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Part 22 - Rochester, NY - Clock of Nations as a Bell Tower

You may have noticed how the 21st post in this series featured time-keeping. One of the meanings of 21 is "time." I didn't plan it to correspond like that, but the theme matched the meaning of the post's number! A post numbering 22 in this series was originally written and very nearly posted all the way back on the 10th of September. The Lord had something better in mind. The message of this post number 22 will correspond to the meaning of the number 22. There's an important story I need to share that will put these writings into context.

On the day following my being restrained from posting what I had originally written there came a sign. This happened on 9/11, which was also the weekly Shabbat, the New Moon and Yom Teruah.

Early that morning I was led to go through my nearly full pocket change jar and roll the pennies. This is not the kind of activity that would normally interest me on Shabbat. When I was done, I arranged them in pairs for easy counting at 2 rolls per dollar. I counted $11. That's 22 rolls! 22=11*2. I know what that signals. I've encountered it enough times to recognize it immediately. I had just been counting all the pennies and wrapping 50 per roll. When I was done wrapping, I knew I was done, with not one roll too many or too few, even though there were at least a few hundred more pennies left in the jar. When I counted exactly $11 dollars in rolled pennies and saw the arrangement I had made with the 22 rolls it was obviously a sign.

I pondered the meaning of the sign but didn't know the context of its interpretation until returning to blogging the next day. As I reviewed post 21 and considered what I had written a few days earlier it occurred to me that I had to write this post about bells, and that the meaning of 22 would be exhibited. Post #22 was to feature the Clock of Nations as a bell tower. You may be scratching your head about why I would connect bells to a penny roll sign. Well, I wouldn't, logically, but, by revelation insight it was obvious.

The number 22 can be understood by expressing it as 11*2. The 22 penny rolls represented $11. "Eleven" signifies the flesh of man as grass and the flower of grass (1 Peter 1:24), frail and ephemeral - here today and gone tomorrow. "Two" signifies division. "Twenty-two" signifies the division of the flesh that ultimately results in the death of the flesh. Twenty-two signals mortality. As my friend Joseph Herrin observes, there's a reason why the 22" size is the most popular for grass-cutting machines. The sovereign Creator numbers His creation perfectly! What I came to learn as I researched the bell is how it, too, is an emblem of mortality!

The reason this post follows post 21 by nearly a month is because of the amount of effort required in researching and writing about the bell. There was no hurrying this project along. To underscore the importance of this study, another sign was given a few days after the penny roll sign when my study about the bell was well underway. At this point, I'm going to invite you to read about that "barbershop" sign and everything else I wrote about the bell. Bells - Supernatural Enchantment and a Biblical Perspective It's a lengthy study, and not all light reading, but it's the foundation for this post. Consider it required reading if you're serious about understanding what the Lord is doing with this blog.

If it's been a while since you've read posts 20 and 21, you may want to review them as well so the material is fresh in your mind. One more recommended post is The Liberty Bell and America's Independence from God - plus - Bells Across America - DO NOT PARTICIPATE! Yom Kippur - DO PARTICIPATE! If what I recommend seems like a lot of effort, you're right! What you get out of this compares to what you put into it.

I will excerpt the bell study here to present the most brief introduction to the non-mortality aspects. "The clock and bell together are a powerful pair. The clock marks the passage of time in a synthetic way, related to but detached from the Creator's appointed means. It is an instrument whose early versions were graven image idols that governed the prayer life of communities of false priests. The bell, used to command lessor demons and facilitate meetings between men and the false gods they worship, was soon harnessed to announce the time, governing the lives of men from then until now."

Now, the iconic Clock of Nations has features that seem magical to many, and, sadly, really are magickal. Even features that are so common and familiar have a sinister meaning and magickal purpose; the flowers, the carousel-like appearance and movement, the clock, and even the bells. As this object is a clock tower it's also a bell tower that compares to many other clock and bell towers around the globe. The eight bells of Rochester, NY's iconic timepiece are there darkly signaling a death knell and what lies beyond that is, ultimately, a second death. The number of this post is as the clock's bells, signaling the end of life for mortal man. If you have done your homework, you get it. There is a perspective from which there is no escape from the enclosing net. Yet, if you grasp what the Lord has in this for those who have eyes that see beyond the veil, there is through this the promise of life that is truly life! There's more to life than this mortal life! :) Trade up, my friend!

The eight bells suspended in the Clock of Nations flower pod emphasizes the mortality symbolism of the bell with allusion to the nautical euphemism, "eight bells." As enclosed within the flower pod, the bells appear as eight seeds that must be planted in the earth to die and bring forth after its kind.

The "eight bells" signal isn't the only nautical cue found in the context. You'll notice that the construction very nearly exhibits vertical symmetry, like as if the top half is seen inverted in a reflecting pool. This presents the magickal principle and Hermetic Maxim, "As above, so below." The blue scales covering the base of the clock resemble the waves of the sea, lending the clock a Leviathan identity (Job 41). Because the clock is a timepiece, it should be considered how the history of the world pivots significantly on the role of the marine chronometer. Remember the recently posted Twelfth Orbit of Neptune sign, of the god of the sea? These are portents of the Beast's coming, who is seen in Revelation 13:1 rising out of the sea. Those who have been paying attention to the signs of the times may have noticed how naval law, the law of the seas, appears to be appointed for global implementation.

The nautical theme here compares to what was presented during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. This is an important observation and comparison. Perhaps the most dramatic moment in the London Presentation came when a siren (Leona Lewis) was introduced with a mariner (Jimmy Page) approaching on a ship. According to the classic siren and mariner scenario such encounters had a single outcome. The entranced mariners would approach the siren to better hear their song, run their ships aground on the rocks and subsequently go down to their death in the depths with the ship. "Eight Bells," mariner!

While the London Presentation then featured the siren and mariner in a mating ritual, acting it out in the performance of the Led Zeppelin hit, "Whole Lotta Love," no mariner ever mated with the three sirens. The Olympics folks know their "myths," the history of their gods, and the witness was precisely correct. Other sea nymphs and sea Daemons mated with mortals, but never the bird-winged sirens. As the mating encounter began Leona stepped out of the bird-wing plumage, leaving the siren identity behind. The message sent by way of the dramatic bird-winged siren and mariner sequence was equivalent to the nautical euphemism "eight bells." The gods lure mortals to their destruction with irresistible enchantments! The gods sent their message through Olympic ceremony symbolism, and they send this same message through the Clock of Nations. "Eight bells," mortals.

As a confirmation of the meaning of the siren/mariner sequence, the fatal outcome was very subtly introduced during the London Presentation. The mariner goes down with his ship just as those in the Hindenburg went down with their airship, as a "lead" zeppelin surely would. The image on the right is Led Zeppelin's iconic album cover, the one containing the featured song "Whole Lotta Love." While this image was nowhere in sight during the presentation (so far as I know), at just the right moment we were primed by the commentator, who said: "There he is - we've been expecting him ... Jimmy Page, of Led Zeppelin fame." Millions of folks who watched the ceremony would have been able to associate the featured song with its iconic album cover and the name "Led Zeppelin" with the Hindenburg pictured going down in flames, the scene pictured on that album cover. "Eight bells," mortals.

On this blog, I need to emphasize pretty frequently how it is that very subtle symbols and magickal constructions like the clock's eight bells wield a powerful influence. By way of such things, even and especially when we don't consciously perceive it, the enchantment is brought forth. The objects or dramas, through the most subtle of sensory inputs engage the subconscious mind, which seeks meaning from contextual clues to help interpret whatever is being perceived, scanning the soul archives for pattern matches and/or the spirit for insight. It's the spirit that is the vital key.

I'm teaching and, alongside it, preaching because you need the holy spirit and such discipline as the Lord requires as He guides and protects and encourages you to draw ever nearer in humble submission. I'm taking the time to elaborate on the connection with the Olympic ceremony and the way it works so you can grasp the rich significance of the clock and its bells and perceive the nature of the threat. They are not merely decorative. You can and should take their message personally and their magick seriously. "Eight bells, mortals!"

If you've still got what I wrote about "eight bells" in the adjunct Bell study fresh in mind, you may have noticed that what I just shared about the fatal outcome of every siren/mariner engagement adds to what I had written therein about how the Milk Hill Eight crop sign from 8/8/08 pictured the ark of Noah the eighth and Satan's counter-flood scheme. The eight bell seeds compares to the Beijing Olympics Chinese presentation's eight fertile eggs implanted in the womb. These are equivalent testimonies.

How many different ways can the testimony be brought forth? There's so much redundancy! How many times must we recognize this message before we understand the threat? Really, until it's enough. Until it sinks in. A flood of dragon seed is coming upon the earth as a counter to the great flood of Noah's day! This time, it's a counter-flood, not of water but of the dragon's sea beast and seed to purge the earth of the Adam-kind and repopulate it with the serpent-kind. This is the testimony of the eight bells in the Clock of Nations' flower pod. It's the very same testimony of the words inscribed on the ledge of the Nephilim reflecting pool at the ROC airport, found today within a stone's throw of the magickal clock!


"Human being" = daughters of men - the "Adam tree"
"Animals" = sons of god - the "serpent tree"
Interpretation: "What happened to us at the great flood will happen soon to you. As we were disembodied and imprisoned, now we will disembody and imprison you. What comes around goes around."

The Clock of Nations is a clock and bell tower compares to others around the world. Most particularly, it appears to relate to the Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA, where the Liberty Bell once sounded. The Clock of Nations, even while its bells are mute, picks up the refrain that had been declared by the Liberty Bell and the clock in Independence Hall, that by its vested authority life in all the nations of the world is regulated. The rule of Babylon is chimed in its pharmakeia, whether it can be heard or not. This rule brings death, separation from the life of the Creator. It is a 22 signal.

This is the message of Big Ben, with its dragon gargoyles, and many, many others.

Let the towering grandfather clock featured in the class pictures of the Skull and Bones society witness to the conspiracy of the clock and bell, their towers and their institutions. The Beast and his mark are a deadly threat, and quite real.

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