Sunday, December 16, 2012

Media Suggests "Prepper" Trigger

Did paranoid, gun-crazed mother trigger son's school killing spree? Friends say she believed world was on edge of collapse

The mother of the loner who massacred 26 pupils and staff at a US primary school may have played a major part in his catastrophic mental breakdown, it emerged last night. Friends and family portrayed Adam Lanza’s mother Nancy as a paranoid ‘survivalist’ who believed the world was on the verge of violent, economic collapse.

Watch the setup continue.


  1. It's a setup, as you rightly say. Often I despair as the little pieces of the diabolical end-time puzzle come together to reveal the big picture slowly. In this world order you earn points for being a blindly obedient believer of everything you read in the newspapers. Keep posting, Bob, and GOD bless you.

  2. Elishabella - thanks for the link!