Monday, June 13, 2016

Decoding: Sears Home Services

Thanks so much for everyone's contribution, by commenting, by email, with prayer and funding. It's very encouraging.

I had to laugh when Aaron and I spotted this logo on a service van. What a blatant sodomite design.

The letters ARS are for arse, of course. You can take the registered trademark symbol as a kind of placeholder for it, but there's a trailing letter E supplied already, right below. If you continue there's the S, too. Arses. And that is the full and applicable anagram! sears ~ arses Another scrambled version appears with the SER of, SERVICES, placed directly under under the, a, of sears. aRSE!

The stylized blue home graphic is an arrow, phallic. Arse and phallus - right there. The triangle (roof graphic ) is the anal triangle. (“Cover your ars!”)

ARS. Flip it. SRA. Satanic Ritual Abuse. There's some serious incestuous family oriented ARSES Home Services in SRA, to be sure!

The word, VICE, is pretty well centered under the arrow. That fits as the clamping function of the sphincter muscle of the arse. A vice is defined as a practice or habit considered to be evil, degrading, or immoral. Wicked or depraved conduct or habits; corruption. Sodomy has long been considered a vice.

These kinds of home services, well, there's nothing good implied.

Time flies like an arrow, as the expression goes, and so with that arrow there's the signaling of time and sodomy we've seen paired up in so many ways.

SEA-rs - provides subtle support for the arrow of time with the water as time metaphor. It's a sea-gate time portal.

The registered trademark is usually leveraged as the darkened Moon Eye that matches to a bright seeing Sun Eye of Horus, and so it is here. The arse has the hidden Eye of Horus, the seeing eye.
se ~ see ars.

The opened third eye of Horus opens a dark window of supernatural perception. With this eye opened the illumined become seers (sears) , for real.

The registered trademark all by itself is the Eye of Horus and a signal Code 33, with the circle as an O (15th letter) plus the R (18th letter). 15+18=33.

Code 33 is sometimes a kind of calling card of Freemasonry. Another is the square and compass. The phallic tool conceals the tools. These tools are used in construction services, naturally. The roof presents the form of the compass, opened wide as hinged at the peak. The compass draws circles, like what surrounds the R in the registered trademark. Right next to that is something that doesn't appear on the other side of the house. It's a carpenter's square. Signature Freemasonry.

There's more construction going on here because the celestial throne of the goddess is being established. That's due to the symbolic union of the X and O. Again, the circle of the registered trademark is involved, joining with the nearby carpenter's square that implies the cross formed by the implied horizontal extension.

Some of the sun god's names are called out, with the “ar” of “sears” mirroring “Ra”. Right under that, the “er” of “services” mirrors Re. Because of the proximity, there's a signaling of “As Above, So Below,” (Hermetic Maxim) and a cross combining to add another instance each of Ra and Re.

SEARS is not only an anagram of ARSES, it's also Re ASS!

Hermes, the phallic god and psychopomp god of borders and border crossings gets another bump through the letters that identify his planet's number. It takes 88 days for Mercury to orbit the sun. The letter H is the 8th letter and S is the 8th from the back. “Sears” is double S 88. “Services” is another double S 88. “Home Services” is an 88.

Have you ever heard of the Sears Tower? It been a Chicago icon since it was built in 1973, dominating the skyline. It was the tallest building in the world for 25 years. Even though it's been sold and renamed, it's still known as the Sears Tower. I see the graphic arrow building as an allusion to the sears tower. A tower is phallic, a building that makes a definite power statement. It's the Arses Tower.

The city of Chicago is known for other icons that honor the gods of time known as Father Time, Saturn, Chronos and Cronus. There's Father Time on The Jewelers Building, The Fountain of Time, The Eternal Flame in Daley Plaza, Millennium Park, the park's Crowne Fountain "standing wave" producing light and water emitting monolith's, The Millennium Monument with fountain in the corner known as Wrigley Square, even Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate "stargate", really, which used to be reflecting all light but is now absorbing all light like a black hole. We've been studying that location because that's where The Lake House is set, and Somewhere in Time, and some other time travel kinds of films. You really have to include the Sears Tower as a time god honoring icon. There's a famous ledge and Skydeck on floor 103. That's a 13, ignoring the zero, the number signaling the mastery of time. Measurements place the Skydeck in the range of 1300 feet above the several features identified with the base of the Tower. The Sears Tower is in the Zip Code, 60606. By reduction, that's 666. Time flies like the arrow of Sears Home Services.

By the way, Millennium Park is in what's called The Loop. That's a time loop, isn't it?

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