Friday, September 07, 2018

Magic Circle Branding and the goddess - Bible Gateway

I have used Bible Gateway a lot. I recently created an account on their site so I could record notes, and I've started using their text coloring feature to highlight blocks of text. Today, I noticed that I was being engaged in what appears to be a magic ritual. I'd like to think this is innocent, but that would just be really naive to dismiss the probability that someone knows exactly what they're doing.

When you select bible text on their site this bar appears near the selection. The color buttons are the issue. This is the color sequence of the casting of the magic circle, as we discussed in the previous post about Joomla! and Whole Foods' 365 brand -- East-yellow-air -- South-red-fire -- West-blue-water -- North-green-earth. We are learning more and becoming more wary of being engaged in rituals as the warfare of the age continues to ramp up.

Like other Bible websites and professional tools and such, they use logos, which really should not be done. While theirs seems to be no worse than the others we find, their current logo is a door that speaks to us not of Revelation 3:20 but of the "Royal Arch/Arse of Freemasonry" and the sodomite gateway to illumination, because of the 2nd commandment. You will find the subtle exaltation of the goddess in the alignment of the name with the slogan. AWA. From the, A, in, All, step up to the adjacent, wa, in Gateway. Unless you've been following this blog very closely for a while and have seen exhibits of example after example of how AWA and other signs of the goddess appear, you will think we're just crazy or making stuff up. But the evidence is substantial.

The old logo looks like a set of crescent moons of a color more like the sun. It's a gateway image, a portal image, and we recognize it as an EYE like a bulging reptilian eye, and eye of Horus orange sodomite gateway portal that resonates code 33. Crescent moon as letter C, the 3rd letter. the big C-as-3 against the 3 smaller concentric crescents. A 666 transformation is suggested also - with the 3 adding to the 3 and the 3 and the 3 of the smaller crescents. The three concentric circles suggested by the arcs transform to 666 through the value of the letter O as the 15th letter - and 1+5=6. OOO=666.


  1. I have followed you since long before females could comment lol!! This example saddens me to the bone. I have used Bible Gateway for quite a while, as does most of my family. What I can't work out in my own head is "why"? I haven't found any disinformation on their site. Nothing misleading so it does come down to having Christians participate in spells, allowing demons into their lives? I guess I am having a hard time with this one since the site seems like an old friend. Thank you sir, for the incredible amount of research and thought that goes into the information you share!

    1. You're welcome. What better place to bring very subtle influence to those of us who appreciate and use it most. It is a disappointment, because I have found no other that compares in usefulness.

  2. Cheer up! Those symbols are like dog mess on the pavement. Once you notice it just step over and keep walking. Or - if you are an intercessor and you know the law of dung - burry it into the ground (Deut. 23:13-15).