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Decoding the Olive Exposes the Illuminati UN, the US Great Seal, Etc.

I've been writing about Monarch programming and the antichrist plot in an episode of the sci-fi show Fringe, the episode. One of the connections I made depends upon the olive as a symbol, which really deserves its own post. So, here it is!

Caveat: If you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered or you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, you may want to pass on this one. Also, no offense is intended for anyone named Olive or related to someone named Olive, or who works in the olive business.

Biblically, I understand the Mount of Olives as a symbol of division, which the Lord revealed to me many years ago and about which I have written at some length. The Occult symbol of the olive has another focus. For a clue to what that is, consider what the Marquis de Sade had to say as he provides the link. (Yes, the man “sadism” is named after.)

“No habit is more easily acquired than mard-savoring; eat one, delicious, eat another, no two taste exactly alike, but all are subtle and the effect is somewhat that of an olive.” Marquis de Sade

Mard (also merd) is dung, excrement. The consumption of feces is called coprophagy or coprophagia. Some animals do this by nature, like the dung beetle, and this is a behavior that is also practiced in the SRA community. The Marquis compared mard to an olive. I've noticed that the olive appears in a wide variety of ways in the context of ritual abuse and mind-control. The olive signals coprophagy and coprophilia, which is, “An abnormal, often obsessive interest in excrement, especially the use of feces for sexual excitement,” and ritual sodomy.

The olive signal may appear as an olive branch, the use of the drab olive color or in some character's name.

In Fringe, the lead female character's name is Olivia Dunham, and some just called her Olive. She was romantically paired with one of the lead males, Peter Bishop. Both his names are slang for a phallus. Hers equates to mard. Can you put that symbolic relationship together? The folks responsible for Fringe fill it with Illuminati SRA themes and symbols. The naming is not just random. There's more to their symbolic relationship than carnal acts of coprophilia, coprophagy and anal sex. She was a Monarch slave, a child subject in a special facility. She was able to cross into the alternate universe and was able to assist Peter with his dimensional boundary crossing. Olivia was abused by her step-father when she was young, and that trauma is what first caused her to jump to the other universe, which I recognize as allegorical. Her jump pictures dissociating, a switching to another alter, and also suggests astral travel and remote viewing, and even time travel. That's obfuscating the slave's psi power and alter switching. She is Olive, “mard,” the ritually sodomized and programmed slave.

A popular show on The CW network is Arrow. It's a comic book derived character like Batman that features a wealthy regular guy who is severely traumatized and trained to have an alter identity where he is an enhanced supersoldier kind of vigilante. His name? Oliver Queen. A male queen is a homosexual. The ad you see here pictures him with one eye inside a truncated pyramid - Illuminati, sure, and the triangle eye is a signal anus. The green = olive. The arrow is a phallic symbol. Do the math. Sodomy symbolism. The pyramid as a triangle is the Greek letter delta. Delta programming is the Monarch assassin programming. The Arrow character uses the bow and arrow as his weaponry. In legend, Apollo is known as the archer, alias Horus. Horus Eye enlightenment. “A Hero Will Rise.” Hero = antichrist. In Acts 12, Herod, which means, “Hero,” is an Antichrist type. Here's another Monarch slave supersoldier character with antichrist symbolism wrapped around it.

This should be familiar by now. No joke, this is not all just random chatter on the symbolic level, and the story line of the messaging is not fiction. I pray this testimony is becoming very real to you.

For a “real life” example we have the obverse of the ubiquitous Great Seal of the USA. The eagle holds an olive branch in one talon and arrows in the other. The official explanation declares that, “The Olive branch and arrows denote the power of peace & war which is exclusively vested in Congress.” It has been demonstrated beyond dispute by Tom Horn (Apollyon Rising 2012) and in this blog that the symbolic seal is essentially an Illuminati manifesto heralding the return of Apollo. The eagle is a phoenix as attested to by Manly P. Hall, but beyond that it is Amaru, the feathered or plumed serpent, alias Apollo. There's some truth in what was said about the symbolism of the olive branch and the arrow. Such public explanations always have to seem plausible, of course. What's really signified on a deeper level is sodomy, which you should now perceive in the mard-anal olive and phallic arrow pairing!

The talons are used by the eagle to seize and rend their prey. Think about it. Thirteen arrows, leaves and olives: Illuminati SRA programming's three dimensional matrix of 13x13x13!

The language of heraldry is read to say that what's seen in the dexter (right side, which is on the viewer's left) is more significant than the sinister (left side). Are the illuminated tares obsessed with mard? It is the mortar of the Freemasons that binds them together. The olive emblem signals great secret of ancient sodomite sex magick that hearkens the coming of the lawless one.

Another case-in-point; the UN logo. The olive branch is a messianic emblem, and I believe the leaf may be taken as a sign of readiness for repopulation.

But if some of the branches were broken off, and you, being a wild olive, were grafted in among them and became partaker with them of the rich root of the olive tree, ~ Romans 11:17

10 So he waited yet another seven days; and again he sent out the dove from the ark. 11 The dove came to him toward evening, and behold, in her beak was a freshly picked olive leaf. So Noah knew that the water was abated from the earth. ~ Genesis 8:10-11

The UN logo is a global map and grid wrapped in olive branches. The sun god sodomite layering is rich! Now being able to interpret the olive branches, you should perceive the redundancy of the message in the radial target as a sun wheel and anus, surrounded by the olive branches as a pair of sphinx, the sphincter. Count the areas enclosed by the grid. There are 4x8 plus one in the center, 33 total. Is that familiar yet? When they identify themselves as the “United” Nations, you should recall the binding element, the mard-mortar of ritual sodomy. This is the agency on the physical level that creates a binding of heaven and earth in an Illuminated individual, their body of Christ that is the truncated pyramid and the mind-controlled collective that will soon manifest through the mark of the Beast.

Giant mural in the UN Security Council Chamber

If you count the olive leaves, I believe what is depicted is a declaration of the duplication of the 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati. Those elements of the branches forming the X at the bottom are separate, the messianic root, Lucifer's heritage and hero. This is their messianic plan, with the X as in Xmas, Christ, and the sign of the sun god. The Lucis Trust is plenty of evidence establishing the Luciferian connection. (Search this blog for Lucis Trust) The picture conceals and reveals how they intend to cross breed and hybridize the population of the globe, which is signified by the five concentric zones of the radial grid (like the 5 Olympic rings of that logo). This is the serpent seed replication of the counter flood, the sodomite messianic antichrist tree of knowledge of good and evil rooted in the earth. That picture is probably intended to represent a genetic crossing with the Adam-kind that is the Creator's genealogical tree and a tree of life.

The IOC shares their global agenda as the body responsible for the modern Olympics. The olive branch and wreath is an important symbol to these worshipers of the ancient sodomite gods. In ancient times as at present, the olive is a symbol of Athena, to whose worship the Parthenon was dedicated.

As Pallas Athena, she was the patron and muse of Francis Bacon, the spear-shaker. Historians have convincingly associated Bacon with the work of the playwright Shakespeare - spear-shaker. Bacon, like John Dee, would have understood about the olive. The central character in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night was named Olivia. This play was referenced in Rango's opening scene in the chameleon's terrarium stage, as you may recall from my lengthy series. The name Malvolio used by Rango identifies that production as Twelfth Night, and by association, the headless one armed doll torso as Olivia, which is probably the point. Olivia. Mard. Abused SRA slave. OK. Back to the Olympics.

Olive wreaths were awarded to the winners at the Olympic games, who performed their feats in the nude and gave honor to the gods with all their efforts. In the modern, era, some clothing is worn, but honor is still given to the gods. At the ceremonial lighting of the torch on Mt Olympus, an olive branch is cut off a tree and given to the high priestess by a young boy. (Vancouver Olympics - Part Two - The Light of Zeus) If you've done your homework on ancient Greece, the meaningful olive as mard metaphor is far more plausible explanation than the usual story about the olive branch meaning peace.

Another “real life” example appears when Pope Emeritus Benedict is identified as the 111th Pope listed in St Malachy's controversial Prophecy of the Popes. The descriptive used is, “Gloria olivae,” which translates to the glory of the olive. Is the olive as mard metaphor evident in connection with this Pope? Yes! For the long version, see “Part 13 - The Sodomite Gateway - The Sodomite High Priest of the Romish Sun Cult,” where I decode his Coat of Arms. As usual, the public explanations avoid reference to what remains a guarded secret. “Proponents of the prophecies generally try to draw a connection between Benedict and the Olivetan order to explain this motto: Benedict's choice of papal name is after Saint Benedict of Nursia, founder of the Benedictine Order, of which the Olivetans are one branch.” (Wikipedia) They can't really put it together, but when you take his heraldry as a clue, that picture of a man's backside, adorned with other sodomite symbols paints a vivid picture. Is it a stretch to interpret “Gloria olivae” as a metaphorical reference to some characteristic behavior associated with mard? Give due consideration to his position as the high priest of the Romish church during the era of highly publisized sexual abuse, where he made one apology after another and the church paid out many settlements. Malachy's descriptive fits.

In Charles Dickens' classic, Oliver Twist, the character named Fagin is a fence who recruits homeless boys and trains them as pickpockets. “Orphans,” as M (Judi Dench) told 007 (Daniel Craig) in the latest Bond movie, “make the best recruits.” They are already traumatized and have separation anxiety, are quick to dissociate and eager to bond. Like James “Bond” who usually introduces himself by emphasizing the sodomite Delta agent bonding: “Bond. James Bond.” The orphan, Oliver “Mard” has the last name of Twist, which describes the vortex associated with the chakra and kundalini, the anal activation of the pineal gland. This Twist was graphically illustrated for us by the pipe bowl in 1940's Pinocchio, as you see here. The orphan's handler, Fagin was a fence, like what was pictured in Singin' in the Rain, dealing in child trafficking. He trained the boys to be pickpockets, like Monarch slave Kitty Softpaws in Puss in Boots. The name Fagin, breaks down as Fag (homosexual) plus “in,” as the pedophile sodomite pitcher to the child catcher, handler to slave.

An American Tail: Fievel Goes West is a Steven Spielberg animated feature from 1991. I watched this recently, my interest drawn by the title's sodomy signaling. “Going West” is an allegory for turning to homosexuality and pursuing the left hand path. Amarucan tail ~ sodomized by Amaru. Fievel~Evil. There is a sequence during the film where the dialogue is densely NLP laden. I didn't record the script while I had the DVD and couldn't find it online, but one of the phrases in that script involved the olive pit or pitted olive, and that would have made little sense outside of the mard metaphor.

“Hemlock Grove,” the new series on Netflix has a creepy supernatural female lead named Olivia Godfrey, played by Famke Janssen. Her son has psi power "push" abilities. The inheritability of learned behavioral traits is a characteristic of the Monarch butterfly, which is why that is an emblem of Monarch programming. Slaves pass on programmed abilities/traits to their children, which I understand on one level as demonic curses passing down through the generations.

Hemlock (conium) is famous for use as a deadly poison and by witches, especially in hedge witchery. The hemlock is one ingredient in the flying ointment commonly applied with a broom handle. It's the pharmakeia facilitating dimensional travel seen so frequently in episodes of Fringe, which of course often related to Olivia Dunham. Also from the title, groves are where demon deities are worshiped by witches of the Freemason variety and otherwise with song, dance, ritual sex and sacrifice.

Hemlock Grove premiered April 19, 2013, with all 13 episodes made available for online viewing.” April 19 marks the Bloody Sacrifice to the Beast on the Satanic calendar, celebrated with human sacrifice and fire. The number 13 is of course the Illuminati and rebel lord Beast signal number. There's not much mystery left in the basics of that antichrist scheme, is there? The fictional town is set in Pennsylvania, Pan's Woods. Fitting! Pan was honored by Jack Parsons before every rocket launch. He was the student of Aleister Crowley whose work is given honor by Delta programmed multiples who await the black awakening. They refer to themselves as BWBs, Babalon Working Babies, making reference to Jack's sex magick ritual working performed with the Scarlet Woman Marjorie Cameron in 1946, the Babalon Working.

The series is produced by Gaumont International Television, often represented as the acronym GIT. Read: Gastro-Intestinal Tract. See the logo as a bloody sun anus and G-Eye Tract Eye of Horus!

In yet another example of the olive as mard symbol there's Olive Oyl, the love interest of Popeye the Sailor Man. She has a figure that is far more boyish than voluptuous, which is fitting for pedophile coprophiliac sodomites. Since the rectum provides no natural lubricant, sodomizers often supplement with whatever might be at hand. Olive oil has long been abundant in the Mediterranean region and therefore readily available as a natural lubricant. Olive Oyl, Popeye's love. Olive oil is a standard lamp fuel and also is a popular ingredient in food. Olive Oyl, coprophagia.

As a sailor man, Popeye would have a reputation as a sodomite. Winston Churchill is claimed by some to have remarked about the British Navy: “Don’t talk to me about naval tradition. It’s nothing but rum, sodomy and the lash.” Apparently that was a misattribution, but yet one that serves even better to make the historical link.

In his great book about Churchill quotations and misquotes, Churchill by Himself: The Definitive Collection of Quotations, Langworth says that Montague-Browne personally told him that he had asked Churchill about the quote. According to Montague-Browne, Churchill responded: “I never said it. I wish I had.” Langworth notes that “rum, sodomy and the lash” is similar to “rum, bum and bacca” — a catchphrase from an old saying about the, er, pastimes of British sailors, dating back to the 1800s: “Ashore it’s wine, women and song; aboard it’s rum, bum and concertina.” (Bum = a man’s rear end; bacca = tobacco.)” -- (The origins of “Rum, sodomy and the lash” – Churchill’s alleged quip about British naval tradition…)

The history of the sodomite sailors traces back through pirates and the Knights Templar, which I've researched before. One interesting piece of literature you'll find on this is, Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition: English Sea Rovers in the Seventeenth-Century Caribbean - By B. R. Burg

Supporting the esoteric layering evidenced in the mard metaphor of Popeye's love interest we should note how Popeye is himself a one eye, hidden eye, Horus eye Illuminated individual. Further support is provided by the character Swee' Pea. This crawling boy is Popeye's ward in the comic strips, and Olive Oyl's in the cartoon versions. Swee'Pea. Think “sweet pee,” which compares to the coprophagia of Olive Oyl. Other characters associated with Popeye bear poop names. Poopdeck Pappy is his 99 year old father, who is also a sailor. Popeye's lookalike nephews are named Peepeye, Pupeye, Pipeye and Poopeye.

Popeye sports tattoos on his forearms that look like anchors, but they also look like Occult symbols, even resembling John Dee's monas heiroglyphica!

Ripping off excerpts from Wikipedia, Popeye first appeared in the daily King Features comic strip Thimble Theatre on January 17, 1929; Popeye became the strip's title in later years. In 1933, Max and Dave Fleischer's Fleischer Studios adapted the Thimble Theatre characters into a series of Popeye the Sailor theatrical cartoon shorts for Paramount Pictures. These cartoons proved to be among the most popular of the 1930s, and the Fleischers (1933–1942, 108 cartoons)—- and later Paramount's own Famous Studios —- continued production through 1957. You may remember Fleischer Studios as producers of Betty Boop and Bimbo's Initiation, a blatant exhibit of abusive Illuminati fraternal order initiation rites of trauma and sodomy.

Other characters named Olive are:
  • Olive Hoover, character in movie "Little Miss Sunshine"
  • Olive Snook, character in ABC's "Pushing Daisies"
  • Olive Rudge, character in the British TV series "On the Buses"
  • Olive Penderghast, protagonist in "Easy A"
  • Olive Doyle, character in The A.N.T Farm show on Disney

In Little Miss Sunshine, 7 year old Olive performs Super Freak by Rick James in a burlesque routine at a beauty pageant. "Freak" is a slang term for, as described in the song's lyrics, "...a very kinky girl / The kind you don't take home to mother". (Wikipedia) Another pair of lines she sings speaks to the Olive as mard metaphor: “I really love to taste her - Every time we meet”

Olive Doyl is near to Olive Oyl. It's Disney, so I suspect the metaphor is probably leveraged in that.

Mention should be made of the character Sweet Pea in SuckerPunch, a Monarch programming extravaganza. At the film's end, we're tipped off to the fact that the movie was really not about Baby Doll, as we were led to believe. It's really about Sweet Pea, about whom no other conclusion can be drawn: she and others are SRA DID alters with Beta and Delta programming.

In closing, when considering what signaling might be present with regard to the name, Olive, these many variants are equivalent.

Olivia/Olevia/Olivea/Oliveea/Olyvia/Olivya/Olivija/Oliveia/Alivia/Alyvia, Olivet, Olivetta, Olivi, Olivianne, Olivine, Oliver, Ollie/Olie/Olly/Oly, Ol(l), Olia, Oliff/Oliffe, Olivet/Olivette, Liv, Liva, Livia, Livie/Livvie/Livvy/Livy/Liwie/Liwy, Livrie

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  1. "Damn You Scarlet" a famous dandy's line from Lawrence Olivier in "Gone with the Wind"

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