Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Pepsico's LIFEWTR - Eye See Code 93!

Signs of the continuing rule of the enemies of God over this age continue to manifest. The Devil runs up the score, bragging and flaunting his victories, but this will be brought swiftly to an end, just like the Bible declares, in His perfect timing. My God is sovereign. His great work continues.

that He might present to Himself the church in all her glory, having no spot or wrinkle or any such thing; but that she would be holy and blameless. ~ Ephesians 5:27

To have a right perspective, you must see things as they really are - through the eyes of Y'shua haMashiach, the only begotten son of the Most High God. Let us encourage you to focus on drawing near to Him.

so that no advantage would be taken of us by Satan, for we are not ignorant of his schemes. ~ 2 Corinthians 2:11

Thanks for watching with us and for alerting us to images like these!

In February, Pepsico will debut this new brand called, LIFEWTR, a purified water that is pH balanced with electrolytes, so some of you will be seeing on retail shelves across the U.S. One of the bottles is designed with a colorful image of an eye inside a hand doing the okay sign. This is a sign flashed by many celebrities and models by putting their hand up to their eye. Some folks think it's just a trendy fun thing to flash a symbol perceived as an Illuminati all-seeing eye. But it really is an Illuminati signal, a sign of the worship of Horus and of illumination through the soul hijacking practice that enslaves individuals through ritual abuse and pedophile sodomy. This sign has been exposed in several of our posts and videos. It is a sign of 666, the mark of the beast, of the fruitful womb of the goddess, of the third eye and anatomical triangle eye. Some believe that, Pepsi, is the name of a god worshiped openly in ancient Egypt. Their new brand presents the name of the sun god Re (Eye of Re) in the way the design associates the letters together, stacking LIFE over WTR.

How do really know this eye and hand sign decorating the water bottle is a legitimate Illuminati signal? The word, Water, that is obviously meant by the brand name, is spelled with an A, but they left it out. Is that done just to avoid some potential trademark conflict or could there be another reason? One of the code languages in popular use is an Occult gematria, a simple substitution cipher, where the letter A is assigned the value of 1, B=2, etc. (Occult Code (Gematria) Calculator App) The gematria of LIFEWTR in simple Occult gematria is 93, a very significant number to Thelemites, who may be considered a branch of the Illuminati.

In Thelemapedia, you can find this written about the number 93.

“As it is written in The Book of the Law, the Law of Thelema is stated as "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." It is further said, "Love is the law, love under will." The two primary terms in these statements are Will and Love, respectively. In the Greek language, they are Thelema (Will) and AgapĂ© (Love). Using the Greek technique of isopsephy, which applies a numerical value to letters, the letters of both of these words when added together equal 93:”

The value of a word calculated using isopsephy is different from other forms of gematria but transformations are considered to be functionally interchangeable as symbols. To Thelemites, “LIFEWTR” is magickally linked to “Thelema” and “Agape” through the number 93.

That's significant, but as usual, there's more that they are not openly telling you. The number 93 is also signaled very simply by the 9th and 3rd letters, i and c. Neo-Nazis use these same two letters to signal, "Christian Identity" with code 39, standing for ci, the acronym. So, here's how you know the brand LIFEWTR is intended to connect to Thelema and Agape through the differently calculated word value of 93. These letters “ic” sound like “eye see.” Look at the bottle. The All Seeing Eye. The all c-ing i.

LIFEWTR ~ Eye See ~ Thelema ~ Agape


  1. http://heatst.com/culture-wars/sadistic-rituals-at-elite-german-military-base-uncovered-by-der-spiegel/

  2. Thank you for your eye opening site. Love it. Love y'all.
    Thank you for sounding the alarm. We need to wake up.


    riddle in reciprocation


    The temple is in the rock.
    Beneath dome shrine to mockery.
    Sure as sudden crow of cock
    Revelation would be shockery


    Talk about hiding in plain site.

  3. Babalon shall fall
    Prophecy is the future

    Where He is misused in motive
    The Lord's anger is assured

    Their holy cities shall be shaken
    The heart home of the attacker

    Pharaoh Khaba's shrines will fall
    The true Holy City remains by YHWH
    The trap is set, they want the bait.