cannot tell about this relationship because it is a most highly guarded secret.

As she sings she keeps repeating “ella” and “A,” which I have to think is alluding further to her A**, reading her body language.

Then we see her wearing black. The changed clothes signals dissociation has happened and she has escaped the trauma, switching to an alter identity. We see her beginning to dance with a focus on her wearing ballet shoes, pointing her feet and standing on her toes like a ballerina. We see her dipping down as if she's going on her knees, with a figure right behind her, all in black. Jay-Z, the handler-sodomizer. She's accepted being sodomized.

If you understand about how high heel shoes symbolize the bottom of a sodomite pair you get the ballerina bit. The heel is at the rear end of the foot. When it is raised up, the rear end is raised and exposed. A function of high heel shoes is popularly understood as serving to lift the derriere. These are still fairly common, and it should be said that being common does nothing to discount the symbolic meaning.

Here's a picture of Lady Gaga's famous penis shoes. There's a little obfuscation of the sodomy metaphor, and I suppose that makes them useful as sex toys. Note the crimped black bottoms of the model's pants that layers on the sodomite gateway symbolism.

Next up in the Umbrella video we see the umbrella as phallus metaphor, with her doing squats while on her toes. She looks back at us over her shoulder, and we know her backside is towards us, so we take the hint. She'll make lots of moves that suggest this is really all about her backside.

We briefly see her holding on to a trapeze swing. The swing is a popular prop on the slave programming set. She finally opens the black umbrella to present the signal anus, validating further what kind of sex the trapeze is facilitating.

In Part 73 I wrote, “In Rihanna's “Umbrella” video, she is creatively “not telling” us how her black umbrella represents her sodomite gateway, against a wall that has many panels. Each panel represents an alter in her system.” In this sequence we see her in yet another outfit. Another alter. The umbrella is collapsed. Held behind her back, the phallus is behind her. Her fish-net stockings present another grid and slice of the alter system being programmed in by her sodomizing handler. Here, she's wearing high heels.

Watch her put the handle against her butt and bend over backwards. Keep that in mind, I'll be referencing it in another post, Lord willing.

She sings lines that really only make sense in context of this SRA ritual. “You're part of my entity - Here for Infinity

In the next sequence that gets woven in, we're shown a collection of scenes where Rihanna adopts artful postures in stark sets wearing only a covering of metallic paint. She's not really human anymore. The metallic skin illustrates the light body transformation as into a goddess. Sodomite sex magick does transform the DNA and it does advance one towards what will be completed in the mark of the Beast.

Isis is the goddess of magick who mates with Osiris to bring forth Horus. Rihanna now sports the identifying magickal Isis-Horus Behedeti tattoo on her solar plexus. It's more than a fashion accessory.

The metallic Rihanna images flip back and forth in the video between positive and negative images that invert the lighting. Light-dark flashing. There's frequent doubling of the subject and repeated scenes. It's the mirroring alter systems and angel-demons being programmed in. This happens while being traumatically sodomized, as revealed by her symbolic postures.

One of the first in the sequence pictures Rihanna with her hands in a prayer posture, which might be taken as an homage to pop goddess Madonna's classic, “Like a Prayer.” That “prayer” on her knees signaled the religious experience of being ritually sodomized while on her knees. Rihanna is doubled, mirrored, split in two, dissociated.

Some panels feature her inside a triangle. In one, she's on her knees and divides the one into three. That's the 9 and an equivalent to the Masonic Royal Arch degree's “three times three” ritual. Do you see a hint of the horned Baphomet?

She is seen here forming a triangle with her arm, while touching her palm to her forehead, the third eye illumination.

In another clever posture, she forms more triangles, making the Kundalini gland connection for us. She touches her backside at the point of one triangle. She touches her forehead with another. With her legs, a sodomy signaling plus sign is formed by crossing a vertical with a horizontal. Finally, the raised rear end of her foot is identified with the rear end that is the focus of all this attention. Evil genius.

The essential binding feature of ritual sodomy has not been neglected in this Illuminati vehicle. We see her on the left wearing a metallic tie around her neck. Her vest-like halter top is tied in the back with a black bow.

“It's Pouring rain, it's Pouring rain
Come into Me, come into Me”

There's the equation. Do the math. She's inviting the sodomizer's semen, and welcoming the installation of the demonic Legion.

Here's the VC's interesting take on Rihanna's Umbrella video.

While you and I may not be soaking in this evil on the club scene or feeding on it by watching lots of music videos, many of those around us are. You may not really have a grasp of this yet, but really, this kind of thing isn't a recent phenomenon. Stay tuned for a remarkable example. Before the music video, there was “the musical.” Like Captain Kangaroo and Bimbo's Initiation, this stealth weaponry has been part of the Devil's arsenal for a long time. We have been raised under a spell of deception. Praise the Lord for setting us free!

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