Monday, April 01, 2013

Decoding the GE, Intel, AMD and Care Innovations 666 Brands, and Woody Allen's Rain Metaphor

The folks responsible for a GE commercial have a grasp of the rain as semen metaphor. They reference a Woody Allen comedy bit that illustrates it pretty effectively.

Last night, during the season finale of The Office, GE debuted this comely advertisement trumpeting the corporation's water-recycling program (or something). In it, a team of miniaturized, white-suited laborers in assembly-line formation works together to fill a tank with liquid, which, at commercial's climax, rains down from the heavens. Where have we seen something exactly like this before? Oh, right! In the far-less-graphic "What happens during ejaculation?" scene in Woody Allen's Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (the one where Woody plays a sperm). We remember enough from ninth-grade earth science to know that this is not really where precipitation comes from, but, needless to say, we'll definitely be packing an umbrella today. See Woody's original money shot, after the jump!” (GE Recycles Water, Woody Allen Humor)

The movie clip referenced on that website is gone but I found another here: Woody Allen - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex The bit of interest is towards the end, where the semen is pictured as rain by having the actors playing sperm line up like parachuters to jump out of a plane.

GE has long had an Occult logo that requires the drawing of three sixes as you write or trace around the script letters. Their longtime slogan was "We Bring Good Things to Life," and that's a creative work, and messianic. The e-eye-spiral of life is a swirl eye of Horus.

I believe their “ge” is akin to the “gi” signaling of the GI tract - ge ~ g-eye. The four drops around the outside (4 elements of the magick circle) represent the semen in the rectum because of the rotational dynamic making it a twister, an energy vortex that often signals ritual sodomy. (Think of the little orphan boy “Oliver Twist” and the Marquis de Sade's comparison of mard to olives.) I'll expand on that soon, Lord willing.) That's why GE emphasizes it by layering one signal anus over another in the header graphic of their YouTube channel.

LEAP is a similar outfit that leverages the jet engine symbol. Their cfm square circle images placed to frame it makes their intent plain. Energy vortex. Kundalini enlightenment. Ritual sodomy. I see this jet engine signaling in lots of movies and music videos.

Care Innovations is a unique joint venture between Intel Corporation and GE. What a piece of work their evil genius logo is! The i-eye is so obvious, and with the orange sodomy signaling element grouping the word "in," the only conclusion that can be drawn about whatever is really meant by “care innovations” has something to do with the sodomite gateway.

Like I describe in the graphic, the orange form is an i and a G, another clever GI tract symbol. The third eye and 666, the allusions to On and the on or power button, yeah - it's rich.

Another example of the "in" inside anus signal is found in the logo for Bottom Line Oil, or Bottom Oil as it also reads. The black O and the star light yellow IN inside it, the blood red arrow phallus and anus, and arrow as dripping blood, the squared circle of the dotted i, these leave little doubt that the bottom is oiled for ritual sodomy and illumination with star-angel light.

Intel leverages the swirl eye of Horus and the squared circle dot, who partnered with GE in the joint venture of Care Innovations. I addressed the Intel logo already, in Part 16 - See, it's the "i" of Horus! Intel, eyeBM and Micron. They leveraged a 666 signal with clever exclamation marks in their Pentium !!! promotion. It's three upside down letters i, which are the 9th letter. !!! Flips the 999 into 666.

Intel is not the only pc chip makers to get into that action, as I illustrate here with AMD and their K6 III promotion.

I covered the occult logos and promos of many others in the “i” of Horus series.

If you're becoming more perceptive and able to identify the symbols and their meanings, praise the Lord! The exercise of our discernment in this and every other matter is becoming vitally important.

Read the Bible and see how the Lord speaks to you through that and confirms it as you look at the world with eyes that see as He sees.

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