Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Take on December 21, 2012

Following the 21st, about which some dramatic claims had been made, some are saying, “Look, nothing happened.” I feel very strongly that such a statement is made in a degree of ignorance. Sure, there have been no reports of anything happening like the more dramatic claims, but it’s not right to say nothing happened. When the London Olympics and Paralympics passed without major incident, many said the same thing. “Look, nothing happened.” If you have come to an awareness of the reality and power of mass programming in the media reporting of events and even non-events, you have to know we've witnessed something big, which continues to unfold. If you have come to an awareness of the reality and power of sex magick and sacrificial rites that occur on the transitional days of the solar and lunar Pagan calendars, you have to know the one just celebrated was notable. While some places that were given media attention found more journalists than celebrants in attendance, many more worshipers attended to ritual activity on that day than otherwise would have, even traveling long distances to meet together for worship.

L.A. Marzulli had written in his blog on the 21st, “There is no ascension, no paradigm shift, no end of the world. In short all the hype about the Mayan calendar and the supposed end of the world is nothing but a lot of hooey, just like I wrote in The Cosmic Chess Match and predicted this a priori over a year ago.

Chichen Itza Update: Boots on the ground. Call for prayer!!!!! - Posted by lamarzulli on December 22, 2012

“This is a post I just received from our contact at Chichen Itza.”

“going back in there (Chichen Itza) is about 700 sorceress ,enchanters,shamans ,etc in the convetion grounds now please we need your prayers now, the air is so dense with demons you can feel them all around. please stop what you are doing and say a prayer for Jorge Mazun,Jessica Rosas and Marlene Rosas and the message we intend to deliver
thanks in Christ”

I believe what the Lord allowed and intended to be done was done, nothing more or less. While that may seem like just a lame non-statement to some, many folks really need to get a firm grasp of just that. The Lord is sovereign. His appointment for this Shemittah truly is the world's biggest deal, which, according to a very important accounting, began in September with the sighting of the new moon of the 7th month.

Yesterday and late into the evening I prayed occasionally, sometimes led to pray for the victims of ritual torture and sacrifice, and for the families of those victims kidnapped for use in those rituals. I prayed also for the Lord to receive the victims mercifully, human and animal, sparing them suffering, and depriving their abusers of the demonic charge they sought. I prayed, expressing, “yet, as you will, Lord,” knowing His great mercy but not presuming upon that in a time when judgment is now beginning to be poured out.

I have not yet been made aware of any spike in supernatural engagement today or yesterday, but I must say that such a spike, spikes, really, were noted in the previous weeks. I don't know what tonight and tomorrow may bring, but I continue to be on alert, and I encourage those of you who give attention to spiritual warfare to continue without letting down your guard.


  1. When they say 'Peace & Safety' sudden destruction cometh upon them.

    Maybe out of context.............or maybe not?
    Thank you for sharing the knowledge the Lord has bestowed upon you!
    In Christ,
    Scott (Mappy)
    Apple Valley, MN

  2. Bless you, Scott. Our God is so good to us!