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The BBC New Broadcasting Building and All Souls "Temple": Magickally Broadcasting Pedophile Programming and Harvesting Ritual Sacrifice Magick Towards Descending Man into the Pit

The BBC has been shaken in recent months in fallout related to paedophile Jimmy Savile. Some pictures of the BBC headquarters in Central London called the Broadcasting House were brought to my attention (Thanks Harry) that are of the kind that speak a thousand words. The Broadcasting facility bears imagery that broadcasts through a symbol antenna a dark spell of paedophilia magick.

On the front we find a statue of Prospero and Ariel. “In 1932 Gill produced a group of sculptures, Prospero and Ariel, and others for the BBC's Broadcasting House in London.” His work is also seen one or more of London's churches.

Over the front entrance of Broadcasting House stand the statues of Prospero and Ariel (from Shakespeare's last play The Tempest), by Eric Gill. Prospero, Ariel's master, stands 10ft tall and is depicted sending Ariel out into the world. Ariel, as the spirit of the air, was felt to be an appropriate symbol for the new mystery of broadcasting. After Broadcasting House was opened and the statues were installed (1933), concern was voiced about the size of the sprite’s genitalia. A question was tabled in the House of Commons, but the popular story, that Gill was ordered to modify the statue, is not substantiated.” (Statues of Ariel and Prospero - Objects from the BBC Collection - Art)

These characters are from the Shakespearean play that is so highly favored by Freemasons. The giant bell at the Olympic Stadium in London is inscribed with Caliban's speech from The Tempest, as you may recall.

Prospero is a wizard, a sorcerer some believe is modeled on Dr John Dee, the man who's Monas Hieroglyphica symbol gets a lot of play in the ongoing Sodomite Gateway Series due to the popularity of variants in todays logo graphics. The character Ariel is the spirit of the air. Biblically, this is a demon, one of the “birds of the air” associated with the prince of the power of the air, Satan. Ariel is pictured as a nude boy with genitalia that has caused some controversy due to the relative size.

What seems to go unnoticed in the graven image is the peculiar matter of Prospero's right hand. I think the artist intended to convey a sense of the man holding his penis. There is a degree of plausible deniability, of course, but esoteric art effectively conceals and reveals many things, such that, if they were recognized by decent folk they would not be tolerated.

The man stands pressed up against the child's backside. It's subtle, but “do the math” here. It's by means of sodomizing angels that one acquires their power, a driving principle that is demonstrated to be widely accepted by the Illumined agents who are responsible for so much of the imagery wallpapering our world today.

Eric Gill, the man responsible for the BBC's paedophile spirit broadcasting graven images was widely known to be a pedophile, who practiced incest as well as bestiality. (Written in Stone)

The statues featured at the BBC exhibit the same kind of subtlety seen in the Michelangelo's paintings on the ceiling of the Vatican's Sistine Chapel. One panel of that esoteric artistry pictured oral sex in the Garden of Eden. In the same way, Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man pictures sodomy.

Another of Gill's works adorning the BBC Broadcasting House is this one titled, “Ariel Between Wisdom and Gaiety,” which looks to me like erotic art created and placed to broadcast the spirit of paedophilia and encourage sexual interaction with angels.

The building is a clock tower, in a class of objects about which I written on this blog and on at some length. It is roughly equivalent to a bell tower. There is an implicit statement made in such biblical “high places” that declares independence from the Almighty Creator's calendar and clock, His appointed celestial-terrestrial timepiece. It is a declaration of divorcement, separation from His times and seasons and from His authority, asserting the rulership over man by another in His stead. It is a monument to rebellion. It is more than a mere statement because there is demonic authority expressed in such things. This is why the Lord commanded the kings over His people to tear down the high places, which was done by obedient men like Josiah with the result of blessing and protection.

Supporting the witness of the building's magickal function we see a winged image under the clock, a version of Horus Behedeti. (Part 51 - The Sodomite Gateway - Victory Junction and the March of Dimes)

In the BBC Television Centre courtyard above what used to be a fountain stands a gilded image of Helios, aka Horus. Below the fountain bowl appear two reclining figures said to represent sound and vision. I believe these represent the physical mechanism of the transformation of man into the gold body spawn of Horus, ultimately manifest through what the Bible calls the mark of the Beast.

Another Occult antenna broadcasting from that location is called Breathing, seen atop the roof of the Egton Wing.

'Breathing' is a 10 metre high (33 feet) inverted glass spire, rising from the fifth floor roof of the new East wing of Broadcasting House. The sculpture is by Catalan artist, Jaume Plensa, and is shaped like a listening glass, reflecting the artist's interest in a building which is 'a house of sounds'. During the hours of darkness the cone is lit so that it glows; then in tandem with the 10 o'clock news bulletin, a fine beam of light projects 900 metres (3,000 feet) into the night sky. Importantly, the sculpture stands as a very specific memorial for the many news reporters and crew - both BBC and non-BBC - who have died while on location for their work.” (Breathing Sculpture - Objects from the BBC Collection - Art)

Breath is linked to the soul and to spirit. This is breathing spirit as a powered crystal cone of power that channels light and sound. The energy raised by this ritual device involves the reporters and crew who have died while serving the BBC, leveraging that as a ritual sacrifice. Is this vortex yet another magickal construct borrowed from The Tempest? That play is known to be beloved of Freemasons. Breathing bears the number 33 in its height, the signal degree of that order and sodomite signal. Connect the dots.

I believe this helical spiral crystalline object is intended to represent and move us towards a DNA transformation. DNA is the book of life, with words represented in the pairing of letters. See this page for the words imprinted on the crystal and those of James Fenton's poem that are also there as an adjunct.

This beams a light into the sky during the broadcasting of the carefully crafted daily programming stream they brazenly misrepresent as "news."

At night the sculpture gently glows, then at 10pm every evening (coinciding with the broadcast of the BBC ten o'clock news) the memorial shines a beam of light into the sky for 30 minutes, which reaches up to 900m.” (Breathing (memorial sculpture) - Wikipedia)

This is adjacent to the All Souls “temple” at Langham Place, comparing to that clock tower's power cone-spire as an inverted version.

These words are embedded into “Breathing.” “Death waved them through the checkpoint.” Compare to what is written about the adjacent spire, said to have inspired Breathing, and the matched architectural feature of the quadrant-curved corners. Supernatural synergy.

The church was designed by John Nash, favourite architect of King George IV, to provide an eye-catching monument where the newly laid-out Regent Street, linking Piccadilly with the new Regent's Park, takes an awkward abrupt bend to align with the pre-existing Portland Place, providing a visible hinge where the street plan swings abruptly west. Its circular peripteral portico, capped with a smaller peripteral tower, in turn capped with an anomalous slender cone, giving the appearance of a 20th century three-stage space rocket suggesting he may have envisaged the structure as A FUTURIST VEHICLE FOR TRANSPORTING ALL SOULS TO HEAVEN, is of an enriched Ionic order that substitutes winged cherub's heads for the usual rosettes on the abacus, possibly symbolically REPRESENTING DIVINE OFFSPRING OF THE OLYMPIAN GOD, HERMES / Roman god, Mercury, as the means of propulsion; the prominent portico is attached to the reticent main church by the width of a single intercolumniation. BBC Broadcasting House (1932) reflects Nash's portico with its quadrant-curved corner.” (All Souls Church, Langham Place)

“Death waved them through the checkpoint.”
- that's the role of the psychopomp, Hermes. These Occult icons are a matched set.

Is it any wonder that the BBC, which I've gave consideration as the Bell, Book and Candle network (Part 12 - 2012 London Olympics - Death Rituals: A "Bell, Book and Candle" Mega-Ritual on the BBC), is embroiled in a scandal involving paedophilia? You're familiar with what I wrote about The Shard as a similar construct, right? (The Shard - London Bridge Tower *of Babel* - Healing the Dark Crystal)

Wake up London! Wake up, saints everywhere! We have incurred judgment upon ourselves by rejecting the second commandment about graven images, and every other commandment.

22b) Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams. 23a) For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. ~ 1 Samuel 15:22b-23a

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