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Part 61 - The Sodomite Gateway - Puss in Boots: The Gold Pooper

When I commented on Puss in Boots (2011) a few days ago (Analysis: The Bugarach Hoax, Tower of Babel, Puss in Boots) I didn't plan to write more about it but here I am doing just that. When I started the Rango series way back when, I just wanted to hit it very lightly and move on because I had some “important” things in the works and didn't want to get sidetracked. You may have noticed how that didn't exactly go according to plan, at least not my plan. This DreamWorks animated feature Puss in Boots may not get the full Rango treatment, but more attention is called for.

The focus in the earlier post was upon the Tower of Babel plot to raid heaven's treasure. Deliverance minister and farmer Marion Knox understands this.

“The belief in the occult world is if you could sodomize God, you’d get God’s power. You become as gods through sodomy;” (Deprogrammer Interview with Marion Knox: In the House of the Strongman, Sodomy is the Key)

This essential dynamic was presented through the “Jack and the Beanstalk” allegory, with a castle in the clouds where the golden egg laying goose was found. The Puss in Boots twist was that the starring threesome would have to steal the gosling that was identified as “the gold pooper.” I already mentioned how the main characters are MK-ULTRA slave supersoldiers, and I want to elaborate a little on that but focus primarily on the sexual angle. While there is a heterosexual flirtation between the Latin lover Puss and his companion Kitty Softpaws, there's plenty of innuendo, NLP and visual cues that highlight a sodomite relationship between Puss and Humpty. This is not just a gay thing: It's an esoteric sodomite gateway thing. This is heavily cloaked, spiritually.

The usual caveats apply here, so if you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered or you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, please move on.

To set up for what might be the most vividly dramatized sodomite scene in the film, the story developed so the team had ascended up into the land of the castle in the clouds. There, they discovered a meadow strewn with golden eggs. The eggs were so heavy it was quickly noted how they couldn't manage to steal even a single one. They spotted the fuzzy yellow chick and watched her lay an egg. Puss and Humpty disagreed on what should be done until Kitty Softpaws interrupted. The gosling had nuzzled Humpty, who was wearing his golden egg suit, and perched on top of him as you see in this screenshot. Here's Kitty's declaration, which provides the key insight. “Guys, guys. Its the gold pooper. We're taking it.” She's obviously referring to the gosling we saw lay an egg. The team makes off with the chick as they make their escape, fleeing the protective mother, referred to as The Great Terror.

Guys, guys. Its the gold pooper. We're taking it.” The gold pooper. That's the god's precious anus, to be taken via sodomy.

There's some misdirection at work that is, for us, actually serving as an identification. The gold pooper, on the esoteric level, is not the gosling but Humpty in his gold suit. See the gosling and Humpty, together. We have just seen the two meet and enjoy a brief season of affectionate emotional bonding, so they are linked together. See Humpty as the gold pooper, a big anus with the drawstring as a sphincter.

When Kitty says “guys, guys,” it's really not just because she wants their attention. This is NLP in the script that associates the gold pooper with the two guys, Puss and Humpty, males, a sodomite couple. Indicating their preference, Puss is the top or pitcher and Humpty is the bottom or catcher.

This explains why Humpty Dumpty as the nursery rhyme character of choice for the role. Slang. Hump-ty Hump: sexual intercourse. Dump-ty Dump: defecation. Humpty Dumpty, the sodomite bottom. His middle name is said to be “Alexander.”

“The belief in the occult world is if you could sodomize God, you’d get God’s power. You become as gods through sodomy; that’s the way the Greek gods became gods. Alexander the Great was a great sodomizer and his Greek army was the most fierce. Hitler tried to pattern his SS and military after the Greek warriors using sodomy. When you put that all together, the civilizations that God wiped out boiled down to the practice of sodomy. ” (Deprogrammer Interview with Marion Knox: In the House of the Strongman, Sodomy is the Key)

Humpty Alexander Dumpty, a sodomite supersoldier with a fitting name.

Another signal is sent when Kitty teases Puss about his boots, suggesting, by pointing out how the heels are a little high, that Puss has a liking for men, sexually. The name, Puss, is slang that suggests a feminine character.

Puss is pictured as illuminated by the feather plume in his hat, which compares to the ostrich plumage worn by members of the Order of the Garter. It represents the third eye and kundalini activation achieved through ritual sodomy.

I believe the style of the hat is also intended to signal sodomy, with half the brim turned up like the Aussies wear (slouch, Victorian, bush or digger hat) in the land down under. Down under ~ the anatomical nether region.

Before I move on I want to note that in the Puss in Boots twist on the “Jack and the Beanstalk” tale, it's the fluffy little gosling that is the layer of the golden eggs, not the mature adult. The prized gold pooper is immature, a mere toddler. The primary targets for ritual abuse are around 3 years old when they are sodomized and the demonic alter systems are programmed in. The psi powers that attend the demons are installed and the essential bonding is accomplished. The person's core personality is at that time isolated off from the natural processes of further development.

“Those who have been programmed have a locked-in three-year-old mindset which is the core of the programming. Say they’re eighteen or twenty years old and somebody comes up and knows the signal or says the code word to call out the three-year-old core. The person then goes into the three-year-old state to be sodomized, then the sodomites program into their minds what they want to program in, and when that person wakes up they probably don’t even remember that anything happened. Basically, a person reverts back to the three year old to be a total victim to the sodomy.” (Marion Knox - Interviewing Deprogrammers: In the House of the Strong Man Sodomy is the Key)

As a bonus here, to highlight how children are sometimes traumatized even from the womb, I wanted to share an image brother Martin passed on to me today. (Thanks!) It's an ad for diapers, Huggies Newborn. The other image here is one by Kim Noble's alter, Ria Pratt, of a ritual programming scene with a position to compare. The baby wears a purple hat, signaling sodomy. Purple helmet ~ phallus head. The stars in the ad are there for a reason, to signify angelic presence. A big star by the head suggests illumination, and one approaching from the rear suggests a sodomite angel, or one who is illumined with that star light. One of the letters in the wordmark is elevated, exalted. Keep that in mind to connect some dots later in the post.

After the trio of plunderers return to ground level with the gosling, Kitty excuses herself for the evening. With all that background, here's the dialogue of what I'll call the bedroom scene.

Humpty: We should let her have some privacy.
[They settle in for the night, resting their heads on a log.]
Puss: I never thought we would get here. After all we went through, to pull this off together. It is good to have my brother back.
Humpty: Yup. It sure is. [yawn] Well, we have a big day tomorrow. [yawn - stretch] It's very exciting stuff. We should get some rest. [pulls drawstring]
Puss: Good night, Humpty.

This scene is set on what is their bed. There is between them a pile of golden eggs. Since these came out of the gold pooper, its a pile of poop, right? The two lovers are basking in the afterglow, enjoying some affectionate pillow talk. It should be pretty obvious that they did the Humpty and then Humpty did the Dumpty, leaving kind of a heart shaped pile. Yeah, this is pretty gross. Sorry.

This other pair of images shows Puss still wearing his sword, which appears as though it might be stuck into the ground pretty far. Or, not. The handle of his sword has a knob. It's a little head, a cat head. Given the placement in the scene, it's his erection, and he has been the sodomite top to Humpty's bottom.

In the dialogue, Humpty mentions privacy, then he and Puss share an intimate season in private. More innuendo is made with, “to pull this off together,” and “It is good to have my brother back,” as in “have my way with my brother's backside.” “It's very exciting stuff,” Humpty said. Right. Orgasmic, and whatever else deemed exciting that would have been gained by the supernatural transfer of capital.

Puss rates their engagement as a “good night.” Good night, Humpty.

When Humpty said, “We should get some rest”
he pulled the drawstring to close the orifice and attest that, indeed, the sodomite bottom was now closed for business. His counterpart gold pooper hopped in and rolled Humpty away from his lover for some rest, turning his backside to him. We see the matched set in this image, with the gosling looking like a fuzzy bottom. Notice how Puss's sword is no longer standing at attention.

When the scene is dissected like this, it's all pretty obvious, but this really has a heavy cloak over it to hide and protect it so it can work its subtle magick.

Here's a scene where the trio is approaching the meadow. Humpty is dropped down by Kitty and is caught by Puss. In this screenshot, it should be pretty obvious that Puss is the partner actually doing the “pitching” here, with Humpty doing the “catching.” Clever play, isn't it? The devil's inspirations are evil genius.

After descending from the heavenly clouds to the ground, the trio celebrates having scored the gold pooper with some festive music and dancing. These screenshots come from that scene. They are brief and subtle enough where you're probably not going to think too much of them unless you are watching for signals.

What I've shown you so far shines a bright light on this shady animated feature and exposes it as a sodomite extravaganza - and I'm not done yet.

Earlier in the movie Puss is telling Kitty the story of his life, relating how he met Humpty when they were orphans in the same orphanage. As the new kid, bullys were mean to Puss. Humpty stole the beans off Puss' dinner plate, but when other bullies were picking on Puss, Humpty stood up for him. Here's some dialogue from that scene, and what follows.

Puss: Even though he took my beans the egg stood up for me. And I decided then that I would always have his back.

Here's the innuendo. The egg stood up for Puss, as his sodomite partner in an upright position. Puss deciding that he would always have Humpty's back means Puss intended to always be the top to Humpty's bottom.

Puss follows Humpty into a tent, which is like a lab. Humpty is attending to a Rube Goldberg machine that waters the ground where he had just planted the beans he stole from Puss in the orphanage dining room. He lets out an effeminate squeal when he is surprised by Puss.

Humpty: Oh! It's you. I've been collecting for months now, you never know when you're going to get lucky. You know what I mean? [whispers] Magic beans. It's what they are.

Shortly after that:

Humpty: I just need to know one thing. Can you commit?
Puss: I can commit.

The gay lovers are committed to each other. To understand how the magic beans fit in you have to relate them to pills, MDNA. Beans is a street name for the popular club drug, Ecstasy.

Most respondents reported feelings of emotional closeness while consuming MDMA but without the desire for penetrative sex. Others, however, reported that MDMA increased sexual arousal and some respondents (in particular gay and bisexual females) had used MDMA specifically for sexual enhancement
(MDMA and Sexual Behavior: Ecstasy Users’ Perceptions About Sexuality and Sexual Risk - by
Karen McElrath
(This is a pre-copy-editing, author-produced PDF of an article accepted for publication in Substance Use & Misuse following peer review.))

Humpty was collecting the magic beans or Ecstasy because he never knew when he was going to “get lucky,” which is to have an unexpected sexual encounter.

The scene that immediately followed found the lovers meeting in the belfry of the bell tower.

Humpty: First rule of Bean Club. You do not talk about Bean Club. Second Rule of Bean Club (whispers) is you don't talk about Bean Club. You ready?
Puss: Ready.
Humpty: From this day forth it shall be known
Puss: Never along always together.
Humpty: Humpty and Puss
Together: Brothers forever.
[Pricking their fingers to draw blood with the same pin, they share a special handshake and unite as blood brothers.]
Puss, back to narrating his history: And from that moment on we were united in a great adventure to find the magic beans.

What may seem like little boys clubhouse meeting represents the serious blood covenant of a fraternal order's sodomite union. The first two rules allude to the movie, “Fight Club” (Edward Norton, Brad Pitt), to which other connections beg to be made because of how that develops into Project Mayhem.

Sealing the deal, we're shown a crayon drawing that represents their dream, the castle in the clouds atop the beanstalk grown from the magickal beans. There's a big phallic tower and a doorway of the squared circle arch variety, in scatological brown. The sodomite portal. The doors are opened: The sodomite gateway, you see! Inside, we see bright yellow star light illumination! The happy-gay couple are pictured with what would later be identified to us as a gold pooper up top. If you've ever been goosed before you can add that rude layer of allusion to the canvas. Lots of heart-butt symbols are mixed in with what the gold pooper pooped to relate the two together.

The heart-as-butt metaphor repeats towards the end of the movie in an exchange with Imelda, the motherly proprietor of the orphanage, in a scene attended by some sodomite illumination imagery.

Imelda: You will always be in my heart.
Puss in Boots: And you in mine.

In my heart = In my butt, and thereby bonded together. In Spanish the meaning of the name “Imelda” is: “Powerful fighter” or “Entire battle.” Remember about Alexander the Great? She was sodomized to become Imelda. The orphans under her care would be “loved” in the same manner.

In Skyfall, the latest film in the 007 franchise, M relates to her favorite agent how orphans make the best recruits. Have you ever asked yourself why he always introduces himself as, “Bond, James Bond.” Is something in this that suggests how this agent of Her Majesty (modeled on Dr John Dee) got to be such a super secret agent? This installment in the franchise featured a brief but rather controversial scene involving 007 and an agent gone bad. Subject, sodomy.

Back to the crayon drawing, notice that the castle's construction is masonry, the Freemason's calling card. If you've never seen a gold pooper in the clouds before, you've never explored their Temple or Lodge imagery and correctly interpreted the symbolism. Notice also the greenery under the floor. The coffin is for the Hiram Abif / Osiris resurrection and ascension. To get to the castle you have to ascend, climbing the beanstalk.

You might say that the San Ricardo Belfry Lodge brothers had their sodomite blood brother initiation, with oath and handshake. Never tell. Ever. Meeting adjourned.

The character Puss in Boots is voiced by Antonio Banderas. He played the role of a sodomite in two films, making headlines with his performance in Law of Desire (1987), and breaking through to mainstream American audiences in, Philadelphia (1993), as the gay lover of a character played by Tom Hanks. Add Puss in Boots to that collection!

Lastly, I want to call attention to the fact that it is gold that is the valued material. The superficial view of alchemists is that they were all about turning base metals like lead into gold and it was presumed that success would simply make them rich and powerful. That is really a metaphor because what they look for is to become a god by joining with the gods. Some appear to believe their union will transform their frail base carbon flesh body into a durable multidimensional gold body, one that at least begins with a triple helix construction of DNA (the beanstalk grown from 3 magickal beans). The god known as Apollo is usually pictured as a golden body god. His soon return is anticipated, and sharing his DNA (Beast - mark of the Beast) means the bodily transformation will involve gold. Humpty was illuminated. He knew how to storm heaven and sodomize the god who dwelled in that realm where the great prize was found. He donned a gold suit, a gold light body. The devil does not counterfeit 3 dollar bills because there are no genuines. He only copies what's real. Is the Masonic G inside the square and compass for Gold?

Gold Nanoparticles are Capable of Unraveling DNA

The Puss in Boots folks know things. They conceal their secrets and reveal them in extravagent ways, in plain sight. Some of us need to know these things and become more and more discerning!

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