Friday, April 19, 2013

Decoding the Virgin London Marathon Logo

Another major marathon is about to be run, in London. It's the world's largest, and on the 21st of April, 2013 the 33rd is anticipated. London itself has 33 boroughs. This number is associated with Freemasonry and is symbolic of the sodomite gateway, as I've demonstrated regularly in this series. A 33 is also hidden in the heart ribbon logo of the Virgin London Marathon.

Caveat: If you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered or you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, please move on.

Breaking it down, the heart symbol is a familiar symbol of the buttocks. The Virgin version is formed from a ribbon that forms another butt at the bottom. This conceals a 3 and a mirror of it at top and bottom, a 33 because C=3. Every heart of this shape is composed of a pair of mirrored letters c, which is an implicit 33. What fills the heart draws our attention to the point of the anus, where the Virgin logo meets the end of the finish line tape being broken by the winner of the race.

The heart is also symbolic of the female anatomy, the vulva. The touching point represents the clitoris. In the context of a virgin, this is a symbolic sexual initiation, the breaking of the tape represents the breaking of the hymen. Because the runners torso and arms are represented by a “V,” this too signals the vagina, with the head as the hooded clitoris. The squiggly tape appears as the heavenly blue seed, completing the reproductive allegory as mating with the red of Adamic man.

When the underline of the Virgin crosses the stylized “g” it forms an ankh (resurrection life magick) and a red on white plus sign, another sodomy signal. The end of the line touches the n, a signal arch and portal. I suspect the legs of the runner are forming both the letter M and a 13, which is the numeric value of the M. I take the bottom of the ribbon as also forming a W, a 23, the genetic and reproductive signal, and an upside down M, a 13, the rebel lord beast signal.

The straighter leg points down to a duplicated word ending, ON. This Egyptian city is also known as Heliopolis, famous center for the worship of the sun god, prior to the Vatican, of course. The ON and 13 signals reveal this as the typical Horus sodomy.

In view of all this more obvious signaling, I believe the descender of the “g” in “Virgin” points out the letter combo “AO” as Helios or Horus is yet one more layer of this rich Occult logo.

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