Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Hands Up! Part 1 Decoding the Symbolism

Some time ago we became aware of another signal that's identified with a major theme of the rulers of this age. Hands up! It's a simple gesture, to put one's hands up in the air. In the right context, it compares to the use of the colors purple and orange or symbols like the stylized heart. We're going to present some examples to illustrate some contexts and themes and share a few insights that seem to explain the meaning of the gesture, although there is probably more to this, hands up, thing than we know. This planned series is related to the series on our blog titled, the sodomite gateway.

The "hands up" gesture is not just a dance move or celebration sign. For one thing, it is a sign of a victim, threatened and surrendered, stripped of power and identity.

Hands Up! Part 1 - Decoding the Symbolism

The promotion and celebration of sodomite perversion and even the tolerance of it is an offense to the Creator. That's primarily why it's done, in defiance, and these acts play a strategic role in spiritual warfare. It should be seen that the reorientation of the genders and promotion of homosexuality and gender identity confusion is a Luciferian agenda that is being more and more aggressively advanced in this spiritual war.

We want to say that we're against sin, and homosexuality and cross dressing and effeminate behavior in males and masculine behavior in females is just that - sin. We're also against the sins of omission, where we neglect to help the helpless and ignorant and naive when we can help. So, we offer our insights into the secretive signs of the threats that surround us, like the hand up gesture. The rainbow that is being used as a sign of diversity and inclusivity and tolerance is not "as sold," as a "good" way to express genuine love. This banding together around diversity and the tolerance of sin is about lies used to trick the naive and deprive the innocent of what is most valuable.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. ~ John 10:10


  1. Video game company SNK has just released "SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy", promoting this "goddess" entity and gender inversion (character Terry Bogard, who is male, for some "obscure" reason appears as a woman in this game). This is a link to a twitter post that "explains" a graphic motif that is shown in-game whenever screens change (https://twitter.com/frionel26/status/977645272514945024): the "x", crossed arms and bent elbow poses combined. Additionally, lots of pentagrams and hearts and the obvious softcore nature of this game. Female characters are already made sexy in the original game series (The King of Fighters). In this case, I think this exaggeration is not the end, but the means: it's done on purpose, to distract people from the fact that one of the girls is a guy.

  2. I remember (and used to like it) a pop song from the nineties: "Hands up for lovers" by a band named Right Said Fred. Said band's name comes from the title of a song written in 1962 by one "Ted Dicks".

  3. I continued reading the blog, and I noticed the graphic motif from "SNK heroines" also contains a double-helix DNA strand. So, in one graphic symbol (that also resembles a cross) we have a combination of "x", bent elbows, crossed arms and DNA strand. I was reading about the "three things and then four", thinking about the opening screen logos for the first four "Sonic the hedgehog" games (for the Sega Genesis system, way back in the nineties). For the first game, "Sonic the hedgehog", there was a winged sodomite gateway, rimmed with pentagrams. For the second game, "Sonic 2", the sodomite gateway is still winged, but doesn't have pentagrams on the rim. For "Sonic 3", the gateway isn't winged anymore, but this one has little flames all over the rim. And then came "Sonic & Knuckles", introducing a new character (Knuckles, a red echidna), there's no sodomite gateway this time ("the expected character has already arrived"), the cover is adorned with a medallion-like, yin-yang-like stylized representation of the characters' heads, opposing the colors blue and red and with Knuckles's head strongly reminiscent of ancient egyptian style.

    1. Good observations. Thanks for sharing them here.

  4. https://www.cnn.com/2018/09/12/world/2017-negative-year-study-intl/index.html

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