Thursday, October 07, 2010

Occult Imagery - Commonwealth Games - Delhi 2010

A two part video series has just been published to YouTube.

Occult Imagery - Pt 1 - Commonwealth Games - Delhi 2010 - Signaling the Mark of the Beast Scheme
Occult Imagery - Pt 2 - Commonwealth Games - Delhi 2010

According to the tradition of the Olympics and the World Cup Football or Soccer, occult signaling is in play once again with the Commonwealth Games. While there is no pretense to be found that the games honor the God of the Bible, few people will recognize that, concealed in this promotion is the explicit declaration of His enemy's plan.

Commonwealth Games - Delhi 2010

If you're familiar with Satan's end game and what's in the serpent's magickal toolbox, you'll recognize in their marketing and branding more of the same sex magick and signaling of the triple helix DNA mark of the beast we see all around the world in corporate and government branding and religious symbols. The embedded message is about a coming transformation of mankind, a transgenic posthuman change of earthly Adamic man into an enlightened and immortal divine being, joined with the gods. That's kind of an "as sold" version. The "as bought" version is represented in the Bible as the mark of the beast.

The redundant messaging is a necessary part of the scheme. It has to be done. The signaling is much more than just an empty message. It actually brings supernatural influence into the natural realm, serving to accomplish the devil's objectives through sly but extremely efficacious means. Confucius wrote that, “Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” He knew what others know about leveraging the dark power of symbols in the exertion of control over the ignorant to advance their agendas.

The Official Web site as seen on day 4 of the games displays this logo and marketing blurb for the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi. The blurb is loaded with key phrases that supports the occult signaling of the imagery. The word Chakra is Sanskrit for "wheel" or "turning". The Chakra is a metaphysical construct that relates to man's physical body and his union with God through an energetic serpent agency unleashed in creation, Kundalini. The Fibonacci sequence spiral exhibited by the brand "chakra" is an easily recognized pointer to DNA. Their helical strand of serpent DNA exhibits the bringing forth of the beast on several levels.

The day is coming when the effort put into the branding and marketing of this and every other wicked scheme will find a big payoff. I pray you are ready, making the most of this season. Judgment is here, now, and your attentiveness to seek and find the Lord Y'shua matters.

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