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Decoding: Lalaloopsy on Netflix, the promo graphic

These button eyed dolls have an animated series and there's a really creepy vibe to this promotion graphic I saw on Netflix last week. The product's home page description reads, "Enter the whimsical world of the Lalaloopsy, who were once rag dolls that magically came to life when their very last stich was sewn." According to company press releases, the dolls were "designed to encourage a child's imagination and creativity" and "teach important life lessons such as diversity, individuality and the idea that everything deserves a second life". The Occult symbolism in their promotional graphic betrays what must be their real agendas. This whole thing reeks of the magick of the ancients that intends to raise Osiris into Horus through sex magick ritual - and Illuminati SRA programming.

This decoding is not for the immature or for any who don't really want to know what's going on.

The dominant themes here are those of the sodomite gateway, the goddess, the work of the magician in crossing over the abyss - and mind control programming. What is perhaps most blatant is the button eye motif. It's not just the traditional rag doll design but rather the signaling of the Eye of Horus that speaks to the age old way of Luciferian illumination.

Aleister Crowley wrote a chapter in, The Book of Lies, titled, Buttons and Rosettes, and these are both featured in this promotional graphic. The BUTTon eye is the BUTT EYE and Horus Eye. Anatomically, this is the anus, of course. That the two dolls in the foreground are winking confirms their intent with this symbolism, adding another layer by presenting the anus as the hidden eye, and the color even makes it a literal brown eye. This is also known as the third eye and it directly relates to kundalini-pineal activation. The wink is a gesture that implies a secret, and, yes, we know their dirty little secret!

The flowering trees have the floral images of the anatomical Horus Eye, yellow like "a sun" (anagram: anus) and orange to signal ritual sodomy. The two primary trees have the count of 5 and 4, in the standard left to right direction, and this speaks to us of, Code 54, the love code.

The sodomite gateway to enlightenment and gnosis is illustrated in the opened gate in the picket fence. It opens to what must be seen as a park. Spelled backwards, which is a simple trick used by the Occult magicians for obfuscation, park becomes krap, or crap, excrement. The gateway opening in the fence is then the anus, an identification that finds support in the familiar stylized heart-as-butt that appears on both the gate and the apron of the BUTTon-EYEd doll who stands as a gate keeper. (This doll character's name is Crumbs Sugar Cookie. Her slogan is, "Born to Bake!" BB~ 88 ~ Mercury - the role of the Psychopomp - Hermes, god of boundaries and boundary crossings.) Across from the gate is the gate post, which is styled as a phallic peppermint stick that joins with the heart gate to signal sodomy. That peppermint stick-like post resembles a barber pole. These common business signs, which were typically illuminated, used to spin around like an energetic vortex or chakra. In the coil design a spin dynamic is inherent, signaling kundalini energy. The red and white testify of ascending the daughters of men to divinity. A doll holds a paint brush, which is phallic, and, like Cupid's arrow, is pointed at the heart-butt on the gatekeeper's apron. Sodomy. Like the apron of the Freemason. Think, Rainbow Girls, the order for girls that is like the Order of the Eastern Star. The simple pattern of a dress worn by a doll named Jewel Sparkles adds another layer - poke-a-dot - with the dot being the anus and the poking representing sodomy. According to Fritz Springmeier, "The Jewels are the particular programs that run a Monarch system of alters of an MPD (DID) mind." This doll's tiara signifies royalty, that she is a "chosen one" of Illuminati bloodline. Researchers connect the ruling classes of Royals with sodomite mind control, blood ritual, human sacrifice and cannibalism, tracing it back through history. Her symbol of ruler-ship has a heart that identifies it explicitly with sodomy, and this is on her head. This has to be seen in the energetic context as a sign of the activated crown chakra.

The ribbons are tied into bows to signify the ties that bind, symbols of the binding relationship of loyalty and servitude that ritual sodomy creates between victims and their abusers and the institutions they represent. The gatekeeper doll's bow tie has a heart in the middle, at the knot where the sphincter is signified. This speaks to how the binding tie of ritual sodomy functions in a gatekeeper role for the system, limiting access for protection of the valuables.

The presence of Jewel Sparkle's cat in this context bears witness to the kind of programming known as Beta or Sex Kitten. This imagery is all about pedophilic sodomite trauma-based mind control programming! Cats are often associated with witches, as their familiars.

The guitar isn't there being played for nothing. Music and sounds have an important role in mind control programming and hypnosis. The guitar is both a male and female symbol, hermaphrodite, with the shapely body being feminine and the long neck, masculine, phallic. This instrument is 6 stringed, and one of the meanings is derived from the analog clock. Your 6 is to the rear, your backside. Look closely and you'll see a butt signaling heart in the part of the guitar known as the tailpiece. The Tailpiece. How appropriate!

Here's a relevant video. It has over 4 million views and it's not the only one of its kind. NEW Lalaloopsy Potty Surprise with Baby Alive Doll Eating Surprise Poop & Diapers "I magically poop surprises" Uh, yeah. Like a Squatty Potty unicorn. It seems to encourage coprophagy.

Did you notice the bandaged up teddy bear that has a heart covering one eye? This sign should speak loudly to you. When small children are being victimized by their handlers, trauma is built by abusing those things they are emotionally attached to, like teddy bears. (Part 47 - The Sodomite Gateway - Pedobear and the BBC "Children in Need")

The mind control angle is supported by the whimsical sounding title. Lalaloopsy. If you don't read it carefully it looks like the familiar word, Lollapalooza, and those who carefully named the animated series and toy line have to be drawing on that. There is a level on which those who are unfamiliar with this new word want to insert a p in trying to pronounce it, producing, poop, in the collection, as we struggle to get settled on it. Lollapalooza, means: an extraordinary or unusual thing, person, or event; an exceptional example or instance. It suggests something large, outlandish, oversized, not unduly refined. H.L. Mencken suggests it may have originally meant a knockout punch in a boxing match. I think Mencken is right, and some of the shades of meaning we see in Lalaloopsy involve something similar to being knocked unconscious, like, "knocked for a loop."

La La Land = a fanciful state or dreamworld (the dissociated or trance state)
Loopy = crazy or silly
Oopsy daisy = clumsy me (A shortening of whoops-a-daisy or "oops-a-daisy", which in turn is a mispronunciation of "ups-a-daisy".)

Some women refer to their vagina as their la-la, and this seems to be exploited in the naming because Lalaloopsy caters to little girls and probably girl-lover pedos. The unreliable but sometimes very useful Urban Dictionary offers this definitions for lala: "To do something obscene or kinky that isn't able to be said delicately." Other simply state that it's basically a euphamism for sex, for having sex.

The promo graphic is saturated with goddess imagery. All the dolls strike bent elbow poses. The sodomite royal purple-haired guitar playing doll wears a bee striped blouse and stockings. Her spiral hair suggests the bee queen crowned Inanna. The wavy ribbons are the water glyphs of Inanna. This doll character's name is Storm E. Sky. A more clear connection with Inanna could hardly be made, who is conventionally understood to have power over the rain as she attends the storm god. Lalaloopsy demonstrates their more enlightened understanding, that the waves represent more than just rain. Her slogan is, "Music is my life!" They imply that the wave glyphs are SOUND waves. We connect them elsewhere to TIME waves, and her wielding the waves as a sign of her mastery over time in the facilitating of teleportation between the realms. The button eye combines the forms of the X and O, which we are informed is a sex magick union and one that establishes the celestial throne of the goddess. Her guitar has 6 strings. Friday is Freya day, the goddess day, and this is the 6th day of the week.

The feminine symbol of the vesica piscis is implied in the form of the overlapped round heads of Jewel Sparkles and Storm E. Sky. We understand how this magickal form also implies the phallus of Osiris and the engaging sex magick that brings Horus into manifestation.

The XO of the round button and cross stitch design appears on the patch-like sign as the double O of the title. The shape of the patch reveals it as an arc segment, which implies the circle and lines crossing through it. These unions of the X and O support those of all the other button eyes.

The paintbrush used to form the, l, between the two letters, a, is a clever bit. We have a series of posts on the blog that deal with the "i" of Horus and the phallic package. Here's another example of that. The styling of a letter, i, calls out the "i" or EYE of Horus. The letter, l, between the letters, a, is the phallic package. As a dynamic symbol, the paint brush end is the ejaculate and because that's also identified as the "i" of Horus - you know what that means, right? Sodomy.

There's a lot going on here, in the magickal realm, beyond the fictional Pinnochio kind of story where the rag dolls come to life when the last stitch is sewn. If you can identify double circles and XX as signs of the abyss, and have a rudimentary idea of what the crossing of the abyss means to the magician, this scene and many others like it will make more sense to you.

When A is 1: ABYSS = 1+2+25+19+19 = 66
O = 15 and 1+5 = 6
X = 24 and 2+4=6
OO or XX or XO or OX ~ 66

It may be seen that there's a triple layering of 66 in each pair of XO button eyes, including those in the title. The patch around the title can be seen as another set of Abyss signals in the concentric double O formed by completing the arc at the top and the arc at the bottom. Each of them has the X inside, formed by tracing down the sides.

The two knobs on the guitar ~ OO ~ 66 ~ Abyss

The Abyss signaling knobs are near to the part called the bridge. A bridge is what we use to cross over from one side to another.

“'Crossing the Abyss' is regarded as a perilous operation, and the most important work of the magician's career. Success confers graduation into the degree of Magister Templi, or 'Master of the Temple.'” Abyss (Thelema) - Wikipedia In another quote from that page: "Crowley specifically wrote his 1913 volume, The Book of Lies, for what he called the "Babes of the Abyss" (writing at the start of the book, "It is an official publication for Babes of the Abyss")." For the many influential people who practice Thelema, this concept known as the abyss is a really big deal. This explained more in that same Wikepedia page (which is to be taken no more or less authoritatively than any other page on Wikipedia, of course), but Occultist Tracy Twyman makes very plain something we should know about it in a post on her blog.

Hillary Clinton is the Whore of Babalon, and not human
“Crowley named one of his female consorts (who he always called his “Scarlet Women”) “Hilarion.” Her name was Jeanne Foster. Crowley’s attempt to conceive an heir as a “magical child” with Hilarion resulted, supposedly, in the child’s spirit being attached to his protege Charles Stanfield Jones back in 1909. The “attachment” allegedly occurred when Jones went through the ritual for “Crossing the Abyss” in the 11th degree of the O.T.O., which involves being ritually sodomized by everyone in the group.”

Again, crossing the abyss is “the most important work of the magician's career.” Scan the promo graphic for Lalaloopsy again and take it all in. Ritual sodomy. The Abyss. The goddess. Mind control.

If you have a decent grasp of these things and of what happened when Adam and Eve engaged with the serpent and tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden, you can see why the fenced park is that garden, in symbol. The one with the checked pattern is the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In the practice of Thelema, a Qabalah Tree of Life is used as a map or chart. Represented on this is the Veil of the Abyss, which every magician who desires to become a Magister Templi must cross. That's the ritual where they are sodomized by everyone.

This Veil of the Abyss is explained in a stub on Thelemapedia.
Abyss - From Thelemapedia
“The Abyss is the great gulf or void between the phenomenal world of manifestation and its noumenal source.

This doctrine is extremely difficult to explain; but it corresponds more or less to the gap in thought between the Real, which is ideal, and the Unreal, which is actual. In the Abyss all things exist, indeed, at least in posse, but are without any possible meaning; for they lack the substratum of spiritual Reality. They are appearances without Law. They are thus Insane Delusions.

Now the Abyss being thus the great storehouse of Phenomena, it is the source of all impressions.”

“They are thus Insane Delusions.”




  2. Thanks Graham. Sorry, I know nothing of the goons. I do hope to be checking out your links.

  3. Interesting story about Bentine and the Goons. I don't doubt that there's much more to it.

  4. We appreciate the comment from Anna, who wrote, "What a load of evil in one 'innocent'movie/toy for children if you have eyes to see. Thank You for your epic work exposing it. Let us all pray to make free all the children unlawfully stolen or sold by their parents to this satanic system."

    My response was, "You're welcome. It's painful to see this evil but it is better by far than being ignorant and helpless. We understand that this kind of thing is granted to the god of this age for a season, and he will not be denied. Yet, we pray for the Lord to intervene and help the victims and those who are targeted to be victimized as it pleases Him, whose wisdom and love is perfect, and Who knows the end from the beginning."

    Jeff Rense & Det. Jim Rothstein - Pizzagate, Pedophilia & The Cult

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