Monday, September 28, 2015

Part 3 - Code N.E.W.S. - Network (1976), the London 2012 Olympics and CERN

Since publishing part 2 I had another insight about the One Times Square Building. The glowing time ball and brilliantly lit building is the Eye of Horus - the illuminating capstone of the pyramid on the Great Seal. Look at the map. The Building is separated from the wedge shaped square. It's a match. The illuminated triangle eye appears on the One dollar bill. ONE Times Square - the Monad or Monas worshiped by the illumined elite. The dollar bill has features numbering 13 all over it. Time is money. Mastery of time. One Times Square is an ad revenue generating giant. Note how the news giant Thomson Reuters is adjacent to the former headquarters of the New York Times, keeping the N.E.W.S. ritual in play. On those quarter days when ManhattanHenge is celebrated, these kinds of rituals do add toward the sum, advancing the agendas of the illumined.

Some of the space-time symbolism of the news is rather subtle, but when it comes to the New York Times and Times Square, it's far less so. The space time ritual of the countdown sequence of the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics has been given recent ink, and a lot of it was pretty subtle. What was done in London that was far less subtle came during the first segment of the Closing Ceremony. It was all about Code N.E.W.S., as you'll soon see.

First, here's some vintage Code N.E.W.S. - an influential and award winning film from 1976 titled, Network. Network is mostly about network news. Here's an inspiring clip from the news anchor of fictional UBS Evening News. Caveat: The language used is offensive.

Network - Peter Finch/Howard Beal's rant - I'm as Mad as Hell

The first thing you'll notice is the array of clocks and the bank of phones on the news set next to the anchorman. The clocks show the time in major cities around the globe. Space-Time. News. Is that set unusual? Not at all, As I recall, it was a familiar arrangement on network news broadcasts. I remember lots of clocks and maps.

On the camera in the studio, we see the station's logo. UBS, in a circle in a square. Square ~ space. Circle ~ time. In Occult gematria, UBS is 21+2+19= 42. That's the time number 21*2. When Z=1, UBS is 6+25+8=39. That's 13*3, or 13+13+13. The network saved by the news. Masters of time and space-time. Ritual. Magick.

When Howard Beale, played by Peter Finch, delivers his impassioned plea on live television, he encourages his audience to act now, in the moment.

All I know is that first, you've got to get mad.... So, I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window, open it and stick your head out and yell, I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!

He uses the words, first, now, right now; time words that inspire action and increase emotion. This space-time ritual is driven with powerful emotionalism, generating and harnessing "psychic" energy, as some would call it, and this supernaturalism is an important feature of ceremonial and ritual magick. When witches cast a spell, they cast a magic circle and raise energy for the spell. When ready, they release it out into the universe. Consider what happens next in light of that observation.

Faye Dunaway's character asks a studio technician, “How many stations does this go out live to?” Again, space and time. His reply: “Sixty -seven stations. I know it goes out to Louisville and Atlanta- ” He's cut off, but consider the space-time symbolism of his brief response. The number 67 transforms to 13, as 6+7. The cities named provide us with an L and an A. L=12 and A=1. Thirteen. The broadcast signal goes out to many stations in many cities - space. The number 13 signals the mastery of time and space-time domains.

When the people have their heads stuck out the windows and are yelling, the thunder and lightning suggests that a downpour is imminent. An open window is like a door, a portal between space-time dimensions. The highrise apartment buildings present a grid, strengthening the symbolism of space. The threatening storm brings the idea of a heavy rain. Water as time.

One final observation about Code N.E.W.S. in Network. The film came out in '76. 7+6=13. Howard Beale inspired rebellion; the Spirit of 76, it may be said, in the year of America's bicentennial celebration. In magickal space-time ritual.

Another epic N.E.W.S. ritual was done in London during the closing ceremony of the XXX Olympiad. I wrote a post about the ceremony in 2012, and my commentary on the segment of interest was along the lines of Howard Beale's observations in Network. (Howard Beale: Turn off your TVs * Caveat: contains offensive language)

“A bold declaration was made by the Illuminati programmers about the state of London. The city was presented as a model with newspaper covering everything. Buildings, pavement, cars, trucks, bicycles and people were covered with it. The bustling activity of daily life was accompanied by hypnotic music, then becoming chaotic noise. It was then called rush hour. Traffic came quickly into grid lock, and “Churchill” began to yell STOP from his tower perch until it all came to a halt. It was a comedy sketch, but when you get the picture you might not think it's funny at all! Even though the picture was dignified by calling attention to the content of the newsprint as being from classic literature instead of London's famous tabloids, the statement actually being made in this dramatic and cryptic fashion should be taken as being far more offensive to Londoners than that. London is programmed. Everything there and everything done there is according to script. Mind control, exercised through print media. The sad truth is, the programmers are absolutely correct in their depiction. The joke is on the Londoners, especially those who participated in the farce, making a mockery of themselves in the sketch that must be acknowledged by those with a seeing eye as the insider's great satire. ”

(Part 40 - 2012 London Olympics - The Closing Ceremony and the Rise of the Phoenix )

Like with the film, Network, my primary interest here is in the space-time ritual of Code N.E.W.S. The Closing Ceremony began with a segment called, Rush Hour. A day in the life of the city of London was dramatized inside the stadium. Nearly every person and thing on the set was covered with newsprint.

London 2012 Olympics - Closing Ceremony

The commentator described it in these words. “And the show will begin with a journey to a day in the life of the city from the early morning rush hour to a glittering sunset.” A journey to a day. So, if we journey to a day in a literal sense it follows logically that our destination is not today but some other day. Time travel. His commentary uses space-time language. While he said that line, a singer and piano player appeared. Their stage was a flat bed truck covered in newsprint. The piano was covered in the same.

Emeli Sandé sang a verse and the chorus of "Read All About It, Pt. III". That's the classic line said by purveyors of the news. Space is wrapped in the N.E.W.S. From North to East to West to South. The headlines and columns celebrate the past. Time.

Another song performed during Rush Hour was, Because, a Beatles song sung by a choir called, Urban Voices Collective. Here's the lyrics of verses 1 and 3.

Ah, because the world is round, it turns me on
Because the world is round, ah

Love is old, love is new
Love is all, love is you

Again, SPACE and TIME. Code N.E.W.S.

The ceremony began rather like the Opening Ceremony had two weeks earlier with another countdown, first synchronized with a fly-over of the Thames-Isis by numbered places and then accompanied by the chiming of Big Ben and the chanting crowd. By starting at the stroke of 21:00 hours the schedule silently stamped the event with the time number that is the mirror of 12. The date was 8/12/12. Redundant 12. As seen in the video linked above, when the show begins we see a tranquil scene, the pre-dawn city. Dawn - TIME. The Sun rises in the East. We're going to go to “glittering sunset,” we are told, which happens in the West. Scale models of landmarks like Big Ben, the London Tower Bridge and the Gherkin are laid out on a 3D grid resembling the Union Jack. SPACE-TIME. The London Eye is positioned centrally.

The iconic structure that the stadium's version of the Eye was modeled on is actually revolving over the water at the bank of the Thames. The Thames-Isis was clearly established as the river of time during the Opening Ceremony. The London Eye is alternately known as the Millennium Wheel. Millennium, that's a span of time. The rotating London Eye resembles a kind of water wheel like what used to power mills or a paddle wheel that drives river boats. It's a water-as-time wheel. The real London Eye is supported by a structure that has the appearance of a compass, the kind used to draw circles. The Circle of Time. That circle was positioned on the spoked hub of the stadium's Union Jack to form the XO of space time (and the MOB, and 66 abyss, and to establish the celestial throne of the goddess of the Thames-Isis). The XO form was repeated as a fractal in the structure inside the model of the London Eye. There's another fractal of space in this design. The city of London has been laid out on the Union Jack. The flag of the UK represents the whole United Kingdom, so by superimposing the symbolic city over the symbolic flag both are represented in a fractal kind of arrangement. But there's another scale to this ritual SPACE fractal, a global kingdom, because the audience ringing around the stadium has assembled there from every nation around the globe. Because they ring around the crosses of the flag, there's an additional scale to the XO fractal that begins inside the Millennium Wheel and expands to include the wheel as the circle inside the flag's crossings. This is powerful space-time ritual! It's worth mentioning here that the stadium is very near to the Prime Meridian, and about 4 miles north of Greenwich, where time is accounted.

Winston Churchill (Timothy Spall) appears inside the top of Big Ben, which has folded open at its top in 4 opposing directions. The clock faces on Big Ben are visible. We will see how newsprint covers the tower, on which is the likeness of a weather map. North East West South. Code N.E.W.S.

Churchill. CHURCH-ill. in a bell tower or steeple. Its a biblical high place! While he recites Caliban's speech, the city begins to awaken and the light of dawn is simulated. Traffic circulates counter-CLOCKwise around the city. Spewing the words of the demigod beast Caliban, words of enchantment coded to the bell of Caliban and linked to the stone marker at Thames Head.

Rush hour is a high energy time and the scene quickly becomes chaotic, with tempers flaring. Traffic comes to a standstill. Churchill, from the space-time control tower of Big Ben shouts, Stop, three times, and the city goes quiet. We never make it past the morning rush hour. Time itself is stopped. It's continuing the space-time manipulation ritual I described a couple weeks ago in the series, The London 2012 Olympics: Revisited. For what reason has time been stopped? For Prince Harry's arrival, who is representing the Crown. He was introduced with a fanfare, and a kind of drum roll. Four newsprint covered jackhammers stood in for the drummers. The drumming jackhammers are doing what drummers do, keeping TIME. The jackhammers are making a rift in the pavement, opening up a rift in the dimensional barrier. Think about what they are showing us in this mega N.E.W.S. ritual. Time is stopped. Pavement is jackhammered to open a rift in space-time so that the royal son can be introduced. “Caliban.” Antichrist Beast. The half breed. Apollo, whom they openly worship. Horus.

I'm going to close out this brief series with an insight into connections between the Olympics and CERN's LHC. The jackhammers are percussion instruments, like the LHC collider at CERN is a percussion instrument. I've previously offered insight into how the LHC appears to be intended as a kind of time machine, which operates in parallel with the magick of time manipulation ritual.

Science+Magick in Space-Time Ritual. It has become quite apparent that their efforts are bearing fruit.

The bloggers at CERN posted this video of chaotic music that reminds me of the Rush Hour segment before Churchill commanded the stoppage.

Indie band Deerhoof experiment with sound at CERN

Four panels. Space-time. Deerhoof. Think - Cernunnos, the horned god of magic invoked still today by witches.

Science+Magick in Space-Time Ritual. Maybe this should terrify you. If you're not secure in the Lord Y'shua, it really should.


  1. hard to describe how it feels to view the world with the knowledge that ive gained reading your blog. very exciting and somewhat scary. excellent articles! Magik or witchcraft works by fear and anger. if they cant scare us they will try to make us mad. like politicians.

    1. Thanks Craig. I'm grateful for the report. To see the world as it is and ourselves for who and what we are is so valuable. The Lord Y'shua is sanctified and magnified. He is so good to us!

  2. one from bbc tech, ,google's "now on tap" search device. no/on sun god, W/, 3 v's=666, mirror "on", sun god's tap( i'll stop there). the video is full of 12's and 13's. google has a "D wave" or 4 wave or square wave. wave =forms of energy. gravity waves detect a disturbance in the force. google is searching (thats what search engines do, no emotion or morals, or mercy) for?

    1. Tap. Yeah. Sun god ritual sodomy.

      The letter D is half square, half circle. space-time.
      D-Wave ~ space-time wave

    2. how does this d/diameter figure with Arons pi. 1/2 circle sphere? witches circle?

  3. the video in link on google also at the end describes a quantum computer's main function. to "optimize"/perfect. seems like the perfect beast. but looks are deceiving. the ruins littering the conquered world testify to this. "Truth" is self manifesting. right in our face. like when You Bob and Aron show us what the symbols and rituals mean. big blinking red signs. a person has to physically choke down the blue pill on a daily basis. i certainly couldnt live like that. Ole chappell had it wrong, keeping it real always is a good thing.

    1. Amen to keeping it real. It's worth it, and the big payoff is coming!

  4. Martian movie, mar/war, tian Chinese God with a big unit. People who worship obolisks worship war.

  5. Pi is a tripy #, so far as of 2015 they've calculated 13.3 trillion digits 10 to 13 power also says circle can not be squared by compass and square. Lots more info , trillion is twelve zeros

  6. Hey Guys, check this out from rt. martial law?? , didnt see anything on fox, will keep checking bbc etc.

    1. It appears to be a special provision invoked to influence the schedule of legal process. It's a lawmakers game.

  7. cant find it anywhere else yet. they also said usa jets out of syria airspace/space time! russian troops and maybe even chinese troops. that means s400 will be turned on. over 200 mi. range on longest rocket, medium range goes mach 6.2 and can hit a softball size target(artillery shell on the fly). our cruise missiles are model "T"s. there's will take a fly off oblamas face. there cruise missiles are over mach 6. like mach 7,, could go on and on. they also have some nasty electronic warfare toys.

    1. Still, it's all manipulated like a puppet show.

  8. Cern is releasing dark matter onto Earth. Evil is starting to take over the minds of the lost to secure their damnation. God's wrath is at hand against America, God has been showing me how he will destroy america.
    Evil is being brought to Earth so people can taste the wrath.

    Mind control on a whole other level.

    I have felt this new mind control.
    It is unlike anything I have felt before.

    The Fallen are pushing emotions into people.
    More heinous crimes are at hand, because evil will make people commit horrifying crimes through anger and fear. They are pushing anger and fear strongly into people.

    On Sept 28, two heinous occurred simultaneously in the same part of Dallas. Yesterday 29, during slow traffic, a woman rapidly rammed an Officer Patrol, without provocation and she did not know why she did it.

    A woman got in a wreck on a highway, she needed help, a man ran over to her, and offered help, but as she reached out, he stole her wallet and walked away...Sept 28. The not-so-good-samaritan.
    The other crime, a person got 'cut off' on the highway, and while still driving, shot through his vehicle to shoot the guy that 'cut him off'.

    Be prepared to see new heinous crimes on a massive scale.

    Sept 23, the day the Gospel reached the whole world. It is done. Now the apostasy will begin, as God showed me.
    The apostasy has not yet begun, it is about to begin. The weeds and the grain.
    After the apostasy, the grain will be cut and the weeds will be cut.

    We are truly in the last days.

  9. To Bob.
    I kinda stumbled on to your blog a few weeks ago. It was so awesome to get greater insight on already known facts. I worked through your previous post like a veldfire. I am from South Africa and need to tell you: Great job man. I know you guys are from the US, but all this insight and info is for the Body of Christ, no matter where. God bless my brother. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks for the note of encouragement, brother. Blessings in Y'shua!