Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Part 3 - The London 2012 Olympics: Revisited

This post continues our description of the time manipulation magick ritual presented in The Official Video: London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. (Watch from the 8:25 mark to about 12 minutes in)

I mentioned that I would explain about the Olympics rings, and these are an important part of the ritual, so let's consider how the logo factors in.

We, as the observers, are threaded through the London Tower Bridge on our journey. The Olympic Rings logo we see on the way in are seen on the way out from the back side. Our directional perspective shifted on crossing over that threshold. Since it was a journey through time, the pivot signaled a kind of time flip. But that wasn't the first signal of its kind. We had seen Olympic Rings earlier on our journey, and there was also a shifting of perspective in that encounter. The Rings Logo appeared in a field as a crop circle. These Olympic Crop Rings were either commissioned as a promotional stunt, like what was done previously when The Sun sponsored one to be made by the Circle Makers, or perhaps it was added as a CGI special effect to the film.

We see the crop sign in the field in connection with a passenger on a high speed train. As we approach a viaduct style arched bridge over the river we see two trains passing each other. Suddenly we're looking in through a window at some passengers. Our observer perspective changes when we then see what the passenger is looking at, the Olympic Rings crop circle in the golden field. Suddenly, we're back outside and swinging around the back of the train to cross over to the other side, and we watch the train pass by the crop circle. Then, onward we go on the way down the river eastward toward the Olympic Park.

So, there are two encounters with the Rings logo on this journey through time, and in both instances we shift perspective. We encounter the first logo in connection with a train and viaduct, which are symbols of dimensional transit. Shortly after encountering the second logo, we find ourselves weaving through underground train terminals, present and past, and a tunnel for motor vehicles. Redundancy. These signal transits of space-time dimensions. What does the logo have to do with the shifting of space-time? Let's first visit some important history to highlight the crop circle / Temple of Time link. Then I'll interpret the rings logo in this context to address that important question.

The crop circles that primarily appear in the nearby region of Wiltshire are specially linked by the TCOT time arcs to the Temple Mount. As David Flynn observed, some of the crop circles that have appeared in the region over the years did so in locations and on dates that correspond to the arcs drawn at the scale of one nautical mile to one solar year. Regardless of who made the circles, this phenomenon demonstrates the space-time relationship with the Temple Mount as well as what's called sacred geometry in the designs, location and timing.

Here's an image I made a while back of some overlays of the region using Google Earth. The Lord showed me that the goddess known as Gaia is imprinted in the earth in that region, and we can't dismiss that as a mere curiosity. The Porton Down facility is a site where some very secretive things are done. In connection with that activity, the underground tunnels are claimed to be extensive.

David also noted how the location of the Temple on Mount Zion had been a Jebusite threshing floor. (See also 2 Samuel 24.) These were circular structures that were often built on a foundation of flat paving stones.

Then Solomon began to build the house of the LORD in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah, where the LORD had appeared to his father David, at the place that David had prepared on the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite. ~ 2 Chronicles 3:1

The location of Zion's Temple, which has been well documented as a center of time in this spacial dimension, was formerly quite literally a Crop Circle because that's where the grain crops were threshed out.

With this insight it can be seen how the IOC's presentation of their Olympic Rings as a crop circle of circles in the “Journey along the Thames” provides further support of the ritual time manipulation aspect of the Ceremonial intro. With the shifting of the observer perspective and the crossing over and doubling back on a journey through time and space, the crop circle rings that were the focus of attention were central to the pivoting maneuver through time.

When Summer Olympics and crop signs are the subjects of conversation, the extraordinary sign marking the Beijing Summer Games has to be mentioned. An enormous crop circle appeared below Milk Hill in Wiltshire during the Games in Beijing. The timing of the sign's appearance was such that it divided the Olympics at the midpoint. It appeared on 08/08/08, and it looks like a numeral 8. If there was one number that was highlighted in connection with the Beijing Olympics, it was certainly the number 8, even without the crop sign. The sign had to do with time, given it's special timing and by design. The number 8 signifies a new beginning, as beginning another cycle of sevens, as weeks. The crop sign was in the form of an infinity symbol and a dimensionally significant Möbius Strip! Decoding the layers of that one was a really amazing thing! One layer identified the Ark of Noah's day, wherein 8 souls were saved. The sign was a time ark, afloat on the waves of grain. (See Olympic Ceremony Symbolism - Part Five and Olympic Ceremony Symbolism - Part Six)

That sign was so epic that it's memorialized on the cover of the 2016 Calendar produced by the Temporary Temples website. Many consider crop signs to be temporary temples, and they flock to worship where significant signs appear just like they do to other sites perceived to be sacred. The supernaturalism of such kinds of places isn't imaginary. As an indicator of the nature of what's going on, consider the website's crop circle-like brand imagery. If you know about the XO or Cross Circle symbolism, it's hard to miss how the two Tau crosses of the title combine with the circle of circles. Also, drawing connecting lines across the circles presents three distinct XO forms. XO = space-time. That circle of circles is pretty special. The 4 cardinal directions are marked off, which identifies it with the squared circle cast by witches. There are 12 rings in the ring, the number of time, of the signs of the zodiac, the months of the year and the hours on the dial of a clock. There's one more circle in the center, the 13th. Mastery of time. They placed the image of the infinity-Mobius strip sign on their calendar, which is all about the keeping of time, of course. It's all about promoting the signs sacred to them that truly are linked through space-time with the Temple at the Center of Time.

The maneuvering of the observer perspective that was done while engaging the Olympic Rings logo was pretty special in both instances. The setting of the London Tower Bridge where the Olympic Logo was hung has a lot of history. Perhaps most pertinent to the space-time manipulation ritual is the fact that the Tower Bridge is located near to the city center and the London Stone that may have been used to identify it. David Flynn made reference to the London Stone in TCOT (Chapter 5: A Line Over Jerusalem) in presenting an example of the time-distance relationship noted earlier. He was linking the creation of the state of Israel with London because Israel's formal Declaration of Independence brought an end to the British Mandate. That was historically so very significant. The evidence of a ritual linking with Israel through space-time is hard to ignore.

By the way, what's being called the London Stone is presently located at 111 Cannon Street. It's “the remnant of a once much larger object that had stood for many centuries on the south side of the street. ”The dimensions of the stone are given as 21 × 17 × 12 inches. Two of the three dimensions are the mirrored time numbers!

Watch the video and pay close attention as the Olympic Rings on the London Tower are engaged (at the 11:24 marker). We are swiftly flown right through the space that would be a pattern-completing 6th ring. (To see it more easily, if you're using Google's Chrome browser, the YouTube video player can be slowed to 25% speed using the gear icon to access speed settings.) At that very moment of the crossing, we hear, “God Save the Queen,” with the word, God, perfectly synchronized with the fly through. What this does is identify the implied ring with god. This is a pretty obvious association. As for the identification of which god is meant, well, this is the Olympics so it's not the sovereign God I serve.

I've written posts about how the implied sixth ring is the capstone of the pyramid formed by inverting the rings. Hanging off the bridge over the river, the truncated pyramid would appear right side up in the reflection off the surface. The implied 6th ring is the same god of the Great Seal's pyramid's capstone. The Eye of Horus. Horus, aka Apollo, to whom the Games and Ceremonies are dedicated. (If you can recognize the fly through and flip back with subsequent ascension as a ritual sodomy illumination ritual initiation, well done! It is that.)

When the “Journey along the Thames” takes us through the Tower Bridge we pass right under the Olympic logo, and the basic symbolism of note is that the logo is a collection of rings, which are circles. In crossing the rings we cross the circles. Cross the circles. XO. Space-time.

It's worth explaining more of the symbolism of the rings logo again, since I keep getting more insight into that magick sigil. The colors aren't the 7 identified by Newton but they still represent the spectrum of the rainbow. That's a space-time bridge construct. The rings themselves are crossing, so the repetition of the crossing circles magnifies everything that is the combination of the X and O. Counting the rows of rings, the top row of 3 presents a 666 and the bottom row of 2 presents a 66. Standard Occult gematria. O is the 15 letter, 1+5=6. The 666 is the number connected with the beast and his mark in Revelation 13:18. (The number of a man, 6.) The 66 is the number of the abyss, which can be connected with the angel of the abyss in Revelation 9. The interlocking pictured in the arrangement of the rings shows the upper row being bound with the lower row, which can be interpreted as the binding of 666 with 66, and what those numbers mean. It's a potent magical sigil.

Each vesica piscis shape formed by the intersections presents the easily recognizable form of a fish. This is reproductive imagery. The shape pictures the vagina, which is called by some, the mouth of Isis. According to legend, Osiris, her husband, was killed and chopped into 14 pieces. Isis collected the pieces for his regeneration, raising him into Horus. One body part was missing. A fish had eaten the phallus so Isis made a magickal substitute. The fish represents the phallus of Osiris. The Olympic Rings logo has to do with ritual sex magick. The intersections of the rings present both the penis and vagina of Osiris and Isis. Their union magically produces the implied ring, Horus. These three have long been identified as masters of time, space-time dimensions and transits.

For the IOC and Danny Boyle to engage the logo like they did in this ceremonial intro segment certainly amplifies the potency of the space-time manipulation ritual.

If you know about the honored Brit, J. R. R. Tolkien, and his obsession with an old Roman ring, there's more intriguing connections to noodle on. The Vyne Ring, which is also known as the Ring of Silvianus, is a gold ring, dating probably from the 4th century. The ring is linked with an inscribed lead tablet expressing a curse upon the one who stole it, and is directly linked with the god of the abyss, Nodens. The ring of the curse is a seal that bears an image of the goddess Venus, who is usually associated with water (as time). Does the union of the X and O come to mind? It was discovered in 1785 in a ploughed field near Silchester, Hampshire. So, a ring was discovered in a ploughed field not very far away from where the rings logo was discovered in a cultivated field on the Journey along the Thames. Seeing a probable connection here is not really a stretch.

One who is familiar with the illustration on the dust jacket of Tolkien's second volume of The Lord of the Rings trilogy would recognize another link. Compare Tolkien's illustration of The Two Towers to the two towers of the London Tower Bridge. The ring pictured between Tokien's two towers is represented in the suspended rings logo! It's the implied 6th ring. Horus, aka Apollo. The Lord of the Rings. See the bird in Tolkien's illustration? We were flown between the towers with a bird's eye view!

The inscription on the fictional Ring of Power in magickal runic elvish language is thus:

“One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them”

The ring is all about a magickal binding ritual, as the control element. The ring was forged in the fires of Mordor, as the story goes, and so a golden ring was forged in the Olympic Stadium, in what was identified as the “Satanic Mills” segment of the Opening Ceremony. It was ascended high into the air to join 4 other rings in forming the Olympic Rings logo. Do you think there's nothing to all this mass ceremonial ritual? Tolkien was illuminated. The band Led Zeppelin's members were rather obsessed with the trilogy. The adept warlock Jimmy Page wasn't the only one. The Olympic Opening Ceremony and its countdown intro was designed as a mass ritual binding.

I have a few more observations to make before wrapping this up, with one in particular that reveals the nature of the space-time manipulation ritual as one binding the Thames-Isis to the Jordan River.

Coming soon, Lord willing.


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  2. Wow! Keep up the good work, Bob! I can't believe they get away with all of this right in front of our eyes. Also, I never realized LOTR had links with the occult.

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