Friday, April 26, 2013

Decoding Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a popular game for both iOS and Android smartphones. In March 2013, it became the most popular game on Facebook with 45.6 million average monthly users, surpassing FarmVille 2. The brand and game imagery features mind-control symbols.

Update: How women blow £400,000 a day playing Candy Crush, the most addictive online game ever

Here's a commercial I saw yesterday.

Caveat: If you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered, or if you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, you might not want to continue here.

Candy Crush Saga Commercial

The logo's heart was a pretty obvious symbol of the butt that caught my attention right away. Also, Candy Crush = CC and since C=3 it is a 33; signature Masonic degree and graphic image of engaging sodomite butts! The busy rainbow of colors floating, rising and dropping spoke to me of “go over the rainbow” programming. See here for some background: Yoplait Umbrella Commercial After a few moments of considering the meaning of the brand imagery it became apparent that the word anus was wrapped around the heart. Clever. The colors red and yellow blend to orange, another sodomy signal and a third layer of redundancy: heart + anus + orange.

That creepy little girl has cheeks like eyes that make the other element a third eye. See how the curve of the mouth frames the pupil? This is the illumination symbol that usually accompanies ritual sodomy signals, as I've demonstrated in the sodomite gateway series.

I noticed her wierd dress looked like it had horns for sleeves so I flipped it over. Yikes! The angry Baphomet appeared! See the dark circles under his eyes, golden ears, a chin with beard? He's dressed up for the occasion with a sodomite bow tie. The mouth is a Masonic Royal Arch and squared circle! So, that's not really a mouth, it's the other end of the GI tract.

Check out the Masonic square and compass in the hat/dress. Pretty sly.

If that wasn't enough, they layered in even more “33” numbering in the way they tied the two words together. Matching to the reclined 3 at the top of the heart is this opposing 3 at the bottom.

Candy Crush Saga is a celebration of the edible candy which, in the context, pretty clearly indicates copraphagia, and pedophelia.

I thought the an+us trick seemed familiar. Sure enough. Orange Crush played the same bit! Illuminati mind-control.

I wondered about what more might be in the popular game's name and there are some interesting anagrams that can be found. I think the reason why the Candy Crush is a saga probably relates to the ancient gods, who are worshiped by the Illuminati.

a. A prose narrative usually written in Iceland between 1120 and 1400, dealing with the families that first settled Iceland and their descendants, with the histories of the kings of Norway, and with the myths and legends of early Germanic gods and heroes.
b. A modern prose narrative that resembles a saga.

Update: Aaron noted how Saga was written on a tag and that the 4 letters summed to 28 in the usual way.


I think he rightly equates the 4 letters to the 4 Shemittah span of 28 years. If this doesn't make sense, you've got a lot of catching up to do! I think we're led to see the tag like a SALE tag on an item. I think seeing it that way kind of suggests seeing it as a price tag (sale=reduced price), with numbers, which invites us to do the conversion as above.

Aaron also noted how the tail of the “y” is what wraps around the heart and becomes the “C,” and the “y” is a male seed symbol. Then, the way that “C” hits the “r” is like sodomizing it, and the “r” is such a common symbol of Horus. I see how the first “C” sodomizes “andy” and how that all ends in “rush” like a male train.


  1. Gig asks if this is true, and yes, this is real and it is no joke or joking matter.

  2. Anonymous7:33 AM

    dont agree with it all the anus bit seems a bit silly,but obviously has mind control as its so addictive!

  3. S A G A = Satan As Grand Architect?

    Perhaps, Isis Benford.