Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Part 67 - The Sodomite Gateway - Orange Video

Here's a video I made that says a lot about how the color orange is used to signal the sodomite gateway. Occult Symbolism - Sodomite Gateways - Orange: A Color Like Purple

Here's a commercial for an orange drink.

Sunkist Commercial 1985

Big orange butt donuts. Like Cosi.

Here's a commercial for Orange, the telecom giant.

Commercial for Orange - Film Board - Patrick Swaze, The Silent Hunter

Silent hunter: undetectable supersoldier assassin, sodomy programmed Delta alter sleeper agent. Patrick tosses a pencil into the guy's donut. Sodomy. Giant illuminated anus-clock frames the head of the main guy on the Film Funding Board - illuminated! Nine oclock - straight up. It might be am, for the MOB transformation number, but it's probably pm, 21 hundred, the signal for the fullness of time. That speaks to me of the countdown, when the army of “Manchurian Candidate” multiples will be triggered in the Black Awakening.

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