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Part 7 - A Bioforming Pandemic - Altering Gene Expression and "Jamming" Our Immune System With Scalar Weapons and Psychotronic Warfare

By Aaron Hermann ( Revelation of Babylon blog )

In Part 6 - A Bioforming Pandemic: Is Monsanto's Aim to Silence Genes Through GM Foods a Precursor to a Possible Pandemic? I discussed the effect of GMO foods on the human body with specific reference to the silencing and alteration of gene expression, in particular the IFITM-3 gene that plays a key role in protecting the body from infection in the lower portion of the respiratory system. It is important to note that the GMO foods are only one facet of the multi-front attack being perpetrated against mankind in this late hour.

In this post I would like to discuss the role that scalar and psychotronic weaponry are playing in the ongoing assault against mankind in an attempt to soften us up via terraforming and bioforming in this late hour as Satan advances his scheme to implement the Mark of the Beast in just a few short years.

The Lord revealed the connection between the IFITM-3 gene and the likely forthcoming global pandemic to me earlier this year, and He has continued to confirm those initial revelations. One such confirmation came today when I came across an article detailing the study of the effect of geomagnetic disturbances on gene expression and the immune system using the flu as the model for the study.

Recent studies demonstrate distinct changes in gene expression in cells exposed to a weak magnetic field (MF). Mechanisms of this phenomenon are not understood yet. We propose that proteins of the Cryptochrome family (CRY) are “epigenetic sensors” of the MF fluctuations, i.e., magnetic field-sensitive part of the epigenetic controlling mechanism. It was shown that CRY represses activity of the major circadian transcriptional complex CLOCK/BMAL1.

At the same time, function of CRY, is apparently highly responsive to weak MF because of radical pairs that periodically arise in the functionally active site of CRY and mediate the radical pair mechanism of magnetoreception. It is known that the circadian complex influences function of every organ and tissue, including modulation of both NF-?B- and glucocorticoids- dependent signaling pathways.

Thus, MFs and solar cycles-dependent geomagnetic field fluctuations are capable of altering expression of genes related to function of NF-?B, hormones and other biological regulators. Notably, NF-?B, along with its significant role in immune response, also participates in differential regulation of influenza virus RNA synthesis. Presented data suggests that in the case of global application (example—geomagnetic field), MF-mediated regulation may have epidemiological and other consequences.

Mechanisms of Geomagnetic Field Influence on Gene Expression Using Influenza as a Model System: Basics of Physical Epidemiology

The full article is dense and long, but for those of you so inclined it is worth a read to understand the full implications of what is being said. The pretext of the article is to determine the effect that "solar activity" may have on gene expression and the immune system, but I believe that we can simply ignore the dubious "solar activity" justification for the study and infer that the true point of the study was to collect and analyze the results of the ongoing use of scalar and psychotronic weaponry manipulating the electromagnetic field around us, and to determine what adjustments, if any, need to be made in order to achieve the desired results.

Also of particular interest is the following work done by Bill Morgan in his review of the work of Thomas Bearden. I would like to add the caveat that the nature of this information makes it impossible to vet all of the players involved and the information contained in their reports, so please proceed with the direction of the holy spirit and allow for the Lord's hook-up to aid you in your discernment. As Bob likes to say, eat the fish and spit out the bones.

The Dark Side of the Force: Creating and broadcasting disease

Speaking of the scalar wave induction of disease by longitudinal wave patterns Bearden refers to work by French scientist Kervran and Russian scientist Kaznacheyev, who proved that any disease could be transmitted electromagnetically.

"It works this way: the Kaznacheyev experiments (and others) demonstrated that any cellular disease or disorder can be initiated into cells at a distance, by electromagnetic means (albeit unusual EM in nature). The decades of microwave radiation of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, was an ongoing set of "stimuli" to ping the U.S. system and, by its response, ascertain how far along (or if it was "along") in its knowledge of such weapons. The radiation was responsible for many health changes in personnel and for the eventual deaths of three U.S. Ambassadors."

In a letter he writes,

"Yes, the Kaznacheyev experiments were quite real; 15,000 or so in military research institutes in Siberia. As with so many other novel areas investigated and developed by the Soviets, most U.S. investigators just assumed normal EM, which is not what the Kaznacheyev experiments involved, and not what was carrying disease induction patterns from one cell culture to another in rigorous lab tests."

How to "Broadcast" Diseases: Longitudinal EM Biowars

Bearden explains how the new quantum potential weapons can be used to induce disease-at-a-distance in a population, or to "spread" the immune system so thin that a conventional bio-attack would be greatly potentiated. By "broadcasting" virtual disease patterns over a population, the immune system is so overloaded by the presence of the "shadow" diseases that its effectiveness is thinned out.

"In short, alter the internal wavestructure, and one creates a curved spacetime 'engine' that acts on mass in any fashion one chooses to design -- including initiate diseases . . . Now visualize one of these 'vacuum engines' or 'spacetime curvature engines' that acts on mass to generate the exact effects produced by anthrax. (Or any other disease one wishes) . . . Call the virtual state of a disease engine the disease pattern in the "shadow" state, just prior to becoming observable. . . .

"And the master cellular control system responds to "coming events that cast their shadows before". In short, it responds to the upper level of the "shadow state" of a disease, still in the virtual state! (Hey, virtual particles are real, virtual photons are real, virtual ST curvatures are real --- just very fleeting, only for another to immediately arise). The exchange of virtual particles is known to generate all forces in physics anyway! . . .

"So the cellular control system responds to "shadow state" disease patterns. Enter a QP weapon application. Place a quantum potential weapon "area" on the United States, so that the entire populace is in it. The slowly introduce and bring up in the shadow state, thenecrotizing fasciitis disease engine. At some point, the cellular control systems will react, and order the immune system into action.

In other words, immune system resources will be committed against this "immediately coming" enemy. Bring it on up a little, but still just in the shadow state. Voila! Humans form a bell-shaped distribution curve. And even if the structure of the QP fluctuates a little, fluctuating a bit stronger and a bit weaker, etc. A few of those targeted bodies will now actually develop necrotizing fasciitis. So far, just like the U.S. Embassy targeting, except a different "carrier".

"But now there is an exact signature that this is what is doing it, and not normal vector carriers of disease and contact or exposure infection. The few cases of necrotizing fasciitis that break out will be most puzzling. They will be randomly scattered across the entire nation, and so few that the vector carrier and contact or exposure explanation completely fails."

"And that one happened, right here in the U.S., not so long ago. Check it out.

"So carefully adjust the patterns for, say, 12 major terrible diseases, to that "adjusted and desired shadow state level". Now add all 12 patterns into the internal structure of the quantum potential. Now it has 12 shadow state disease engines in it.

"Place that one on a populace. The cellular control systems order the immune systems into action, and they now have to commit their finite resources to 12 different areas. This greatly thins the response an immune system can make to any one of those 12 disease patterns! In short, it "spreads" the capabilities of the immune system, which can be galvanized to great effort, but only can perform a small bit against each area.

"Suppose one of those "galvanized" areas in the targeted populace's immune systems is anthrax. And suppose the bad guys now hit one or more of those cities with a professional anthrax attack. A former OTA study showed that a professional anthrax aerial spray attack against Washington D.C., dispensing 100 kilograms of anthrax spores in the spray, will account for 1 to 3 million casualties. And that's in an "unthinned" set of immune systems.

In the "thinned" set, one can at least double or triple, and even up to five times, that estimate. So conservatively, now there would be from 2 to 6 million casualties. And even mild anthrax spray attacks in other "thinned" cities would also be amplified.

"That one is being set up, or already set up, right now. There are other such "augmentation" setups also under way.

"So the weapons alluded to by the SecDef in 1997 are already being employed. WW III has already begun, and our populace (and our scientific community) is blissfully unaware of it."

Most of us can remember the strange outbreaks of the so-called "flesh eating disease." It seemed to break out here and there randomly with no known cause. Bearden believes this was a test of the newer quantum potential weapons which go even beyond the capabilities of the Tesla howitzers.

"The Kaznacheyev "disease induction by novel electrodynamics" work is also the basis for the spacetime curvature engines (not EM signals!) carried by quantum potential EM biological weapons for distant induction of diseases etc. into the population of an entire nation or area, such as the U.S.

"This quantum potential disease induction weapon -- capable of attacking an entire population of a nation or area -- has been tested several times in the U.S. at very low levels, in the shadow state only (we explain shortly) and it has a most peculiar signature. E.g., one test used necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-rotting disease) engines.

"The disease 'engine' was deliberately kept down in the 'shadow state' (virtual state, just below the observable state) so that only a tiny bit of the populace with depressed thresholds would "breach the observable threshold' due to the population forming a bell-shaped curve as to the threshold level. The major signature of the test was that the cases of the disease broke out totally statistically and randomly, spread all over, without any 'disease vector' in between.

"In short, it was not spread in any manner required by normal deterministic disease vectoring, but was a totally random set of occurrences. Several other diseases were also tested this way in the American populace, with precisely the same signature."

"Apparently one planned use of such an augmented clandestine BW weapon will be smallpox, e.g. As you know, the Russians did develop smallpox for biological warfare, and even developed a new strain against which previous vaccination is ineffective.

"The vast numbers of expected casualties, coupled with immune system spreading, are absolutely irresistible to the Russian mind. You can count on it that they have seen that the smallpox is already on site here, in the U.S. and in the hands of professional terrorist teams. Of course, the Russians/KGB will protest they have nothing to do with that! Yet likely the KGB will have flatly arranged it or at least assisted it. The capability for mass destruction of the nation is so lucrative and easy to achieve in advance, that they would never be able to resist doing it."

Bearden believes the Gulf War Syndrome involved the use of scalar technology to induce a disease state, as he stated in a 1997 interview:

"I'll say this flatly, and I won't answer any further questions about it; the Gulf War Syndrome was induced... It was induced with this stuff. All the rest... was contributing factors that everybody's talking about... There are some deeper signatures, if you look into it very deeply, that show you exactly how it was done and the fact that it was induced. It was a test. It was a test of a very special kind of weapon I have not talked about yet. Anyway you can use it to create diseases."

Besides using the woodpecker grid to target a population, the entire electrical grids of nations can be used as "channels" for disease patterns to be broadcast to all people near that grid. Your own house wiring can become an antenna, broadcasting these "shadow" patterns of disease, weakening your immune system.

Scalar Wars: The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics by Bill Morgan

Our immune systems are being "jammed" with frequencies that will prevent them from responding to the presence of an actual virus while they are busy being distracted with the "shadow viruses" caused by the specific frequencies generated via the various electromagnetic manipulations from scalar and psychotronic weaponry.

The continued efforts to soften us up through destroying our food supply with GMO foods, our water supply with fluoride and other chemicals, the air we breathe with chemtrails, and the atmosphere as a whole are working and will have their desired effect to the extent that the Sovereign God allows.

Part and parcel to the work of the scalar and psychotronic weaponry is the ongoing terraforming via chemtrails that concurrently enhances the power of the weaponry and further compromises our immune system. Detailed information on "Project Cloverleaf" and the terraforming chemtrail operations can be found by investigating the links below, and any Google search will turn up a voluminous collection of information on the topic.

The Satanic assault against mankind will not only continue, but will ramp up dramatically over the course of the next few weeks as gateways are opened spiritually and the Fallen-Angel inspired technology continues to be employed against us. In the context of this ongoing series it is worth closing this post with two rather ominous signals that we may be getting closer to a likely pandemic.

House passes final version of preparedness reauthorization law

"The US House of Representatives today in a 383-to-16 vote passed legislation to reauthorize the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act (passed in 2006), which now awaits action by the Senate before it goes to President Obama's desk. In a statement today, Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., who introduced the bill, said it represents common ground between House and Senate versions and was developed after months of work and deliberation between leaders in the two chambers. "Given the urgent need to reauthorize our nation's most critical biodefense and preparedness programs, I am hopeful this bipartisan legislation can be quickly passed by the Senate before Congress adjourns," he said.

The House passed an earlier version of the bill in December 2011, and the Senate passed its version in early March, according to earlier reports. The Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Reauthorization Act of 2012 continues programs to develop medical countermeasures against chemical, biological, radioactive, and nuclear threats, as well as programs to bolster the nation's preparedness for other public health threats, such as pandemic flu. Trust for America's Health (TFAH), a nonprofit health advocacy group, in a statement today applauded the House passage and urged the Senate to pass the law by the end of the year.

Jeff Levi, TFAH's executive director, said in the statement, "It is important, in the final bill, that the Public Health and Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Grant Program, Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) and Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) are reauthorized, as they provide vital funding to local and state public health departments to strengthen response capabilities, enhance hospital preparedness and surge capacity, and develop vaccines, drugs and other necessary countermeasures."

News Scan: House passes final version of preparedness reauthorization law

With all of this rather unsettling information I would like to close the post by reminding you that the True Sovereign God is in complete control of all of this and He has seen this coming. Take hold of His precious promises and draw near to Him for your comfort, peace, and safety.

17 No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord. ~ Isaiah 54:17

May the Lord Y'shua grant us all the necessary strength and peace we will most assuredly need in the trying days ahead. Amen.

By Aaron Hermann ( Revelation of Babylon blog )

Bob Schlenker (theopenscroll@) and Aaron Hermann (theultimateplan@)

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