Monday, April 15, 2013

Part 103 - The Sodomite Gateway - Mortar Boards, kraprooM and Jagermeister: A Seat at The Table

There's a town in southern California named Moorpark. Many folks are aware that it spells “kraproom” (or crap room) backwards. Because of this, you'll sometimes find the word “park” or other words like “Moorpark” used in combination with other symbols when the intent is to signal the sodomite gateway. Sometimes this “krap” layer of Occult signaling will be very subtle, with a scene being set in a location like Central Park, or a National Park, a neighborhood park or even a car park or parking garage. You will know this is being leveraged as a symbolic layer by the presence of other supporting symbols layered into the scene.

I came upon the website for Moorpark College a while back and noted their subtle layering of the sodomite symbolism. The home page of this well ranked community college features a slide show banner, with the version you see here appearing still today in the rotation. Notice the not-so-subtle Baphomet hand signal.

As a necessary caveat, if you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered or you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, please move on.

The MyNav symbol is a obvious sun anus with a sphincter ring of dots encircling. There's one plain sodomite signal element. It's not really a compass rose, which has four cardinal points and not 6. It's a hexagram star implying two overlapping triangles, which are a “sons of god with the daughters of men” signal.

Seeing students in their cap and gowns is not unexpected or inappropriate on a college website, of course, and including the cap in their logo also seems innocent enough, but when you can interpret the esoteric symbolism of the mortar board the whole “krap room” bit starts to becomes pretty obvious. If you understand the arcane squaring of the circle you should be able to interpret the meaning of the square set upon the initiate's round head. Squaring the circle is mystery tradition code for ritual sodomy that enlightens and grants access to gnosis. The graduation ceremony is an initiation rite.

The college seal features an oil lamp, the esoteric symbol of spiritual enlightenment that is also considered by many to burn as an offering to Pluto. The lamp with illuminating flame appears in the background of the logo, as does the scroll, symbol of gnosis and esoteric knowledge and wisdom.

The logo is a mortar board, apparently with tassels that divide lighter and darker areas to make the bottom part look suspiciously like an obfuscated bottom.

That would be appropriate because the graduate's cap is a mortar board, and a mortar board is a mason's tool that is used to convey mortar. Also called mud, mortar is the symbol of the excrement that binds Freemasons and other sodomites together. Freemasons typically use the trowel as a symbol of the application of that metaphorical mortar.

The mortar board is also known as a hawk. If you find one at the store, you'll discover its dimensions are probably going to be 13x13. Thirteen means “rebel lord beast,” and very importantly in the context of academic achievement it represents one level of an illuminati programming grid, which is 13x13x13.

Moorpark College ~ MC = 13 to the third power or 13 cubed.

The school motto is “Bridge to the Future!” On a superficial level, that's very fitting for a college, especially a community college, but in the esoteric context the motto literally suggests the exercise of the psi power of remote viewing.

Universities are pagan, and the entire structure of academia as it exists everywhere in my culture is pagan.

I noticed how three of the girls in the graduation line on the home page image are wearing shades and the 4th in line is not: Another 3 things and then a 4th. Intentional? Maybe, maybe not.

This last item is a commercial that gives tribute to pharmakeia and Cernunnos, and is filled with sodomite gateway imagery.

Jagermeister: A Seat at The Table

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