Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"The S from Hell" - Part Three - The Phenomenon of the "Screen Gems" Branding

Continuing from the last post, let's consider the audio portion of the Screen Gems presentation. Here's The S from Hell clip found on YouTube. This is what has been referred to by some as “the personification of all things evil."

The creepy music adds to the impact of the visual imagery. Why is that? There is a reason why Wagner wrote the music as he did and why the Nazi party celebrated it and made it their own. There is a reason the tritone, Devil's interval or Devil's chord has the ominous history it does. There's a reason why the founder of the Church of Satan, Anton La Vey, was a professional calliope player, loving the instrument that was originally designed to replace the bells in churches.

The name, Calliope, is that of a goddess, the daughter of Zeus, who is probably a Watcher as identified by the patriarch Enoch or one of their Nephilim spawn. The goddess Calliope is sometimes pictured carrying a book or a roll of paper, a scroll not unlike that of the Screen Gem image. Consider Pan, (pan-demon-ium?), the pipe playing god and the influence of his piping.

There is a reason why the peculiar "carnival style" music was played during the opening sequence of the London Ceremony during the close of the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Music has the ability to spiritually influence the hearer, not unlike the influence of symbolic imagery. Evil spirits may be invoked or expelled musically.

So it came about whenever the evil spirit from God came to Saul, David would take the harp and play it with his hand; and Saul would be refreshed and be well, and the evil spirit would depart from him.
1 Samuel 16:23

When you listen to the Screen Gems sound, consider these things and realize that none of Satan's devices are ineffectual. Is "The S from Hell" invoking the demonic Calliope or Pan entities or their relatives? What other reasonable conclusion could be drawn, given the facts?

The scary music or noise was produced by Eric Siday, to whom is attributed the invention of the sound logo and who was apparently quite an innovator. The crackly and dissonant arpeggio was played on a percussive synthesizer that Mr. Siday had Moog build for his "new music." He was onto something - but it was not good! The opening notes of the Screen Gems sound logo are believed to have been produced on the violin, then reversed. This technique is called backmasking, a principle leveraged for occult purposes (according to principles taught by Aleister Crowley) that serves as a kind of jamming device for the soul. It works on the audio channel like the  "optical illusion" of the dimensional conundrum I mentioned in a previous post. It causes disturbance and confusion as our subconscious mind strives to resolve what has been presented.

This principle is known as cognitive dissonance. You can read about it from the linked page on, whose slogan is "How we change what others think, feel, believe and do." There are a variety of ways this is leveraged and we do well to get familiar with how it works so we're not ignorant of Satan's devices. Earlier, I had mentioned how the occult fallout shelter logo was sneaky and evil in associating what is the most deadly threat (the mark of the beast's triple helix upgrade) with safety. It occurred to me that this is the same insidious ploy leveraged in the naming of "Safeway," whose branding I've addressed as similar to the Screen Gems logo. These are examples of cognitive dissonance.

There are those who want to change what you think, feel, believe and do. They know how to do it. There are those who want to change who you are, turning you into them, in Threshold-speak. Are you getting it? This is how it's done!

The sound logo obviously works, "freaking out" many as this powerful occult tool weaves its spell to bend us in relentless promotion of  antichrist delusion. I've presented some of the technical attributes revealing the connection to the Greek gods Zeus, Pan, Calliope, and the Egyptian Osiris, who are fallen angels, Watchers and their spawn. Here are a few other observations I've made.

The globally popular Olympics still honor the gods of the ancient Greeks and of many others to this very day. If you're familiar with the Olympic ceremony sign series on The Open Scroll site you'll recognize the bridge structure featured in the background of "The S from Hell" movie and poster. It's an arched viaduct, in Hebrew, mecillah, which I've written about at length as a stairway to heaven, a construct bridging heaven and earth as a means of passage. It's a stargate used for angelic transport, an inter-dimensional portal. Let the inclusion of this portal imagery in the movie about the sound logo portal speak to you about the reality of demonic influence and the soon ascension of the beast to his appointed throne, and remind you to continually seek insight and protection in the Lord Y'shua!

In the video, "The Top 5 Scariest Logos," I notice the DIC branding animation (@ 1:19-1:26 seconds) has a star that matches the alien probe of the "Threshold" sci-fi series.

It struck me at one point how the name Screen Gems seemed a bit odd. The practitioners of the occult use anagrams to conceal and reveal their secrets. Some point to the example of Santa as an anagram of Satan. The character in a red suit is popularly accepted as a substitute for the Messiah, hijacking his birthday every year. He's omniscient in judgment, knowing when you've been naughty or nice and rewarding accordingly. He is as Beelzebub, Lord of the the flying, flying from one place to another in a heavenly chariot. He has a mystical other-dimensionally hidden place of residence and center of activity. There he commands an army of elves, which are divine or semi-divine beings from Germanic "folklore" (Watchers or Nephilim) endowed with magical powers.

Is Screen Gems an anagram? Some "screen gems" anagrams are, "genes src me" (src = "source"), "emerges nsc," "CERN me egss," but, to me, the most interesting one is "Cremes gens." In this anagram there is allusion made to the offspring of the beast who have the mark of the beast. Consider how in "Creme" there is reference to the antichrist messianic beast (Maitreya) promoted through the agent Benjamin "Creme." The word "gens" signifies family lineage through the male. The Screen Gems anagram "Cremes gens" harmonizes with the Screen Gems sound logo! Benjamin Creme (b 1922) was a member of the Aetherius Society between 1957 and 1959, which is a UFO based new religious movement with headquarters in Hollywood, California. Perhaps there were associations in that season that led those involved with the animation studio that first took the name Screen Gems to choose it with a view to prophetic significance.

These things are interesting and worthy of a little consideration as we look to "connect the dots," understanding what goes on around us as the targets in a grand conspiracy. Did you know that "Hollywood" refers to the holly (holy) wood from which magic wands are made. Harry Potter's wand was made of holly wood, 11 inches in length. Dots, dots and more dots. :)


  1. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Okay, If The Screen gems "S" Is Considered An unholy Symbol (Similar To the 3rd Reich's "double S" Patch & The Swastiska Itself), How Come When I Was A Child , the Screen Gems "Dancing Sticks" Logo From 1963 With music By Frank Devol Seemed scarier To Me Than the "S" From Hell? I Still Say After 41 Years It's Still The music & The Spook-announcing By Either Hal Gibney Or Colin Male.the synthisyzer of Eric Siday, on The Other Hand Reminded Me Of a Minor 1964 Hit Single By The Waikkis (on Kapp Records) Titled "Hawiian Tattoo", it Had Opening Bars On An Organ sounding Eerily Similar To Siday & Van Alexander's (It was Co-written From American composer Alexander To British composer Siday In late 1964) synthisyzed Tones. It Sounded Like A Marosi Funeral March, believe Me!
    Oxford, Michigan 48371

  2. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Have you ever had someone bite the side of your neck and you go into a convulsive shiver?Just combine that with that spine tingling music from Eric Sidays Screen Gems jingle.I still,at 48 have the post traumatic effects of the eerie logo and that awful 6 second score that accompanies it!I am happy that this music and logo are not used much anymore.Except on classic retro tv stations.I will be certain to bypass those retro programs!