Thursday, April 04, 2013

Part 10 - A Bioforming Pandemic - Update and Links as of 04-04-2013

By Aaron Hermann ( Revelation of Babylon blog )

As of late the headlines have been chock full of attention grabbing stories. Pope Francis and his potential role as the false prophet, North Korea possibly launching a nuclear assault, Obama in Israel, Iran continuing to boldly proclaim America's imminent demise, and the looming global fiscal meltdown are all top stories capturing people's attention.

Some of us recently watched as the world quietly passed a very important "countdown marker" on April 3rd, which you can read about here.

With things moving at a frenetic pace and the constant barrage of important stories some may have lost track of the continuing ominous developments pointing towards a potential global pandemic in the not-too-distant future. I have put together a list of links from the last couple of weeks that paint a rather clear picture as to where things may be heading.

I do still plan on writing a great deal more about how this potential global pandemic plays into biblical end-times events, Lord willing, but for now I felt obligated to present this report from the wall as I continue to fulfill my role as a watchman.

Bird FluCorona virus Miscellaneous
More to come, Lord willing.

By Aaron Hermann ( Revelation of Babylon blog )
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