Saturday, April 20, 2013

Part 104 - The Sodomite Gateway - Monarch Programming is the Height of Fashion

Some of the images I've collected for this series have been in the queue for a while, and every day I discover more. These are some with a heart theme.

If you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered or you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, please move on. If you're new to this series, welcome! You may want to start at the beginning to get the foundation for what's here. Series Links: The Sodomite Gateway

This Covergirl website screenshot promotes the fablab. This second panel in their header's rotation features one gal with shades on, one with heart between her eyes and a stack of three bottles of nail gloss spilling out their contents. There's a unifying theme that is the mark of the Beast, advanced through ritual sodomy and mind-control programming.

With a heart symbol representing a butt as a bindu dot we're told just how covergirl got her third eye opened, which is supported by the purple color leaned over close by and aimed right at her. She's covering one ear instead of one eye, but we get it. The girl with the ultra dark shades is behind that mask as a MK-ULTRA slave, dissociated. The racy suggestion in the ad copy to “go topless” is referring to their nail product's built in top coat but symbolically it confirms that the covergirls have indeed gone topless, losing their heads by dissociating. The white hair signals their illuminated status.

Confirming the ritual sodomy involved we see in the black fablab box a symbolic grid of squares. Three are seen but assuming black squares exist to fill out a rectangle we have six total; three seen and three unseen, a 3 and 3 or 33. The grid appears adjacent to the “t” in “topless,” suggesting the “t” is for the anal triangle which is the “sodomite” bottom matching to the “top” named. The three squares we see in the grid match to the three stacked bottles that flank the girls to form another 33. This connection is reinforced by the way the words “go topless” direct us, pointing the way from the three squares over to the “topless” product whose containers are also topless. Another grid appears with a total of 9 in the square. The 9 is the single digit number for the mark of the beast transformation. The opposing grid had a total count of 6, the number of man that is also connected to the mark of the beast through 666 of Revelation 13:18. Together, the 9 and 6 are 96 or 69, a number suggesting a sexual relationship but is also the two digit number for the mark of the beast transformation.

The three colored streams of nail gloss spilling out of the bottles combine into a puddle, which is another representation of the mark of the beast with a body of triple strand DNA composition. Based upon the decoding of lots of similar examples, I have to think the sound and light frequencies facilitating the DNA transformation and dimensional portal opening is being signaled by the shades and earphones.

Hey, if we identify the open end of the bottle as a mouth, the set suggests the familiar moral monkey trio, “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” Like with Google's “Don't be Evil” slogan, just flip it for the truth of what is really meant. These covergirl folks are accountable for this evil. The unifying theme is there, the evil mark of the Beast is advanced through ritual sodomy and mind-control programming. Isn't fashion fun? Well, it may seem that way until the Lord Y'shua really opens the eyes to see what He sees, and all sin and rebellion is brought into account! The loss will be great.

In a fashion shoot scene I discovered on the Vigilant Citizen website there are several familiar symbols of ritual sodomy and trauma abuse. This Dior Haute Couture wearing model is the Bride of Frankenstein (the hair style), a monstrous composite and counterfeit Bride of Christ inside a bubble like a magick circle. The black darkness-radiant bow is the sodomite tie that binds, which is outside the bubble as connecting her with the sodomizer who is outside her alter's sphere of reality. The heart around her eye signals third eye illumination. The open parasol is as the umbrella, a signal anus and rayed sodomite sun portal. the phallic handle is passed as it were through the heart-butt with the sphincter outline on her shoulder. Her bottom is out and her heels are in the air to present herself to her sodomizer. The scars reveal she has been abused. This is a picture of a Monarch trauma-based mind-control slave. Well, that has indeed remained fashionable, as twisted as that is.

She is being umbrella programmed, and we see the floating colored globes in the clouds witnessing to the ready state of this slave. The programmer has brought her into a trance with “go over the rainbow” hypnotic direction (See here). She is staying on the rainbow as revealed by the red cloud-globe being restrained by the bowed purple strand near the radiant bow in her hair. That strand is going through her white hair as her illuminated headless dissociated mind.

What we're being shown is really how it is in the real world. The reality is that the world is run by those who control us by these means, and us, until we're set free by the Lord Y'shua. Seek Him with all your heart. Get free, now, I implore you. If you have been waiting for a wake up call, you've already missed it. This is the snooze alarm still going off!


  1. Bounce - Pizza's, like any mandala, might be used as a sodomy signal, or not. It depends on the context.

  2. Jesus is revealing the jezebel liars lke crazy through his saints