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Part 1 - The Chilean Mine Incident Sign

Internet monitors have stated that the recent rescue of 33 miners in Chile was among the most-watched video streams of all time. Some very perceptive people have attentively logged their observations about the recent Chilean mine incident. Some of the elements of this widely watched event do appear to be significant, which, like so many things I've been blogging about recently, actually points to the coming season of great tribulation, the antichrist beast and his mark.

For these reasons I don't refer to this as the "Chilean Miner Accident": 1. Not all 33 were Chilean 2. Not all 33 were miners 3. Insight into the symbolic meaning shifts focus from what appears otherwise accidental.

The basis for this kind of spiritual consideration being given to events is the biblical directive to watch:

What I say to you, I say to everyone: 'Watch!'
Mark 13:37

The Lord Y'shua plainly declared that signs would be given, signs in the heavens and signs in the earth. Those who practice watching with eyes that see and ears that hear are recognizing some really amazing signs.

The blogger Vigilant Citizen (The Odd Masonic Imagery of the 33 Chilean Miners’ Rescue) is one who has presented observations related to Masonic and occult symbolism, which is an important perspective. This has also been done by Mike Hoggard (Watchman Video Broadcast 10-17-10 - highly recommended - and you may note that this was also linked in the previous post), who takes it the rest of the way where a proper commentary needs to go. Mike has discerned it well. I discovered Mike's video after already having completed my personal study, arriving at the conclusions Mike had reached, and I must say how thrilled I am to see he really gets it! Not only that, the presentation in his video is excellent!

What you'll find in this study adds a few unique insights to the total, so it's not a superfluous work, but whatever redundancy there is should be taken as an independent witness. The mine incident was a supernatural sign of the coming antichrist beast and his mark.

To really understand this we must see it beyond this being an accident plus the deliberate action and direct involvement of men. See the supernatural orchestration, the divine influence. There are forces at work that may be attributed to the devil, and of the Sovereign God that Satan imitates, counterfeits and ultimately serves.

I've been so immersed in blogging and video making that I paid little attention to the Chilean mine incident until just a few days ago. As I was considering what the incident means, it struck me that I had just posted something with very interesting parallels. One of the subjects addressed was subterranean vaults as places of both imprisonment and refuge! The meaning of the names of the city of Rochester, NY's namesake, Nathaniel Rochester, is, "gift of God" and "stone camp or fortress." This relates to the Chilean mine incident most obviously because they were imprisoned in a subterranean refuge. Controversy surrounds the miner's organized religious activity while trapped in the stone camp and their expression of thanks to God upon their release. The many kinds of blessings so generously bestowed upon them as a result of their ordeal (possibly salvation, for some, plus money, celebrity and honor, vacation trips, etc.) can and should cause their season underground to be viewed as a gift of God.

In the last post, the focus was on the Rochester, NY area and the names of towns in the area. I highlighted Gates, Greece and Rochester, and now I'm introducing Chili, which, like Greece, borders both Gates and Rochester. It was established in 1822, in the same year as Greece, NY. Here's a connection to Chile. Locally, the town's name is pronounced, "CHYE-lye."

"There are two theories about the origin of the name "Chili". One theory is that it was named after the country of Chile which was striving for independence at the time. Some suggest that the town was named after the Chiliasts religion embraced by some of the early settlers of South Chili." (Chili, NY - Wikipedia)

Christian premillennialism used to be referred as "chiliasm" or "millenarianism". I personally think both of these proposed derivations for the name of the town of Chile are pertinent.

The derivation of the name of the country, Chile, is likewise unclear. Some claim "Chile" comes from the native Mapuche word "chilli," which may mean "where the land ends," and/or "the deepest point of the Earth." If you consider how the Mapuche word "chilli" compares to "Chili," (NY) and how the meanings of chilli compare to what I've recently presented about the region of Chili, NY's potential, it really makes this whole Chilean mine incident really interesting. Especially so when the timing is considered, because I was oblivious to any connections here when I wrote about the region's implied subterranean caverns.

The Sign

Now, even the most basic features of the Chilean mine incident speak to me that it is a sign. Men were trapped underground for 69 days until their rescue on October 13, 2010, a record length of time. The most remarkable features of this incident are how long they were trapped and that all were alive. The day of the year they were all delivered speaks very loudly to me! For several years, this day has been one of a very small number of watch days where I watch closely for events that match repeating patterns. The rescue fits the October 13 pattern.

The number 69 signals the mark of the beast by way of the genetic transformation of man to beast. This should be getting pretty familiar to those of you who follow this blog. The number of chromosomes suggested in triple helix DNA is the equivalent of 3 donors/strands times 23 chromosomes per donor/strand. The men were as in the womb of the earth, nourished and sustained through what has been referred to as an umbilical cord. When the number 69 was attained, they were delivered out of the womb and celebrated as though being born again. The 69 transformation is sold by the deceiver as being an ascension to godhood and the attainment of enlightenment. The men were each birthed out of the womb wearing a white star (a symbol of divine angel) and sunglasses (veiling their lamp-eyes like when Moses was veiled after coming down from the Mount).

The date of their delivery, October 13, 2010 is hugely significant. In a post titled Part 4 of Threshold - The CBS sci-fi series from 2005, I listed 15 significant events that occurred on this very date beginning with the ascension of Nero to the throne of Rome, a widely recognized type of the antichrist Beast. This event adds one more to that list! Although it's certainly worthy of repeated coverage, in the interest of saving space here I'll leave it to you to follow that link and investigate the phenomenon further.

It is the custom of those who practice the mystery traditions to sum the numbers in dates for associated meaning. 10/13/2010 is 1+0+1+3+2+0+10 = 8

Eight signifies a new beginning, and, as frequently brought up in this blog, relates to Noah the eighth and the devil's genetic counter-flood mark of the beast scheme.

Some have pointed out how a popular format of the date of their rescue sums to 33, which is the number of men buried in the mine. 10/13/10 is 10+13+10 = 33 I'll address the 33 features in more depth, shortly.

It's my observation that the annual watch day of 10/13 sums in that same way to 23 (10+13), the number of chromosomes in a sex cell. Sexual reproduction is at the core of the devil's genetic Beast agenda. When the date the mine incident began, August, 5, 2010, is summed in the same way the rescue date adds to 33, the number 23 is produced. 8/5/10 = 8+5+10 = 23

The day number of the rescue date, 13, is a key signal for the Beast and his mark. I've written extensively of this number even most particularly with regard to the marking of the very day of the Beast's revelation, signified in repeating historical and biblical patterns! (See The Number Thirteen (The Sign for the Bride - Part 3) - this is highly recommended and relevant!) "Thirteen" has the basic meanings of "rebellion" and "Lord."

It has been observed that the ages of the 33 men trapped in the mine sums to 1313, exactly. ("Miners II" - forum post by Tony Ellsworth) The corporate body of men represent the body of which the Beast himself is the head, a kingdom composed of those who bear his mark. I believe this number further signifies the entire anti-messianic pyramid kingdom, completed,inclusive of the "lord Beast" himself as its head.

Among those 33 men, there was only one 23 year old. His name is Carlos, which means "man." Think about it. There was likewise only one 46 year old, Jose, whose name is the equivalent of Joseph, meaning "Let Him add," or, "God will increase." Biblically, the context of Jacob's son Joseph's naming was the hopeful expectation of the addition of yet another son to Rachel and Jacob, who would be brought forth in due time and named Benjamin. So, if you add another "man" number, the age of 23 year old Carlos, to the 46 of Jose, you get 69. There was no 69 year old man trapped in the mine, but when the full 69 days of their "gestation" was fulfilled they were each birthed out of the symbolic womb, ascending into the light.

There was only one 33 year old, Victor, meaning "Victorious." This appears to be a prophetic declaration. The Beast strategy presented will achieve a great victory, of sorts.

The number 33 is embedded in the incident as the number of men and as the number of days it took to drill the rescue hole that was 33 * 2 centimeters in diameter. A popular format of the date of their rescue sums to 33 (October 13, 2010, or 10/13/10: 10 + 13 + 10 ) While buried in the mine, José Henríquez served as the pastor and organized daily prayers. He's a preacher who has worked in mining for 33 years. This number in particular has received a lot of attention because Y'shua was 33 when he came to be buried underground and subsequently raised to life, and because the number is popularly associated with Freemasonry.

I didn't watch video of the rescue, but language was apparently being used that made reference to the resurrection of Y'shua. That one feature speaks to the meaning of the sign, testifying of the appearance of a messiah in newness of life. A related element of note is the reference to the delivery of supplies to the men in blue plastic capsules nicknamed palomas, "doves." When, Y'shua was baptized, the spirit as a dove from heaven (heaven is often signaled by the color blue) was seen descending upon him. Baptism is a symbol of death and resurrection.

There are some interesting "dots to connect" from the book of Matthew.

39) But he answered and said unto them, An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas:
40) For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.

Matthew 12:39-40

The name Jonah means, "dove." The sign of Jonah can be interpreted as the sign of dove. The sign of the Chilean mine incident is a sign of Jonah, when the 33 men were 3*23 days in the heart of the earth. What really makes it a sign, of course, is being raised alive at the conclusion of the period. After the third trimester of gestation there is a birth! The delivery of the 33 from the mine was according to this model to declare with esoteric imagery the bringing forth of "The Antichrist," the coming counterfeit.

The men had been trapped at approximately 2,300 ft deep and about 3 mi. from the mine entrance. These men of 46 chromosome biology were 23*100 units short of the life for which they hoped to attain. After 69 (46+23) days, each 46 chromosome man was ascended 23*100 to see their hope fulfilled! Here, in the 2,300 ft and 3 mi. distances referenced, is another linking of 23 and 3! (69 = 23*3)

To be continued, Lord willing!


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    With regard to your latest post and connecting the dots... Did you happen to notice that the elevation of Mr. Hermon is 9230? Also, Have you considered the Bible coordinates for the scripture: "As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life for evermore." PSALM 133:3

  2. Related to this and your posts and
    on sodomy being something like a gate being opened to an oppressing unclean spirit. I am wondering if 69 is also a gate to an oppressing spirit as it represents two men practicing oral sex on each other.