Thursday, January 17, 2013

Our Status and an Encouraging Word

Soon, an army of enhanced agents will engage in an operation on a much larger scale that will transition this present order into the one in which the lawless one will appear. As knots being tied in a net that will ensnare you and I, the actions of those in authority are well advanced towards the end of control, and captivity.

What Tom Horn and Chris Putnam have been bringing forward about the activities and expectation of the Vatican is one witness to this. The testimony has come from the mouths of the agents of chaos themselves, as attested to by Russ Dizdar (The Black Awakening) and others. There are other kinds of witnesses that are very public, and their declarations are very forthright, howbeit encoded.

This post brings the tally on this blog up to 650. The vast majority of these are exposing the plans, ways and means of the enemy (our Adversary) in the context of the unfolding plan of my Sovereign God. As I look back and recall the seasons when these were being researched and written and reflect upon what was going on in the background, I'm both humbled and thrilled at the kindness and generosity of our Lord Y'shua and the vastness of His mercy and grace!

Friends, as the evil generation rises to overtake us as a flood, remember well the miracles that have brought you to this place in time, and cling to the love and might of the One who brought you thus far, who will fulfill every word of promise to you.

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