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Part 59 - The Sodomite Gateway - The GAACSAO, Whistleblowers and Operation...Smile

I'm going to address yet another children's charity with sodomite branding but before I do I will offer some commentary on a relevant item in yesterday's news, the announcement of the formation of the Global Alliance Against Child Sexual Abuse Online. (GAACSAO)

“The U.S. has teamed up with nearly 50 countries around the world in an effort to curb child sexual abuse on the Internet.” (U.S., EU form alliance to curb child sexual abuse on the Web) If you read this article and accept the report at face value, this alliance is a big step in the right direction. However, I'm skeptical about the real agenda. I'm not being cynical. I'm just not so naive as I had been for most of my life. You are better informed about the reality of this world's secret control mechanism if you've been attentive to what this series has brought into the light about the sodomite gateway, Satanic ritual abuse, pedophilia and the army of mind controlled slaves. It should be painfully obvious that many of the news-makers are liars, and the media reporting the news is complicit. Yes, there is a conspiracy and I can only think the GAACSAO has to be in on it.

The authorities themselves are infamous exploiters of children. The Illuminist elite run the courts and the monitoring arms and policing branches, so where will justice be found in this world's corrupt system? Only in the Lord, in His appointed ways and times. The horrible reality is that fox is in charge of the hen house.

When FOX A forms a committee to address hen abuse in the neighborhood's hen houses, I can only think FOX A and B and C who join forces have an agenda that will serve the best interests of the foxes involved. They gang together to assure they get the most and best hens in a scheme to identify and control the numbers of predators who threaten their domain and dominion. They even rally the hens - and get help!

Just like how the official war on drugs is really a cover op run by the biggest cartel (according to the testimony of many whistleblowers over many years), this anti-abuse action, in my opinion, very likely represents the implementation of improved cover and control mechanisms serving those at the top of the food chain. The sacrifice of a few selected resources at the lower levels is a cheap price to pay. This recently formed multinational alliance has to provide for enhanced risk mitigation and offer increased capability for containing and controlling damages if and when a scandal does break out. It seems likely this alliance will provide for a higher degree of control to be exercised in the network through better monitoring and better reach, because the threat of blackmail must be perceived as legitimate for it to be effective.

A book recently came to my attention that exposes a side of this activity, Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder, by David McGowan. From one of the top ranked reviews on Amazon,

“McGowan, author of ... ties serial murders, programmed assassins, satanic cults and child pornography and prostitution to a fascist political and military conspiracy of frightening scope.”
“McGowan begins by reviewing the evidence for government sponsored mind control experiments dating back to the Nazis and the OSS (forerunner of the CIA). According to McGowan, these shadowy intelligence agencies, along with the military intelligence units, founded, encouraged, and covered up for Satanic cults, whose systematic abuse of children from very young ages provided a continuing supply of potential mind-controlled programmed assassins. They supplied not only assassins but also child prostitutes, pornography subjects and even sacrificial victims. The more susceptible to dissociated states, the easier to program. Mind control in this context refers to "the process of first enhancing an unwitting subject's natural ability to dissociate (creating, in essence, the condition of Multiple Personality Disorder), and then controlling that subject's dissociative states (by creating one or more alter personalities that are effectively under the control of others, and that are unknown to the `core' personality)." (p. xv)”

“Part I of the book is titled "The Pedophocracy." Here McGowan takes the reader on a tour of child sex, child porn and child murder rings around the world whose members include many high-ranking political figures. One of the things that tie all these scandals together is the cover-up of participants, destruction of evidence, and lenient sentences to those who have to take the fall by authorities around the world. From the Marc Dutroux scandal in Belgium, to one in Latvia involving the Prime Minister and Justice Minister, to another in Portugal, to the scandal in the United Kingdom that reportedly reached into Tony Blair's cabinet, to those of Larry King, Michael Aquino and Craig Spence in the United States with many circumstantial connections to high-ranking political and media figures, McGowan shows how the damage control operations, including numerous "suicides" by potential witnesses, work.””

I highly recommend that those of you who are unfamiliar with this kind of material go read the entire review (Is There a Political Angle to Serial Killers? By Donald Hunt) plus a few others to gain some quick perspective.

A related book of interest is The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska by John W. DeCamp

You'll find more of interest about The Pedophocracy here, and some more resources of interest online at this link.

Evidence of all this and where it is going may be seen in the signs and symbols that do in effect rule the world through their influence as demonic portals. We need to be continually mindful of the truth that the wallpapering of our environment with symbols is not benign but rather a genuine and powerfully influential pharmakeia, sorcery. The branding of Operation Smile is yet another example, a childrens charity with esoteric imagery that signals global political control facilitated by ritual sodomy and the exploitation of children. As usual, I'm grateful when there is genuine sacrificial love evidenced in charitable work, but the vivid and unambiguous testimony of branding imagery betrays a hidden reality that contradicts what appears on the surface, and this ugly version is regularly proven to be the more correct picture.

The founder of Operation Smile was honored with an Open Heart Award during Jane Seymour's show a few days ago. (“The Christmas Rose,” November 29th at Carnegie Hall in NYC. See Part 58 for analysis of the Open Hearts symbol.) When I visited the charity's website I puzzled over their logo for a minute. I read some of the copy to see what they do and who they are. I didn't understand what I was looking at until a little while later when I returned for maybe the third time to puzzle over it. It's another take on the Vitruvian Man!

Pardon me for being crude as I describe the brand. The play here is on the smile. The arc under the globe is not a smile, and that's not just a globe. The key to interpretation is the crude expression, “bend over and crack a smile.” The smile is the plumber's crack. In being able to visualize this in the logo, the picture of ritual sodomy appears.

The global grid has 4 apparent lines of longitude. The first and third from the left outline the sodomizer's hips and thighs, viewed from the back and facing towards the right. The second line of longitude is the cleavage of the buttocks. It is above the upper latitude line marking the top of the too brief shorts that we see the real smile, the exposed plumber's crack. Operation Smile. Some joke, right? The one being sodomized is in front and mostly hidden, but we can still see the outline of their hip and thigh on the right.

We're intended to see the arc under the wire frame globe as a smile. This tapered arc actually gives it a dynamic, suggesting that we rotate it around. If we follow that direction, the coupled pair rotates into the familiar alignment we can identify with the esoteric Vitruvian Man that is more correctly two men.

There's another layer of signaling that needs to be called out. The logo has the words jammed together around this wire frame. The tapered “smile” arc suggests the motion of the letter “S” as proceeding from the letter “n.” The “n” is being used in a way that should be familiar by now, as an arch portal, the dimensional portal that is the Royal Arch, or Arse. The “S” is for the Serpent, Satan. The motion of “S” coming from the “n” pictures the serpent coming through the dimensional portal. This is the invocation of Lucifer. The globe and Vitruvian Man graphic that is spanned and framed by the arc conceals and reveals how this is being done. It's a global operation that works via ritual sodomy. This is the power base of the Illumined Royals and heads of State. This is a children's charity, which adds the essential element of pedophilia as young children are primarily the victims.

This clever logo conceals an antichrist signal when the round wireframe globe is considered as a letter “o.” The arc then spans “noS,” which is “Son,” backwards. The backwards Son ~ Antichrist. I count 9 panels formed by the grid, signaling the single digit number for the mark of the Beast transformation. The arc underneath speaks to me of the circle of the squared circle. I believe this compares to how the arc of the Shriner's charity logo is the obfuscated Vitruvian Man circle. Da Vinci's classic squared circle sketch is a design fundamental for those who tread the left hand path.

The Operation Smile symbolism says the jokes on us. Ha ha. Yeah, Pedobear'ed.

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